Haidilao and Subject 3 both have the “magic” to make people happy


Since the dance “Subject Three” became popular in November last year, the popularity is still continuing, and many netizens are still immersed in the happiness and relaxation brought by Subject Three. As an online dance, how can “Subject Three” stand out among many performances and win the hearts of netizens so much that they can’t stop dancing?

Subject 3 is still known to more people at Haidilao hotpot restaurant. A young man from a Haidilao store in Qingzhou celebrated a customer’s birthday and performed Subject 3, which became an instant hit. Subsequently, Haidilao stores across the country began to “tour” Subject 3. In different cities, different people danced the same dance. A batch of Different batches of customers have the joy of copying and pasting in Haidilao.

“Subject Three” opens up the common emotions of everyone, which is why Subject Three is so popular: at the moment of skipping Subject Three, the accumulated emotions are released. For more young people, subject three is also a way to enjoy “going crazy”. Just like today’s young people like to “go crazy” in Haidilao, Haidilao and Subject 3 both have the magic of making people temporarily relaxed and happy.

For example, Haidilao’s birthday service, whether it is an i person or an e person, will be surrounded by happiness and blessings the moment the birthday song is played. Another example is Haidilao’s “Second Concert Venue”. Haidilao can seamlessly continue the joy of the concert. Haidilao drove the bus directly to the concert venue to “recruit people” on-site. There were also support arrangements for the singers in the store, as well as a “fan carnival area.” Even late at night, fans’ enthusiasm can be further released and burned in Haidilao. The emotional value that Haidilao gives to customers is directly maximized.

The same goes for dance “Subject Three”. It may not have too deep meaning, but because of its “down-to-earthness”, everyone found emotional resonance. Haidilao provides young people with a place to “go crazy”, and “Subject Three” is the best way for young people to “go crazy”.


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