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Guolian Life takes multiple measures to deliver five major articles with high-quality financial services

Guolian Life takes multiple measures to deliver five major articles with high-quality financial services

As a state-owned financial institution, Guolian Life has always adhered to its original mission, effectively played the role of insurance as an economic shock absorber and social stabilizer, and served as the main force in serving the real economy and the ballast stone in maintaining financial stability.

  Focus on investment, science and technology finance achieves new breakthroughs

Focusing on the diversified needs of technology-based enterprises and strategic emerging industries across the entire chain and life cycle, Guolian Life actively exerts its insurance financing function and vigorously supports the development of innovation clusters in key industries. In the past three years, a total of 430 million yuan has been invested in integrated circuits, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, biotechnology and other fields through equity investment funds, secondary market stock investments, etc., effectively enhancing the support role of insurance funds in technological innovation and advanced manufacturing. . While continuing to increase its own capital investment, it also focused on playing a demonstration role in insurance fund investment and introduced funds from many insurance companies, investing a total of 1 billion yuan in the development of Wuxi’s science and technology industry.

  Focusing on services, green finance creates a new situation

Guolian Life gives full play to its long-term advantages in insurance funds and actively meets the investment and financing needs of major green and high-quality projects. We continue to support the development of green, low-carbon and circular economy through green bond investment, green industry guaranteed bond plan investment and other means. In the past three years, the cumulative investment amount has reached 600 million yuan, involving many fields such as ecological governance, energy conservation and environmental protection, rail transportation, etc., in order to promote Providing impetus for green and low-carbon economic and social development.

  Focusing on people’s livelihood, inclusive finance has achieved new results

Guolian Life has accelerated the development of inclusive financial business and continues to launch multi-level and targeted inclusive financial products and services. In response to the national call for injury protection for employees in new forms of employment, the company has developed “accident insurance for specific groups” for groups such as takeaway boys and delivery boys, providing cost-effective vehicle accident insurance to support local social stability, people’s livelihood and well-being Construction; at the same time, it actively participates in multiple inclusive insurance projects for special groups such as insurance for the elderly, insurance for the disabled, insurance for children in need, family planning series insurance, insurance for rural residents, and mutual aid insurance for employees. From 2021 to 2023, Guolian Life has provided a total of 12.841 billion yuan in insurance protection for 213,600 of the above-mentioned key inclusive objects, with a cumulative number of claims exceeding 20,000, and a cumulative compensation expenditure of 10.358 million yuan.

As a local state-owned financial enterprise, Guolian Life actively participates in the construction of local people’s livelihood. Since the first launch of the city’s customized inclusive insurance “Medical Benefit Xicheng” in 2021, it has been fulfilling its commitment to benefiting the people, closely connecting with Wuxi’s basic medical security, and reducing the burden of high medical expenses on Wuxi citizens. From 2021 to 2023, the third phase of the “Medical Hui Xicheng” project has insured a total of 2.2869 million people, with a total compensation of 120 million yuan, and the average compensation per case is nearly 9,000 yuan.

As the resilience and potential for the smooth operation of the national economy, small and micro enterprises are the key service targets of inclusive finance. Guolian Life actively injects financial vitality into the development and growth of small, medium and micro enterprises and rural revitalization with higher efficiency, lower costs and more effective risk control. As of the end of 2023, Guolian Life has invested a total of 426 million yuan through debt plans, trust plans and equity funds to support shanty town transformation, new rural construction, resource development in poverty-stricken areas, industrial park construction, and new urbanization development. At the same time, for small, medium and micro enterprises, we provide comprehensive insurance plans covering accidents, disabilities, medical care, critical illness and pension for employees and their families, to enhance the ability of small, medium and micro enterprises to withstand risks and continuously improve the well-being of employees. From 2021 to 2023, Guolian Life has provided insurance services to 341 companies, provided insurance protection of 11.841 billion yuan to 7,692 people, and accumulated compensation expenditures of 1.2773 million yuan.

  Focus on innovation, pension finance makes new progress

In improving the construction of my country’s three-pillar pension insurance system, Guolian Life focuses on deepening and implementing the third pillar of commercial pension insurance. On the one hand, we will make every effort to deepen the supply-side structural reform of pension finance, enrich product supply, and effectively connect pension security, wealth management and healthy pension services. Innovatively launch anti-cancer products for the elderly in the industry, effectively solving the problem that traditional health insurance cannot cover the needs of the elderly. From 2021 to 2023, the company’s elderly customer base will exceed 410,000, and a total of more than 750,000 elderly customers will be served. At the same time, in order to meet the long-term care security needs of the people, especially the disabled elderly, in 2019, Guolian Life successfully obtained the qualification as the main service provider of long-term care insurance in Yixing District, Wuxi City. In the past four years, it has served nearly 700,000 disabled elderly people. people, with benefits exceeding 180 million yuan, which greatly eased the contradiction between supply and demand of long-term care services for the disabled elderly and effectively reduced the financial burden of the disabled elderly. On the other hand, Guolian Life regards health care construction as the company’s medium- and long-term strategic project and innovates financing services and insurance services. In the early stage, we will focus on the construction of customer rights and interests, and gradually explore and establish a multi-level and multi-mode elderly care service system. Cooperate with third-party professional companies to launch home video doctor services to help the elderly solve medication consultation and health maintenance problems without leaving home; explore insurance trust pension plans for autistic people, and help qualified people through cooperation with trusts and third-party elderly care institutions autistic groups to solve the elderly care problem; cooperate with Sinopharm to realize that the elderly group can share Sinopharm’s health care resources. At the same time, Guolian Life actively leveraged its insurance fund advantages and invested a total of 330 million yuan through debt plans and direct equity investments to support the construction of local hospitals in Wuxi and the Qingdao hospital project.

  Focusing on empowerment, digital finance achieves new development

Guolian Life makes full use of advanced technological and digital forces such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing to improve insurance business efficiency and optimize service experience. At present, Guolian Life’s online service operation level and insurance and service automation level have reached more than 90%. Claims settlement service embodies the core value of insurance services. In recent years, Guolian Life has focused on solving the problems of slow and difficult claims settlement, optimizing the claims settlement process, and striving to make claims settlement services more efficient, faster and of better quality. At present, Guolian Life’s overall claims service timeliness is 0.75 days, and the intelligent rate of small-amount claims exceeds 94%; at the same time, the “Quick Claims” system of the “Medical Benefit Xicheng” project has been developed and launched to achieve system integration with Wuxi City’s medical insurance settlement data , realizing online circulation of medical information, full-process intelligent operation, rapid settlement and payment. Yihui Xicheng’s quick claims accounted for 91%, greatly improving customer experience satisfaction.

In 2024, Guolian Life will focus on the main business of insurance, focus on the “five major articles” of technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance, continue to deepen the supply-side structural reform, and enrich high-quality products. The service system and financial financing function provide more high-quality financial services for social development and the people.

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