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Hainan International Cultural and Creative Week 2024 kicks off grandly, bringing together industry elites from hundreds of counties and thousands of enterprises to discuss the new future of cultural tourism

Hainan International Cultural and Creative Week 2024 kicks off grandly, bringing together industry elites from hundreds of counties and thousands of enterprises to discuss the new future of cultural tourism

In spring, on the coast of the South China Sea, the sea breeze blows on your face and the waves surge. A grand cultural and creative event brings together cultural and tourism celebrities from all over the country in Sanya. On March 30, the 2024 Hainan International Cultural and Creative Week (hereinafter referred to as “Cultural and Creative Week”) officially kicked off in Sanya. This event is jointly sponsored by Tsinghua University Cultural and Creative Development Institute, Boao Cultural and Creative Institute, Sanya Tourism and Culture Investment Group Co., Ltd., SMART Vacation Industry Intelligent Platform, and Zhongchuan Cultural Tourism (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. With the theme of “Resonance·Breaking Waves”, this cultural and creative week aims to build a platform for information integration and exchange through a series of high-end dialogues and exchange activities, and empower the high-quality development of the national pan-cultural tourism industry. The event will last for seven days from March 30 to April 5 and will attract nearly 500 industry and thousands of think tank experts to participate.

On the morning of March 30, six parallel forums were held simultaneously at the Tianya Haijiao Mangrove International Convention and Exhibition Center in Sanya Bay, focusing on topics such as industrial tourism, urban soft decoration, child-friendly destination IP creation, sustainable living, folk art, and everything can be gamified. Start speaking. Many industry elites gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions around the current hot issues in the cultural tourism and creative industry, and shared their practical experiences and cutting-edge perspectives, providing valuable thinking and inspiration for the industry and creating a good atmosphere for the following series of activities. Atmosphere.

In addition, Cultural Innovation Week will also focus on urban IP, cultural tourism technology, art research, community economy, cultural tourism finance, B&B, camping and other fields. A total of more than 30 parallel forums will be held simultaneously during this event. Pay attention to the overall development of the cultural tourism industry from a comprehensive perspective, aiming to promote the high-quality development of “cultural tourism +”.

It is understood that the Cultural and Creative Week has been held for five consecutive years since 2019, and the three-day high-end forum is one of the essential highlights of the Cultural and Creative Week every year. This year’s event has been fully upgraded in scale and quality. It will not only focus on the integration and innovation of nine major sections, but will also present a main forum, nearly 30 professional forums, and in-depth cooperation with more than 100 brands. These forum activities cover the integrated development of culture and tourism, cultural and creative product development, AI digital cultural experience, city IP creation and other fields. They not only provide a platform for industry insiders to communicate, but also help the public understand the latest developments and development trends of the cultural and tourism industry. Open new window.

Wang Xu, secretary-general of the SMART Vacation Industry Expert Committee and founder of Hainan International Cultural and Creative Week, said that a number of special promotion meetings, investment and financing matchmaking meetings, brand exhibitions, customized closed-door meetings, etc. will be held during the forum. Taking the event as an opportunity, we will continue to share high-quality content, link and explore brands and pioneers in the industry, provide investors and entrepreneurs with opportunities for face-to-face communication, and also provide strong support for the implementation of high-quality projects. However, cultural and creative Week is just the prologue, and the following “collision” and “practice” are even more exciting.

Many participants said that through this series of forums and matchmaking meetings, they not only gained valuable knowledge and inspiration, but also met many colleagues in the industry, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. Especially for those entrepreneurs and creators who are committed to exploring new ways to combine culture and tourism, this is undoubtedly a rare learning and cooperation opportunity.

In addition to the rich forum agenda, this Cultural and Creative Week has also specially upgraded its outdoor supporting activities. The three-day Hainan Camping Life Festival and Outdoor Leisure Equipment Exhibition will be held in the Dadonghai Tourist Area in Sanya. At the exhibition, more than 100 outdoor equipment exhibitors and outdoor brands from 2 countries and 14 cities around the world will participate. They will showcase the latest outdoor travel equipment and innovative camping lifestyles, providing outdoor enthusiasts with a one-stop experience and experience. Serve.

In addition, the organizers have also linked up with hundreds of local enterprises in cities and counties in Hainan Island to participate. During the camping festival, more than a hundred co-created experience activities were carefully planned, including Pilates sound therapy, fire dance performances, children’s parkour competitions, children’s skateboard competitions, beach Frisbee, beach rugby and other outdoor sports trendy life projects, fully demonstrating Sanya’s The unique island culture creates an outdoor camping carnival feast for citizens and tourists, setting off a boom in cultural tourism to create a better future.

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