Guishan and Guishui produce good tea. Wang Junkai traces the origin of Jinchen Tea to thousands of acres of tea gardens.


From a bud to a bottle of tea or a cup of cold brewed tea, what did you go through? On March 28, Wang Junkai, the brand spokesperson of Jinchen Tea, came to the Jinchen Tea Ecological Tea Garden in Anshun City, Guizhou, and started a unique journey of tracing the origin.

In Guizhou, Jinchen Tea directly manages more than 10,000 acres of tea gardens. The ecological tea garden Wang Junkai visited is one of them. In addition, there are more than 200,000 acres of cooperative tea gardens. The weather is warm and clear, and the tea trees all over the mountains and plains are sprouting thousands of new buds, becoming increasingly green and lush. Tea farmers shuttle among the tea ridges, busy picking the buds. Wang Junkai not only experienced how to “pinch tender to extract freshness”, but also planted a tea tree with his colleagues from Jinchen Tea. Due to the local low latitude, high altitude and lack of sunshine, tea trees grow slowly and can only be picked in small quantities three years after planting. However, it is precisely this geographical environment that allows the tea produced to have a high mineral content and a suitable aminophenol ratio. The sugar-free tea drinks and raw leaf cold brew tea made from this have a fresh and mellow taste, and are full of nutrients beneficial to health. substance.

Tea is the “foundation” that carries the taste of tea drinks. Only on the basis of good tea can we make good tea drinks that are popular among consumers. Jinchen Tea has established a standardized and digitally intelligent tea factory in Anshun. The green buds picked by Wang Junkai and the tea farmers are transported to the factory. After layers of processes such as cleaning, production, and preservation, they are made into zero sugar and zero calories. Products such as sugar tea drinks, delicious fruity tea drinks, and original leaf cold brew tea that retain the original flavor allow people to enjoy the mellow and sweet taste, and feel nature and spring in a mouth-watering tea drink.

Later, Wang Junkai selected Anshun specialties such as prickly pears and personally prepared a cup of fruit-flavored Jinchen tea. When the unique tea leaves are combined with the sweet fragrance of the fruit, it becomes a fruit tea that is so clear and exudes a faint fragrance. When you take a sip, it is full of mellow aroma and sweetness of the juice. It is refreshing and refreshing. Enjoy it in spring. Relaxation and pleasure.

After leaving the ecological tea garden, Wang Junkai walked into the Jinchen Tea event, interacted enthusiastically with fans watching the live broadcast, shared this magical journey of tracing the origin, and recommended a new tea drink with lemon and duck shit flavor to the fans. Wang Junkai said that after learning about the efforts made by Jinchen Tea to deliver the clean and authentic tea from the mountains of Guizhou to everyone, he felt very happy that the brand he endorsed had such an action. Fans left messages expressing their feelings. There is a strong interest and love for Jinchen Tea’s new products, and many people even expressed their desire to try Jinchen Tea’s new tea drinks as soon as possible.

During this traceability journey, Wang Junkai went straight to the “source” of Jinchen Tea and witnessed and demonstrated the entire process of the birth of a bottle of original tea. As a cutting-edge healthy tea brand, Jinchen Tea is committed to innovation and creating a modern Chinese tea trend brand. It will lead the new tea consumption trend and re-establish the national healthy and fashionable tea lifestyle.


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