Happy March 8th, SOFINA teaches you the correct way to open the festival

Happy March 8th, SOFINA teaches you the correct way to open the festival

It’s the annual festival for the little fairies again. Have you prepared the gift to treat yourself this year? No matter how busy life is, don’t forget to love yourself~ Put on exquisite makeup and look beautiful for the festival, so that you can live up to the spring! SOFINA This popular star product helps you create exquisite base makeup, from moist skin to clear base makeup, let Sofina crown your beauty and help you be exquisite and happy every day!

SOFINA Yingmei Radiance Oil Control Clear Makeup Primer

Liangli attended the sister party, but the embarrassing makeup troubles such as oily and powdery makeup appeared frequently. If you want to maintain a delicate base makeup for a long time, the key is of course to choose a refreshing and docile primer. This Sofina “small powder bottle” makeup primer is very suitable for sisters with oily skin and mixed oily skin. It contains a sebum-resistant formula, which helps excess sebum not to spread and absorbs excess shine; it helps the base makeup to stay on for a long time, and relieves the trouble of powder sticking and taking off .

SOFINA Yingmei Glow Oil Control Light Powder

Going out beautifully on the street, a piece of pressed powder can bring a full sense of security to the delicate base makeup. Sofina Yingmei Radiance Oil Control Lightweight Powder contains sebum-resistant formula, which helps absorb excess oil on the forehead, T-zone and other parts, and helps create a delicate matte makeup effect. The powder is light and delicate, has a certain natural concealing power, and helps to modify the cheeks and sides of the nose. Small and easy to carry, you can touch up makeup at any time when you go out, helping you create a refreshing and delicate makeup.

SOFINA Sofina Refreshing Cleansing Foam

To unload the tiredness of the day, remember to clean the skin well after removing makeup! Use Sofina Rejuvenating Cleansing Bubbles to cleanse the skin, remove excess sebum and dirt, bring a pleasant feeling of cleansing like a spa, and enjoy the leisurely night Time ~ No need to manually foam, just pump it out; it contains moisturizing technology to help the skin create a moist and translucent feeling, and the skin is not easy to tighten after washing, even you are beautiful without makeup!

SOFINA Sufina Tutai Beauty Essence

The first step after cleansing is to use Sofina Tutai Beauty Essence, which moisturizes the skin like a massage. The rich and delicate carbonic acid bubbles moisturize the skin’s stratum corneum, help relieve skin dryness, replenish water and moisturize, and help improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products , Help the skin to create a moist and translucent feeling, feel the happy skin care process, and be full of energy in mood and skin condition!

This March 8th, are you ready for your beautiful “makeup”? SOFINA has a variety of popular star products to help you create a beautiful state and shine with confidence.

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