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“Guardian” in the snow

“Guardian” in the snow

“Thank you for coming to investigate as soon as possible despite the cold weather and slippery roads. It’s snowing heavily, but CPIC’s service is still so heart-warming!” Mr. Kong thanked him sincerely.

On the morning of January 23, Mr. Kong, a farmer in Dali Village, Mao? Township, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, called to report the crime. His greenhouse was crushed by thick snow. The agricultural insurance specialist of China Pacific Insurance Zhejiang Huangyan Branch immediately rushed to the scene. Dali Village promptly investigated the disaster situation of farmers and quickly completed the compensation work.

Recently, a cold wave has arrived in southern my country with wind and snow, and some areas such as Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Hunan have experienced heavy snowfall. CPIC people have gone against the snow, going deep into the fields, using technology to conduct damage assessment, and launching green claims… We will do our best to ensure the safety of our customers’ lives and property with responsible, intelligent and warm CPIC services.

Staff from China Pacific Insurance Hunan Branch went deep into the fields to help farmers actively cope with ice and snow disasters

Empowered by technology, quick claims settlement warms people’s hearts

On January 22, affected by strong cold air, there was moderate sleet or snow in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and moderate to heavy snow in some areas. Affected by the rain and snow, agriculture in many areas of Taizhou suffered damage. China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance Zhejiang Taizhou Central Branch released the rain and snow weather protection guide in advance through WeChat public accounts, SMS reminders, WeChat Moments, etc., organized 130 survey personnel, and dispatched 20 survey teams to the site as soon as possible to prepare for farmers. Damage compensation and full service to disaster-stricken farmers.

After farmers applied for claims on the “Hui Nong Express”, China Pacific Insurance Property and Casualty Insurance Zhejiang Taizhou Zhongzhi Agricultural Insurance Specialist used drone aerial photography to assist in quick survey, and accurately measured the area of ​​farmland and greenhouses through aerial photography transmission pictures, which only took a few minutes. The damage situation can be observed globally to achieve “quick damage determination and scientific damage determination” and efficiently determine the damage to crops.

  The agricultural insurance specialist of China Pacific Insurance Zhejiang Branch immediately went to Shangfang Village, Xinhe Town, Wenling City to inspect the damage to the greenhouse.

At the same time, China Pacific Insurance Zhejiang Taizhou Branch followed the principle of “handling special matters and handling urgent matters urgently”, immediately launched a claim contingency plan and opened a green channel for disaster claims. After completing the on-site inspection, the agricultural insurance specialists quickly and orderly started the claim settlement work to help farmers recover from disasters and resume production. As of January 23, China Pacific Insurance Taizhou Branch had received 59 reports and efficiently completed hundreds of thousands of yuan in compensation payments in just one day, fully supporting the disaster-stricken farmers to resume production.

Warmth accompanies you, fighting in the wind and snow late at night

Starting from January 23, the Chengdu area was affected by the cold wave and the temperature dropped sharply, ushering in the first snow of 2024. Snow began to accumulate in the surrounding mountainous areas and the roads became icy. In response to the rare freezing rain and snow weather in Chengdu, China Pacific Insurance Sichuan Branch actively guided customers to quickly handle minor accidents through the “Taibao Compensation” online service to avoid waiting in the snow at the scene. At the same time, it quickly increased the number of front-line survey service personnel. According to the response level, cold-proof survey clothing and other equipment were distributed to front-line personnel to fully support on-site insurance services.

At six o’clock in the afternoon on January 23, as the sky was getting dark, a customer reported that on the mountain road near Jiezi Ancient Town, Chongzhou, Sichuan, the road was icy and slippery, and he ran off the road and was trapped in the ravine. Xu Ke, an surveyor from China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance Sichuan Branch, immediately drove 35 kilometers to the scene. In the car was an elderly couple who were driving to the ancient town to watch the snow. They encountered an accident on the way home. They were in shock and suffered minor injuries. Xu Ke braved the falling snow to comfort customers, investigate the accident, check the injuries, and transport customers to the hospital. The customer’s vehicle ran off the roadbed and got stuck in the trees on the mountain, unable to drive out on its own. In order to avoid a second slip-off collision of the customer’s vehicle, after sending the customer away, Xu Ke braved the increasingly heavy wind and snow and the severe cold of the winter night, and stayed at the scene, constantly contacting the rescue force until the large crane arrived in 2 hours. When we arrived later, it was already late at night when the hoisting process was completed.

Faced with the continuous praise from customers, Xu Ke said with a smile, “It is the responsibility of each of us at CPIC to deliver CPIC services with responsibility, wisdom and warmth to customers!”

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