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Happy Twist for 20 years! “Super Family” super happy meeting

Happy Twist for 20 years! “Super Family” super happy meeting

Happy Twist for 20 years! The main creators of “Super Family” gathered together for “Super Happy Meeting”

Happy Twist for 20 years, always super happy! The happy twist fantasy comedy “Super Family”, which will be screened nationwide on July 21, held a “Super Happy Meeting” in Beijing yesterday. The film is directed by Song Yang, starring Alan, Shen Teng, Tao Hui, Zhang Qi, Han Yanbo , Bai Lina gathered together, happy twist actor Chang Yuan also joined the host lineup in surprise. “Super Power Family” not only has a family with “super powers”, but also a family with happy twists. At the event, the news that Ma Li, Chang Yuan, and Wei Xiang starred in “Super Family” was exposed for the first time, which was a pleasant surprise.

A group of actors who had a good twist gathered together, bursting out frequently and laughing constantly. When talking about Alan’s new role, everyone spoke enthusiastically about Alan’s real IQ, and expressed their expectations for Shen Teng’s first role as a “foreign villain”. In the 20 years of Happy Twist, Song Yang, Ai Lun, Shen Teng, and Chang Yuan reviewed the story of themselves and Happy Twist on the spot. When they saw “Shen Teng Ailun CP Mixed Cut”, Shen Teng couldn’t help but was moved to tears. At the same time, the family members in “Super Family” were introduced to everyone again, and they chatted about interesting things behind the scenes, making people truly feel that “laughter is the strongest superpower”.

“Group favorite” Allen is happy “the character returns to his own wisdom”

Shen Teng ridiculed Allen: He has great wisdom, but he may not use it in his life

In the movie, Zheng Qian, played by Allen, is a high-IQ programmer. As the only “normal person” in the family without superpowers, he was “entrusted with a heavy responsibility” by the director and became the “superpower Wi-Fi” of the whole family. The backbone of the family, only when he is around the family, the superpowers of the family can work. Regarding the design of Director Song Yang, Allen explained, “I hope that family members can get together frequently. As long as the family is together, they will have the super power to overcome difficulties.” Allen played a role with a high IQ this time, and thanked the director again and again, “This high-IQ role allowed me to return to my true wisdom.”

When it came to Alan’s IQ, Song Yang, Shen Teng, and Chang Yuan couldn’t stop talking. Song Yang expressed his admiration for Alan’s plasticity the most, “Alan looks like whatever he plays, but the previous ‘Silly Spring’ was so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people that everyone thought he had a low IQ.” Shen Teng said with a smile, “Alan is a person with great wisdom. It is possible that Alan may not use this great wisdom in his whole life.” Chang Yuan recalled the first time he met Alan, “From a distance, I thought he was handsome and upright.” Everyone laughed.

But after all, everyone recommends Alan as the “group favorite” of Happy Twist, because he is very simple, and everyone loves to tease him in life. But as long as it comes to comedy creation, Allen’s ability to respond, think about burdens, and inspire inspiration for making jokes is always constant, which makes Shen Teng bluntly say, “Alan is irreplaceable, he has his own characteristics.”

Shen Teng shed tears watching “Shen Teng Allen CP Mixed Cut”

Chatting with Song Yang, Alan Changyuan, and “Love in the Past”

This year is the 20th anniversary of Happy Twist. When everyone was counting their working years in Happy Twist, Shen Teng said, “I don’t even need to count. Happy Twist has been in Happy Twist for 20 years, and I have been in Happy Twist for 20 years.” Song Yang has been in Happy Twist for 18 years, Alan for 17 years, and Chang Yuan for 15 years, growing up with Happy Twist year after year. Speaking of how he joined Happy Twist back then, Song Yang said that he liked Happy Twist so much at that time, so he contacted his senior brother Shen Teng, “I can do anything, even if it is turning on the lights or sweeping the floor.” Shen Teng was moved by Song Yang’s “sweeping monk” spirit, recommended Song Yang to come for an interview, and suggested that he prepare more burdens. Song Yang still vividly remembers the interview that year, “Maybe the burden didn’t make the boss laugh, but Brother Teng has been cheering me on, laughing. After so many years, Brother Teng has always been like this, always encouraging me.” .

When Allen was not an actor of Happy Twist, he participated in the drama of Twist. After the performance, he liked the big family of Happy Twist so much that he didn’t want to leave. Allen recalled, “When everyone was having dinner, I didn’t want the meal to become a break-up meal, so I found Brother Teng with a glass of wine and wanted to continue acting with him.” Shen Teng said with a smile, “At that time, Alan wanted to toast me with a glass of wine, but it was just a glass of wine, and he poured it after drinking it.” A “Shen Teng and Allen CP mixed-cut video” was also played on the spot. Seeing the two of them grow up from youthful growth to the current mature responsibility, Shen Teng was moved to tears, but he did not forget to shake his burden when crying, “age When I grow up, I will be easily moved, and maybe I will cry when I cut who I am with.”

Shen Teng plays the villain and loves his hair

Was certified by military art alumnus Tao Hui on the spot: Shen Teng was indeed a school grass back then!

Shen Teng played the villain Chichikov in “The Super Family”. This villain is different from other villains. He is very honest, he can admit that he has done bad things, he does not lie, and is very sincere. The villain played by Shen Teng is also very different. He “changed his face” into a foreigner, with an aquiline nose and a big back head. The special effects makeup made an “artificial face”, which was so hot that he had to “prick holes to dissipate heat” on the artificial face. When everyone at the scene felt sorry for Shen Teng’s “torn” face when he put on makeup for 5 hours and took off makeup for 2 hours, sometimes wearing makeup for more than ten hours, Shen Teng said, “My face is fine, I mainly feel distressed. “My own hair”, the villain’s “precarious” hairline was actually made. During the shooting, Shen Teng had to apply glue to his hair and wrap his hair in a big back, which is also true for Shen Teng’s real hair Did a lot of damage.

Tao Hui, who plays the elder sister in “Super Family”, is an alumnus of Shen Teng in military arts. On the spot, Tao Hui certified that Shen Teng was indeed the school’s school grass, and many female students especially liked Shen Teng. As soon as these words came out, Shen Teng immediately replied with high EQ, “Indeed, Tao Hui was also our school belle back then.” In addition to the military art school grass, Ai Lun and Chang Yuan from the same school recognized each other as the Nortel school grass, which made Shen Teng laugh again, “They said so, I don’t want to be a school grass anymore , I feel that there is no threshold for school grass”, which made the audience burst into laughter.

Director Song Yang keeps in mind every time point of the movie: this time he will never miss the appointment!

Invite Ma Li, Chang Yuan and Wei Xiang to play guest roles, “The three of them agreed!”

Previously, in the comment area of ​​”Super Family”, I often saw some netizens wondering: “Did I lose my memory? How do I remember that this movie has already been released?” Yuan and Wei Xiang made guest appearances in the film, and a video recorded by Ma Li and Chang Yuan was also played. Both Ma Li and Chang Yuan said, “If the movie has already been released, the audience friends will not know if we acted.” Even the clarification is full of joy. Song Yang shared that when they were invited to make guest appearances, all three of them agreed, “We are a family, and they don’t want to miss the opportunity to get together. This is our Mahua family.” Chang Yuan also broke the news that his guest appearance in the movie will challenge his weakest “singing and dancing” performance, which is very exciting.

Regarding the audience’s illusion that “the movie has been released”, director Song Yang responded with heart, because he missed the appointment back then, so he understands everyone’s doubts, but he is more grateful for being remembered by the audience. Song Yang kept every node of the movie in mind, “”The Super Family” started to prepare the script in early 2018, it will be launched at the end of 2019, it will be completed on January 23, 2021, and it will be announced on February 19, 2021 for the 2022 Spring Festival On January 5, 2022, the file was announced to be withdrawn, and on April 8, 2023, it was re-announced that it will be released on July 21 this year.” As the director of this film, he kept in mind every important node of the film and worked hard to On the way to meet the audience.

Tao Hui fulfills three wishes in “Super Family”

Post-50s grandpa Zhang Qi performed difficult push-ups on the spot

Tao Hui, the “Flying” sister in the movie, dances beautifully in aerial ballet in the movie, but outside the movie, she flies around with a wire every day. Tao Hui, who has never been in contact with ballet, began to train ballet a few months before the filming started. Faced with a large number of Wia scenes, she practiced a lot and practice made perfect. During the event, Tao Hui said that “Super Family” allowed her to realize three wishes. It was the first time to act as a dancer, the first time to hang Wia, and the first time to film abroad. Although she encountered many challenges, she was full of joy. happiness. Talking about the fate with Happy Twist, Tao Hui said, “I participated in the stage play directed by Shen Teng very early, and I am also old friends with Ma Li, Allen, Chang Yuan, and Wei Xiang. In the movie of Twist, it is two people who work together. One word, kind.”

In the movie, Zhang Qi, who plays the role of a grandfather with the super power of “immortality”, although he is a post-50s generation, he is harder than young people in filming. Hanging Wia upside down in the air, spinning dozens of times in a high-speed rotating wheelchair, and burning his hair in a sparking wheelchair, the crew felt that grandpa was hardworking, but in Zhang Qi’s heart, this was “duty” . Director Song Yang shared that Teacher Zhang Qi had a cracked rib and didn’t tell everyone when she was filming, but the director found it on the monitor. That’s when I realized he was injured.” At the event, Zhang Qi, who loves fitness, put her hands under the stage and her feet on the stage, “showing” everyone a difficult version of push-ups.

Han Yanbo gained weight by 20 jins, and his naked body was “rigid” at minus 20 degrees

Foreign actor Bai Lina became her “agent” at the age of 11

In the movie, Han Yanbo, who plays the father, has a superpower of “invisibility”. During filming, he often needs to be naked. Before filming started, in order to get closer to the character’s “sloppy” image, Han Yanbo gained 20 catties according to the director’s wish. Han Yanbo also revealed the reason for “gaining weight”: because he and Allen are not a few years older in actual age, If you don’t gain weight, you don’t look like father and son. Song Yang said with emotion, “During filming, Lao Han had to be completely naked from the upper body. He had to be naked when shooting outdoors at minus 20 degrees. He also had to roll on the snowy hillside and be naked in front of everyone. He faced physical and psychological challenges.” Yan Bo bluntly said, “It was really embarrassing to shoot nude scenes, and I struggled for a long time, but for the sake of comedy, I let go of everything.”

Bai Lina, who plays the younger sister, is a foreign kid who was only 11 years old when she was filming. It is unexpected that she chatted about the film appointment by herself. Because her mother’s Chinese is not good, she chatted with the casting director for an interview at a young age, and finally got the chance to perform. Bai Lina’s filming of “Super Family” is also a journey to realize her dream. When they were in elementary school, the teacher would show them “The Iron Fist of Shame”, which was also directed by Song Yang. She fell in love with Shen Teng at that time, so as soon as she knew about the casting of “Super Family”, she immediately signed up. Bai Lina recalled that when she met Shen Teng for the first time, she confessed “I like you very much” to Brother Teng, and Shen Teng replied “Your vision is really good”, which amused the audience. However, Bai Lina also said that now her favorite is Alan, which made Shen Teng laugh and tease, “Just because he is the number one male?” Like my own brother.

The movie “Super Family” is produced by Zhejiang Happy Mahua Film Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Alibaba Film Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., China Released by Film Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Happy Twist Films Co., Ltd., it will be released nationwide on July 21 during the summer vacation.

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