[Happy News]Boerjie Digital Technology Group’s composite employment management cloud platform won the “2023 New Flag Award-Annual Product” award

[Happy News]Boerjie Digital Technology Group’s composite employment management cloud platform won the “2023 New Flag Award-Annual Product” award

“Innovating with the old and moving forward forever”, the results of the 2023 “New Flag Awards” (NewFlag Awards) Human Resource Service Industry Innovation Competition initiated by HRflag, China’s leading human resource management think tank, were announced. The cloud platform won the “2023 New Flag Award – Product of the Year” award.

(2023 New Flag Award – Product of the Year Award)

This innovation competition attracted a total of 716 leading human resources service providers to participate. It lasted for 3 months. The expert committee composed of domestic and foreign human resources experts reviewed 785 project applications based on the three major review dimensions and seven selection criteria of the competition. A scientific selection was carried out, and finally 79 projects won the “New Flag Award”.

Practice innovation and strive for “bo” to go far. Boerjie Digital Technology Group has always been at the forefront of the human resources field, constantly exploring, working tirelessly and forging ahead in the endless realm of innovation, and promoting the constant movement of the human resources service industry.

Boerjie Digital Technology Group, China’s leading composite employment management cloud platform technology service provider, is headquartered in Shanghai. In December 2021, it received tens of millions of dollars in financing led by Jifu Asia and Oriental Fortune. It is China’s top ten human resources technology group.

Based on the industry characteristics of each vertical field, the group goes deep into various employment forms and employment management dimensions of the enterprise, and uses industry-leading digital technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data to create a cloud platform for enterprise composite employment management: including Package management SaaS, brand partner management SaaS, digital park industry platform, DHR SaaS and HRO SaaS.

Based on the “system + platform” model, the composite employment management cloud platform manages multiple employment modes in a unified manner. On the basis of meeting the regular needs of HR SaaS, it incorporates project management, crowdsourcing management and partner management of business outsourcing into the enterprise’s manpower In the resource management system, various employment modes are planned reasonably to realize the optimal allocation of human resources.

Using SaaS+aPaaS+iPaaS to meet the flexible customization and high-efficiency docking needs of enterprise customers in organizational structure management, employment structure management, etc., link business data and labor costs to help enterprises dynamically optimize employment structures, save labor costs, and improve employment efficiency.

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