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Haier’s whole-house furnishing & three-winged bird integration has advanced, and the integration of home appliances leads industry changes

Haier’s whole-house furnishing & three-winged bird integration has advanced, and the integration of home appliances leads industry changes

On March 23, the country’s first Three-winged Bird[Smart]Zun Mall opened grandly on the seventh floor of Jinan Red Star Macalline. Nowadays, the opening of Sanyiniao’s first super experience center in the country marks that the store has entered a new 5.0 era of home appliance and home integration, which will bring consumers an unprecedented new experience of whole-house smart life.

  Fusion and Advanced Home appliance integration leads the industry

For a long time, due to the complexity of the home decoration industry chain, users have faced home decoration pain points such as incomplete cabinet electrical supplies, mismatched sizes, troublesome home decoration renovations, fragmentation, and incorrect goods. The industry does not have a good solution. The strategic upgrade of Haier’s whole-house furnishings and Sanwingniao appliances and furnishings integration has solved user pain points such as fragmentation of appliances and furnishings and difficulty in renewing home decorations.

In Sanyiniao[Smart]Zun MALL, Haier Home Furnishing and Sanyiniao jointly create a space-time customization space, demonstrating the three major concepts of wisdom, cabinet and electrical integration, and personalized customization.Starting from user needs, Haier’s whole-house home furnishing series products create multiple scenes such as living room, kitchen, dining room, and cloakroom, creating various styles such as cream style, French style, modern minimalist style, and new Chinese style, perfectly creating solutions that meet the needs of different users. .In the whole scene space, Haier’s whole-house innovative integrated cabinet and electrical design is super suitable for embedded appliances, which not only increases the storage space but also creates a harmonious and beautiful scene experience.

Provide users with the latest smart life scenario solutions, solving user pain points such as the sense of fragmentation in the integrated design of home appliances and home decoration, difficulty in decoration, and mismatch of home appliances, ensuring users the best experience in decoration life.



  Worry-free integration Let the concept of “customized life and beautiful home” become a reality

Haier Home Furnishing and Sanyiniao have joined forces to launch a dual-brand integration model of home appliances, focusing on users’ full-scenario needs for food, clothing, housing and entertainment, to create a full-scenario smart home solution.Relying on the digital platform to open up the entire process of experience-design-delivery-service, we provide one-stop home appliances and home integrated customization services.

  Integrated good looks:Use various hidden designs to integrate them with the space, try our best to eliminate the “obtrusive feeling” in the home space, reduce the sense of difference caused by the low adaptability of home appliances and surrounding cabinets, and increase the integrity and high-end sense of the room. Whole-house product matching and style matching, whether it is the integrated design of door and wall cabinets or the matching of home appliances, can provide a more beautiful, practical and efficient overall solution for modern homes.

  Space expansion technique:Young people’s hoarding is a purchase that exceeds their needs. While enjoying the sense of security brought by abundant supplies, they also have to adapt to the home environment and take up too much space. This is actually a difficult technical problem. Integration of home appliances, zero-distance embedded design, naturally integrated into cabinets, reconstructing the concept of home space and satisfying consumers’ imagination of space expansion.

  Save time, effort and worry:One-stop shopping experience, no need to switch between different platforms or stores, saving a lot of time and energy; focus on product quality and service improvement, through strict control of raw material procurement, production process and product quality testing , ensuring that the quality of Haier’s whole-house home customization materials reaches the highest level; providing users with a complete after-sales service system, worry-free after-sales service, all can be done with just one phone call, solving consumers’ worries.

It no longer just provides sales of a single product, but provides customers with integrated home appliances and full-scenario customized services.At the same time, it relies on Haier Whole House Home Furnishing and Three-winged Bird to build super-time and space customized homes, professional solution areas, and Haier Whole House Home Furnishing Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing capabilities, as well as Haier Whole House Home Furnishing Cloud+ system, with a total of 100,000+ domestic and foreign products. Cutting-edge design solutions provide exquisite customization solutions and design suggestions to solve customers’ product matching problems.It has realized the transformation of high-end whole-case customization business logic from single product sales to whole-house home appliance customization, making the concept of “customized life and beautiful home” a reality.

From category integration to in-depth integration, we will promote the evolution and upgrading of big home furnishings. Under the dual-brand integration model, Haier Home Furnishing & Three-winged Bird jointly create an integrated home customization space, bringing consumers a new experience of large home services with high appearance, high quality, full categories, and full customization.

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