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"Haokezhi Coffee: The new wave of coffee blooming in gas stations, leading the innovative journey of Chinese coffee culture"

"Haokezhi Coffee: The new wave of coffee blooming in gas stations, leading the innovative journey of Chinese coffee culture"

In China’s gas stations, a new trend is emerging, and that is the aroma of coffee in gas stations – Haokezhi Coffee. With the strategic layout of Haoke Smart Coffee spreading all over the country, this innovative coffee chain brand is quickly becoming a new consumption hotspot at gas stations, bringing a different flavor to the traditional refueling experience.

The opening of Haokezhi Coffee is deeply rooted in the insight into China’s gas station market – a huge network with more than 20,000 stations, and the accurate grasp of contemporary consumer needs. This innovative model not only enhances the refueling experience by introducing high-quality coffee services at gas stations, but also meets consumers’ immediate needs for refreshing drinks. Recently, Haokezhi Coffee officially opened three new stores in Wuxi, Jiangsu, a famous historical and cultural city in China. They are the Gaotian store and Yanqiao store in Huishan District, and the Yangming store in Liangxi District. Since its opening, the store has quickly won market recognition for its unique location and high-quality services. In the first three days of opening, it quickly demonstrated its strong market appeal and unanimous praise from consumers. Each store achieved outstanding results of selling more than 200 cups of coffee every day, which fully proved the brand’s attractiveness and strong market demand. It is worth mentioning that Haokezhi Coffee uses “Go Latte” and “Go American” as its flagship products, which are specially designed to meet the needs of driving groups. These products not only have a mellow taste, but also have refreshing functions, which perfectly fit the customer attributes of the special consumption scene of gas stations. Through such product settings, Haokezhi Coffee has successfully highlighted the characteristics and differentiation advantages of its brand while ensuring taste.

In the current market environment, consumers’ demand for coffee is growing day by day, and coffee has transformed from a simple drink into a symbol of lifestyle. Haokezhi Coffee is based on this market background. Jingxiang Catering has established an in-depth cooperative relationship with the Chinese oil giant, PetroChina Kunlun Hospitality, opening a new chapter in the gas station coffee chain. This cooperation not only allows Haokezhi Coffee to quickly expand its market influence by leveraging the convenient location and huge passenger flow of gas stations, but also diverts traffic to gas stations and provides more diversified services.

In terms of products and services, Haokezhi Coffee continues to innovate. The store design is fashionable and the product packaging is unique. Each store strives to provide consumers with a different visual and taste experience. In terms of products, Haokezhi Coffee continues to iterate new products, from La Mer Latte to Succulent Peach Yaoyao, each product is carefully formulated to meet the taste needs of different consumers. At the same time, Haokezhi Coffee also regularly holds diversified market activities, including member days, holiday promotions, theme activities, etc., to increase brand interaction and enhance consumer participation and brand loyalty. These activities not only attract a large number of new customers, but also make repeat customers more frequent, effectively increasing the brand’s market share and consumer satisfaction.

Haokezhi Coffee’s national layout goals are ambitious and forward-looking. It has been successfully opened in 8 provinces and cities. According to the established development blueprint, Haoke Smart Coffee will be launched in nearly 20 provinces in 2024, covering important cities and regions such as Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai, and Jiangsu. It is expected to add nearly a thousand new stores to achieve an overall improvement in brand influence. This strategy not only reflects Haokezhi Coffee’s in-depth exploration of the Chinese market, but also demonstrates its strong brand strength and development potential.

Facing the future, Haokezhi Coffee plans to further optimize its products and services and strengthen strategic cooperation with partners to achieve sustained and rapid expansion across the country. At the same time, the company will continue to deepen its digital transformation, using big data and artificial intelligence technology to optimize operational efficiency and improve customer service quality. In addition, Haoke Smart Coffee also plans to expand more innovative consumption scenarios, such as online ordering, takeaway services, etc., to adapt to consumers’ diverse consumption habits and needs, thereby improving user experience.

Overall, Haokezhi Coffee’s development strategy not only reflects its keen insight into market trends and deep understanding of consumer needs, but also demonstrates its strong motivation as an industry pioneer driven by innovation. In the future, Haokezhi Coffee will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and services, promoting the joint growth of the brand and Chinese coffee culture, and bringing more surprises and enjoyment to consumers.

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