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Guokexuan joins hands with Qinlong Dairy to empower high-quality development of specialty industries

Guokexuan joins hands with Qinlong Dairy to empower high-quality development of specialty industries

On March 19, the event “A Cup of Organic Good Goat Milk Promotes the Development of Yanliang’s Agricultural Characteristic Industries” was held. Beijing Guoke Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd. and the Shaanxi Dairy Safety Production Association reached a strategic cooperation agreement to use Guoke Youxuan’s digital, The intelligent and social live broadcast system has promoted the development of agricultural specialty industries in Yanliang District and continued to expand industries such as goat milk, melon, grain products, and honey products.

Huang Xiaomin, deputy director of the Yanliang District People’s Government, Wang Yong, director of the Yanliang District Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Zhao Kunkun, director of the Yanliang District Science and Technology and Industrial Information Bureau, Shang Huanli, deputy director of the Yanliang District Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, and Yanliang District Market Supervision Bureau Lei Wenjie, Chief of the Specialty Food Section, Feng Peng, President of the Shaanxi Dairy Safety Production Association, Zhang Anbang, President of the Yanliang District Dairy Association, Zhang Yong, Secretary-General of the Yanliang District Dairy Association, Professor Cao Binyun of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University and heads of related enterprises attended the event together.

It is understood that Yanliang District has many agricultural specialty industries with a long history of development, and has a good reputation and brand influence in the national market. Folks also say that the four treasures of Yanliang are: “goat’s milk, melon, jujube and honey.” In particular, the goat’s milk industry has a complete industrial system. Qinlong Dairy Group has been committed to the development of the goat milk industry for many years. From grass to sheep, from milk source to technology to sales services, a closed-loop safety chain has been basically formed, truly realizing the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. In particular, Qinlong Dairy has always adhered to the “five major organic systems” for many years. Every step is demanding on product quality. Dairy goats in organic pastures have enough space and time to move around every day and are naturally raised, allowing them to grow happily and feel happy. Only in this way can we produce nutritious goat milk; organic processing, quality is life. Qinlong Dairy adopts 26 inspection procedures in the entire production process, introduces more than 1,200 sets of the world’s top testing equipment, and organically processes the entire industry chain. Flash evaporation removes mutton, tastes mellow and fresh, pure natural, no additives; organic traceability, quality controllable, flow traceable, responsibility checkable; organic certification, Qinlong Dairy has long-term cooperation with authoritative testing institutions at home and abroad, and has set up 103 key quality items Control Point has passed certifications from many authoritative organizations such as ISO9001 and HACCP, making it even more worthy of your trust.

It is precisely based on this reality that the two sides reached a consensus on cooperation. In the past few years, Guoke Youxuan has joined hands with Qinlong Dairy to actively leverage their respective advantages. From the pasture to the tip of the tongue, relying on Qinlong Dairy’s own pasture, the organic full-fat goat milk powder of 100% raw goat milk will be selected through Guoke Youxuan. Our own live broadcast system has been delivered to thousands of households. It is loved by consumers because of its small fat molecules, low obesity rate and high nutritional value.

According to reports, as a high-quality live broadcast e-commerce company, Guoke Youxuan aims to bring consumers a new shopping experience through digital, intelligent and social methods. Especially in recent years, the company will use e-commerce marketing as a new engine for high-quality development of the enterprise, continue to support rural revitalization and industrial digitalization through on-site tracing, expand new consumption formats and new scenarios, and improve the convenience and convenience of the life service industry. service quality. It will help accelerate the digital transformation of regional businesses, promote the improvement and expansion of consumption, and help accelerate the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. “

A good product creates a good enterprise, and the government and enterprises work together to drive a good industry, thereby creating a good quality life of the best quality for consumers. We believe that the cooperation between Guoke Selection and Qinlong Dairy will be able to further promote famous goat milk products, build a well-known goat milk brand, promote regional rural revitalization, and achieve an organic combination of industry, culture, economy and tourism. This will further promote the cultivation and expansion of the characteristic dairy goat industry in Yanliang District, achieve deep integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and empower the high-quality development of the regional economy with the dairy goat industry.

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