Haier Filipino community laundry breaks through 200!Overseas brand creation and new achievements

In the process of globalization, Haier Zhijia has always adhered to the overseas brand creation strategy, and has achieved remarkable results. In the Philippines, Haier Smart Home officially launched its commercial laundry business in March 2022, breaking through 200 stores in just one year. At the end of the same year, Haier became the TOP2 brand of local commercial laundry.

Excellent results come from users’ recognition of the brand. The reason why Haier’s community laundry can win the support of Filipino users is that firstly, commercial laundry products meet the differentiated needs of users, and second, that the continuously improved community laundry provides customers with high-quality services.

In the Philippines, Haier’s community washing has won the recognition of users to meet the differentiated needs. The Philippines is located in the tropics, and the climate is hot and humid all year round. Users have a strong demand for laundry and drying. In addition, a large number of office workers and schoolgoers who rent houses do not have their own independent houses to buy washing machines. More and more users are choosing community laundry. The commercial washing machine used by Haier Community Laundry not only has a cleaning capacity of 8KG, which can easily clean large knitted fabrics such as sheets and carpets, but also is equipped with a high-speed drying program, which can effectively reduce the moisture content and make the clothes more stretchable. The drying time is shorter, which meets the fast-paced life needs of local users.

While meeting the needs of users with differentiated products, Haier Smart Home also continues to carry out various trainings to provide customers with professional business consulting services. Since the establishment of community laundries in the Philippines, Haier Smart Home has invited local laundromat owners to carry out several explanation activities, providing comprehensive training and one-on-one consulting services before and after the opening of Haier commercial laundries, including equipment installation and store management software. use etc. In February this year, Haier Philippines also held a “Commercial Laundry Partner Summit” to increase shop owners’ understanding of commercial laundry products and facilitate their operation and management. Through training and consulting, Haier Smart Home was able to quickly deepen the owner’s understanding of commercial laundry products, which eventually led to an increase in the market share of commercial laundry.

With excellent products and perfect service system, Haier Community Wash occupies a place in the lives of Filipino users. At the same time, other products of Haier Zhijia have also become the choice of many Filipino users due to their excellent performance. According to TRS, a professional data organization in the Philippines, in the fourth quarter of 2022, Haier ranked among the top 1 Chinese brands in the market share of white goods in the Philippine market.

The rapid development of community washing in the Philippines has provided assistance for the global development of Haier Smart Home. In the future, Haier Zhijia will continue to adhere to the overseas brand creation strategy, continue to develop commercial wash points, and achieve continuous leadership in Southeast Asia.

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