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Guarding happiness and passing on the power of insurance? Sino-Dutch Life Tianjin Branch’s 7-8 National Insurance Publicity Day series activities

Guarding happiness and passing on the power of insurance? Sino-Dutch Life Tianjin Branch’s 7-8 National Insurance Publicity Day series activities

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The “Insurance Public Awareness Day” officially kicked off. Sino-Dutch Life Insurance Tianjin Branch carried out a series of publicity activities around the theme of “insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling” to enhance consumers’ awareness of risk prevention.

  Healthy life promotion service guarantee

It is understood that Sino-Dutch Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has opened a convenient green channel in the workplace customer service hall, set up exclusive seats, and allocated professional service personnel to handle insurance business and provide guidance services for elderly customer groups. At the same time, drinking water, masks, alcohol, reading glasses and other necessary materials are equipped in the customer service hall to facilitate visiting customers to handle insurance business. During the event, in order to better fit the promotional theme of “Healthy Life Every Day”, the company purchased electronic blood pressure monitors, oximeters, and infrared electronic medical equipment based on daily needs, and placed them in the convenient service area of ​​the customer service hall to optimize the experience of the masses. Provide more comprehensive service guarantee for visiting customers.

  Refresh the summer heat and enjoy the cool financial knowledge publicity

  In recent days, the hot weather in Tianjin has continued. In order to let the citizens feel cool in the hot summer, on June 30, Sino-Dutch Life Tianjin Branch and Linquan Community in Heping District jointly launched the “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” “Cool off the heat evening party activities. During the event, the staff distributed anti-fraud publicity leaflets, combined with the new types and new characteristics of recent financial fraud cases, to popularize financial knowledge and insurance concepts face-to-face for the community residents present. At the same time, the staff also invited the guests present to participate in the interactive mini-game of “Insurance Power Works Harder for You” and the online tour of the Sino-Dutch Life Cloud Exhibition Hall to popularize financial and insurance knowledge for the public in an entertaining and entertaining way , and effectively improve the satisfaction and sense of gain of the people.

  Concentrate on green environmental protection promotion

As a member of the insurance industry, Sino-Dutch Life Tianjin Branch actively responded to this theme. On July 1, more than 70 employees of the company gathered to carry out the activity of “Singing the New Journey Green Run”. During the “July 1st” Party Day, the event organized employees to sing collectively, run and sprint, express their gratitude to the party, listen to the party’s words, and follow the party’s determination with singing, and demonstrate that the insurer implements the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and “forge ahead on a new journey” , The high-spirited style of the new era of meritorious service. Afterwards, everyone opened the WeChat mini-program “78 Follow Your Heart” to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration and other indicators, obtain love value and donate.

Financial institutions are the main force to protect financial security, and they are also the stabilizers of society. As a joint venture insurance company with distinctive characteristics, Sino-Dutch Life Tianjin Branch has always adhered to the insurance service concept of “customer first, ease and respect”, actively fulfilled social responsibilities, insisted on playing the role of insurance protection, and explored through friendly and professional presentations and on-site interactions. More fresh and interesting forms of activities popularize financial knowledge, further improve people’s awareness of risk prevention and self-protection ability, effectively protect people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests, and strive to exert the power of insurance!

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