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Hangtong Tianxia Runs the Future Tianjin exhibition area fully demonstrates the integrated development of port, industry and city

Hangtong Tianxia Runs the Future Tianjin exhibition area fully demonstrates the integrated development of port, industry and city

From November 16th to 18th, the 2023 Tianjin International Shipping Industry Expo will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) Phase II. A Tianjin exhibition area will be set up at the exhibition site to comprehensively display the results of the port-industry-city integration of Tianjin’s 16 districts and is committed to promoting the development of the global shipping industry. development, promote high-quality development of the marine economy, and create a new pattern of port-industry cities with rich business formats, industry adaptation, and agglomeration of factors.

According to reports, the overall design of the Tianjin exhibition area takes Haihe culture as the main line. The Haihe River occupies the main axis of urban development, and the city’s design is centered around it. This booth uses the Haihe River as a link to connect various districts; starting from the shipping direction, Tianjin, as the ancient ferry of Tianjin, has a profound history of shipping development and shipping culture. This exhibition will take the shipping development of Tianjin as its guide, highlight the development characteristics of each district, and promote coordinated development.

The design concept highlights “thousands of years of accumulation”:

  Yun – accumulation, accumulation, foundation.Explaining the background of the birth of the Tianhai River, its excellent location advantages and the once-in-a-lifetime favorable national policies, the Haihe River starts from the Jingang Bridge in the west of Tianjin and flows into the sea at Dagukou in the east. It has a total length of more than 1,090 kilometers and runs through the downtown area of ​​Tianjin.


  Yun – transportation.From the development of the Jinmen Ancient Ferry to the present, Tianjin has protected and inherited the canal culture to highlight the new charm of the canal, and promoted surrounding development with the construction of canal culture.

Natural charm

  Yun – charm, unique style and temperament.Tianjin’s 16 districts, with their coastal rivers gathering momentum, use the Haihe River as a medium for development, and are connected in series by the Haihe River. They carry the colorful life of the people in Tianjin, showing shipping culture, folk culture, architectural culture, and food culture.

Real picture

During the 2023 Tianjin International Shipping Industry Expo, one main forum, the Xingang International Shipping Forum, and three special forums will be held, as well as multiple events such as press conferences, promotion meetings, and signing meetings, striving to create a “reception room” for the development of the global shipping industry. As a special forum for international shipping exhibitions, the third world-class port multimodal transport conference gathered guests and was full of distinguished guests. Focusing on the advantages of ports, railways and shipping resources, we will focus on in-depth exchanges in areas such as regional coordination, hub construction, routes and routes, discuss new trends in industrial development, and collaboratively promote the high-quality development of multimodal transport.

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