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Guolian Life actively carries out a series of offline activities to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers on “3-15”

Guolian Life actively carries out a series of offline activities to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers on “3-15”

Recently, Guolian Life’s “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign continues to be carried out. All institutions took active actions, focusing on the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and prevent risks”, make full use of their own resources, innovate activity forms, carry out targeted and distinctive offline education and publicity activities, and disseminate insurance concepts to the public. Deliver the power of insurance.

  Jiangsu Branch

At Zhangfuyuan Station of Nanjing Metro Line 1, at Xuzhou Wangling Community Rule of Law Plaza, at Suzhou Xinghai Life Plaza, and at Suqian Yanlord Plaza, staff from the local branch of Guolian Life Insurance set up consultation booths and distributed brochures to passers-by. Explain financial knowledge, remind citizens to protect personal information, prevent fraud, gambling and anti-money laundering, and guide citizens to obtain appropriate financial protection based on their own needs. The heads of agencies from various places also took action and went into the square to popularize knowledge about financial rights and interests to consumers and remind consumers to guard against illegal fund-raising; at the same time, they promoted the company’s consumer protection cultural brand and conveyed to consumers the company’s determination and confidence in protecting consumer rights and interests.

In Zhenjiang Vanke Community and Lianyungang Dengtai Xincun Community, the local branches of Guolian Life Insurance actively carry out community publicity activities. They distributed brochures to residents and told real cases, focusing on popularizing age-appropriate financial services to the elderly in the community, reminding the elderly to guard against pension financial fraud, helping consumers deepen their understanding of financial knowledge, and improve their awareness of preventing financial scams.

In Yangzhou, staff from Guolian Life Insurance visited Yangzhou University and organized university teachers and students to give special lectures on financial knowledge, focusing on explaining the eight basic rights and interests of financial consumers, reminding teachers and students to pay attention to personal information security and account security, and through a series of typical cases Guide young people to establish rational investment concepts.

  Anhui Branch

Under the guidance of the Anhui Insurance Industry Association, the Anhui Branch of Guolian Life Insurance Company and its peers carried out offline publicity and education activities on consumer rights protection in Hefei City’s Top 100 Xinyue City. By distributing promotional leaflets, filling out questionnaires to win small gifts, etc., we introduce the eight major rights and interests of financial consumers, anti-money laundering and other knowledge to the general public, help awaken “sleeping insurance policies”, and advocate diversified dispute resolution.

Suzhou Zhongzhi, together with its peers, organized and carried out the “3·15” Insurance Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week in Dongxianqiao Park and Suzhou No. 6 Primary School, targeting community residents and students’ parents to carry out the eight rights and interests of financial consumers and stay away from illegal finance. Activities and other financial knowledge promotion. Fuyang Central Branch and Bozhou Central Branch participated in joint education activities organized by local industry associations, and went to Anju Engineering Plaza in Fuyang City and Weiwu Plaza in Bozhou City respectively to popularize financial knowledge, basic anti-money laundering knowledge and relevant laws and regulations for on-site citizens, and focused on Promote knowledge to the elderly on preventing telecommunications fraud and protecting personal information security.

  Hubei Branch

On the morning of March 11, the Hubei branch participated in a consumer education activity jointly organized by the Hubei Insurance Industry Association and the Hubei Insurance Intermediaries Association.

During the event, the branch’s propaganda personnel distributed promotional materials on the eight basic rights of financial consumers, value-added services, anti-money laundering, and prevention of illegal fund-raising to the public, and provided warm blood pressure measurement services to the elderly. Tian Jie, deputy general manager of the branch, preached financial risk cases to the masses, promoted company culture, and gave exquisite gifts to help consumers stay away from illegal financial activities such as fraud, misleading, and illegal fund-raising, and enhance consumers’ awareness of rights protection.

During the event, Wang Zheyuan, President of the Hubei Insurance Industry Association, Xiong Li, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hubei Provincial Consumer Committee and other leaders came to the Guolian booth. Chairman Wang Zheyuan introduced the details of the Guolian, promoted the company’s business card, and advocated that the Guolian promote Hubei’s Make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the insurance industry.

  Wuxi Branch

The Wuxi Branch held an education and training session on the “3·15 Financial Consumer Protection Education and Publicity Series – Senior Executives Speak on Consumer Protection”. During the period, the heads of each channel signed service commitments and led business representatives to jointly swear an oath to effectively protect the rights and interests of financial consumers.

On March 15, the Wuxi branch and Beijing Deheng Law Firm held a public welfare activity at the Wuxi branch of “Protecting Rights and Preventing Risks and Guolian Deheng Legal Consulting Open Day”. A senior lawyer explained “Family Financial Inheritance and Tool Application”. And provide one-to-one legal consulting services. Many high-net-worth customers were invited to participate in the event to effectively enhance customers’ financial literacy and risk prevention awareness.

Through the “Five Entry” series of offline publicity and education activities, consumers’ basic financial knowledge and risk prevention levels have been further enhanced, consumers’ rights protection and self-protection abilities have been improved, and citizens’ satisfaction and sense of gain have been improved, creating a better future for joint construction. Contribute to a harmonious financial ecological environment!

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