Haier Freezer AWE: Three major pain points of users have been overcome


On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (hereinafter referred to as AWE2024) opened in Shanghai. As an important window to show industry trends, AWE includes the most cutting-edge products, cutting-edge technologies, and smartest home scenes from major brands. Through AWE, you can intuitively feel the impact that technological innovation and scene layout bring to users’ lives. Big change.

Among the participating brands blooming, Haier freezers can be said to be “open” in people’s minds. Always user-centered, Haier refrigerators open the door to disruptive innovation and take the lead in overcoming the three major pain points of frosting, air drying, and nutrient loss. Haier fresh series frost-free horizontal cabinets, Haier deep-freezing moisturizing vertical cabinets, Haier’s leading products such as the Lingxian series of deep-freezing and moisturizing vertical cabinets bring a new frost-free, moisturizing and healthy fresh frozen experience. Not only that, Haier Freezer has also created a full-scenario cold chain solution for the home based on users’ fresh-keeping habits, providing professional storage and preservation services for different areas of the home and different ingredients.

  From frozen to fresh frozen!Haier Freezer Overcomes Three Major User Pain Points

Since the popularization of freezers, the industry’s core refrigeration idea has not changed much: low-temperature freezing is used to suppress the deterioration of food materials and thereby extend the storage time. However, traditional freezing methods have three stubborn pain points: frost formation, dry taste, and nutrient loss. Users have never stopped talking about frozen ingredients being stale.

By directly attacking the three stubborn pain points, Haier Freezer has made substantial breakthroughs. At the AWE2024 site, Haier freezers brought leading technologies of air-cooling, frost-free, and HCF fresh-frozen moisturizing series, which not only extended the storage time of food, but also ensured that the cabinet was clean and frost-free, fully locking the moisture and nutrition of food, and realizing the transformation from “freezing” to “freezing”. Advance to “Fresh Frozen”.

First of all, the frosting problem that has troubled users for a long time has been solved. Affected by the horizontal structure, the air and moisture in horizontal cabinets are difficult to discharge and can easily form frost. However, at the AWE2024 site, Haier Freezer launched the industry’s first generation of high-efficiency frost-free freezers, becoming a new choice for keeping frozen food fresh: the first double-wing With Yufeng Fresh Freeze Technology, Haier’s Fresh Series frost-free horizontal cabinets use efficient air supply to take away excess moisture in the cabinets, taking the lead in achieving “zero frost”. Not only does the user avoid frost for life, the double-wing wind-free fresh-freezing technology also comprehensively enhances the freezing capacity, freshness preservation capacity, and stocking capacity: the shorter air supply distance increases the freezing capacity by nearly 40%; the double-layer precise air supply allows The temperature uniformity is increased by 50%; the integrated design frees up the top space, and the utilization rate of the convenient top area reaches 100%.

Secondly, Haier freezers break the dilemma of frozen food drying out and losing nutrients. Take the Haier deep-freeze and moisturizing vertical cabinets and the Haier fresh series deep-freezing and moisturizing vertical cabinets released on site as examples. The original HCF fresh-frozen moisturizing technology prevents cold wind from blowing directly on the ingredients, and the ecological plants sensitively sense the humidity in the drawer at all times. film, the drawer automatically balances the humidity at 80%-90%, reducing the dry consumption of pasta by 50% and reducing the oxidation of meat by 40%. It fully locks in the moisture, taste, and nutrition of the ingredients, and improves the quality of the frozen ingredients. .

  Understand users’ fresh storage habits!Haier refrigerator iterates full-scenario home solution

User-centered innovation is an innovation in technology and an innovation in all scenarios. In the Haier Freezer Exhibition Area at AWE2024, not only each individual product closely focuses on the pain points and needs of users, but the full-scenario cold chain solution for the home also closely focuses on the living habits of users.

Walking into the Haier Freezer Exhibition Area and going deep into family scenes such as the living room, dining room, and storage room, you will be greeted by surprises everywhere you look. In the guest restaurant scene, the artistic Haier Yuanqi Bar makes people fall in love at first sight. The new artistic appearance perfectly blends into the home styles such as log style and cream style that young people like. Its innovative dual-temperature independent temperature-controlled healthy storage has captured the minds of young people. Whether it is fruits and drinks that need to be refrigerated, or smoothies and ice cream that need to be frozen, it has exclusive storage space.

Coming to the storage room scene, Haier’s Lingxian series deep-freezing and moisturizing vertical cabinets have become a good partner for expanding the capacity of the refrigerator. The designed 4+2 partition pattern can store a large number of ingredients in an orderly manner, so that there is more than enough fresh food: shelves can store whole boxes of seafood, fresh-frozen moisturizing drawers can store rare steaks, large drawers can store large pieces of lamb legs… In addition, Haier’s fresh series of deep-freezing and moisturizing vertical cabinets also realize one-click flexible conversion from freezing to refrigeration. Whether it is spring and summer fresh vegetables or autumn and winter fish, they can be properly stored and easily lock in the freshness of the season.

Using leading technology to overcome users’ pain points, iterating fresh food storage life with a full-scenario cold chain solution for the home, and pursuing excellence in user experience have also allowed Haier Freezers to establish its leading position in the hearts of users. Reflecting on market data, domestically, GfK data shows that Haier Freezer’s cumulative share will rise to 51.2% in 2023, ranking TOP1 with more than half of the share; globally, Haier Freezer has ranked first in global brand retail sales for 13 consecutive years.

Adhering to the belief of “sincerity and eternity” from beginning to end, Haier Freezer keeps users in mind, constantly innovates technology, iterates scenarios, and provides a new frozen and fresh experience that moisturizes things silently. By continuing to improve users’ sense of happiness in life, users’ preference for Haier freezers will become even more solid.


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