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Haier small home appliances on AWE, life designers for users’ homes

An air fryer that “can fry everything”, a coffee machine that can customize different flavors of coffee, a hair dryer that can both dry and care for hair… In recent years, small household appliances have been favored by many users for their good looks and powerful functions. Consumers The market is booming day by day. However, according to the “China Small Home Appliances Market Research and Development Trend Analysis Report 2024-2030”, from the perspective of ownership per household, the number of small household appliances owned by Chinese households is still low. The average number of small household appliances per household in developed countries is There are nearly 40 types of small household appliances in China, while the average number of small household appliances per household in China’s large and medium-sized cities is less than 10 types. It can be seen that China’s small household appliance market capacity is far from saturated and has huge development potential.

Facing the continuously growing market demand, various brands have stepped up their efforts. On March 14, at the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (referred to as AWE2024), Haier Small Home Appliances moved small home appliances equipped with core technology and rich smart scenes to the exhibition site. From smart small appliances such as ultra-quiet wall-breaking machines, coffee machines that make professional coffee with one click, and high-speed hair dryers with constant temperature for hair care, to the five health scene life circles of “cleaning, environment, personal care, kitchen, and smart care”, Haier small home appliances Through personalized scene solutions covering all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, it brings users a new comfortable and smart life experience.

  Five core scenarios to improve the quality of life in all aspects

With the advancement of science and technology, small household appliances are increasingly enriching modern people’s lives. However, the various small household appliances purchased in the market are not only difficult to achieve intelligent interconnection, but also have different styles and colors, which not only affects the use experience, but also reduces the overall aesthetics of the home. However, these problems can be easily solved in the face of the five core scenarios released by Haier small home appliances.

Specifically, in the “light cooking” scenario, Haier’s series of vacuum rice cookers, variable frequency all-in-one micro-roasters, variable frequency soft wall breaker and other products ensure that users can eat healthily and use them comfortably; in the “clean and comfortable” scenario In the “breathing freedom” scenario, Haier’s variable frequency dehumidifier, which integrates dehumidification and purification, ensures fresh indoor air and high humidity. Balanced to create a comfortable and healthy living space for users; finally, in the “beauty and style” and “smart clothing knowledge” scenarios, users can achieve their best appearance through the Haier family series of high-speed hair dryers and D9 shavers, At the same time, the multi-functional care and ironing machine allows users to easily say goodbye to wrinkled clothes and enhance the overall image and temperament.

  High-end smart products make a big difference from small things

As more and more small household appliances enter thousands of households, users’ quality of life is also constantly improving. However, it cannot be ignored that there are still many problems that need to be solved in the small household appliance industry. The “2023 Smart Small Home Appliances Industry Report” mentioned that there are still many companies in my country’s smart small home appliances industry that produce homogeneous products and lack independent innovation capabilities. The number of companies with differentiated, high-end product design, R&D, and production capabilities is relatively high. few. It can be said that the development of China’s small household appliances has a long way to go.

In this context, how can companies break through? Technological innovation is key. It is reported that the Haier family series of full-effect air purifiers unveiled at AWE2024 adopt the amino acid long-lasting aldehyde removal technology jointly developed by Haier Small Home Appliances and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to achieve the functions of sterilization, dust removal, and formaldehyde removal. The problem of formaldehyde pollution is solved at the root, and no harmful substances are produced during the process, ensuring safety and environmental protection. The development and application of this technology not only once again confirms Haier’s leading strength in technological innovation of small home appliances, but also provides a strong guarantee for the health of users’ home living environment.

In addition to the full-effect air purifier that removes dust and formaldehyde efficiently, Haier’s smart ironing machine CY-SZU1 on display also attracted the attention of the audience. This product is equipped with intelligent recognition technology, which can match the best ironing solution for high-end or delicate materials. At the same time, the 5Bar high-pressure steam jet has a long distance and strong penetration, and regular automatic cleaning can keep the steam clean. It is worth mentioning that although new domestic garment ironing machines are frequently released, the quality is uneven. Inferior garment steaming machines not only have poor ironing effects, but can also damage clothes. In this context, in order for the industry to have standards to follow, Haier Small Appliances took the lead in editing the “Smart Garment Steamer” group standard. This standard not only clarifies the definition of smart garment steamers, but also stipulates the technical requirements for smart garment steamers. , test methods, etc., to promote the high-quality development of the garment steamer industry.

Even though the appearance of “home” is ever-changing, temperature is always the synonym of home. It can be seen from this AWE2024 that Haier small home appliances have made great efforts to awaken the happiness in users’ lives and redefine high-quality and beautiful life. In the future, Haier’s small home appliances will continue to focus on user needs, using original technology and diversified scenario solutions to bring beauty into real life.


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