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Gu Yue won the honorable title of “Shanghai Outstanding Entrepreneur of 2021-2022”

Gu Yue won the honorable title of “Shanghai Outstanding Entrepreneur of 2021-2022”

  Recently, the Shanghai Outstanding Entrepreneurs Commendation Conference was held grandly at the Shanghai International Convention Center.ChinaGu Yue, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CPIC Property & Casualty Insurance, was awarded the honorable title of “Shanghai Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year 2021-2022”.

  China Pacific Insurance Company Limited is a professional subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance Company and is a leading enterprise in China’s property insurance industry. Over the years, China Pacific Insurance has always adhered to the political position of party building leading development, always adhered to the direction of sustainable high-quality development, always adhered to the original mission of insurance for the people, always adhered to the basic concept of compliance operation, and promoted the realization of high-quality party building Leading the fruitful results of high-quality development, the operating indicators have continuously achieved leading and surpassing, and the management indicators have always maintained the leading position in evaluation.In 2021, the CPIC Property & Casualty Party Committee was awarded the title of “National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and CPIC Property & Casualty was awarded the honorary title of “National Advanced Group for Poverty Alleviation” by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council; in 2022, with its practice in the field of green insurance Discovery, won the “2022 Low Carbon Company”; and won the “Value Transformation Insurance Company Ark Award” for four consecutive years.

Over the years, CPIC Property & Casualty has continued to promote the high-quality development of the property insurance industry by focusing on serving national strategies, supporting the real economy, assisting social governance, and protecting a better life.

——Serving the national strategy

  Support the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.ChinaCPIC Property & Casualty actively responds to the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy and innovatively develops a series of products such as “Overseas Worry-Free”, providing a cumulative risk protection of nearly one trillion yuan to more than 1,000 Chinese companies and more than 300,000 laborers who are “going global”. It has contributed wisdom and strength to promote the development of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

  Protect the “important weapon of the country”.ChinaCPIC Property & Casualty actively develops aerospace insurance business and participates in almost all major commercially insured national satellite launch projects, such as “Fengyun-3 07 Star”, “Long March 2 Ding Yijian 41 Star”, “Suzaku 2”, etc.; and is committed to In order to serve the Chinese aviation industry in overcoming the “stuck neck” problem, it provides insurance protection for the domestically produced C919 large aircraft, the domestically produced ARJ21 large aircraft, and the world’s first hydrogen-powered drone. In addition, China Pacific Insurance Property and Casualty also underwrites “Xuelong”, “Xuelong 2”, “Jiaolong”, “Sky Whale” and “Deep Sea Warrior” and other “important national weapons” to support the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology.

  Escort the open platform.ChinaAs the only insurance service company, CPIC Property & Casualty has served the China International Import Expo for six consecutive years and the China International Fair for Trade in Services for four consecutive years, fully escorting the national opening-up platform with comprehensive insurance services and green and low-carbon solutions.

  Implement ESG strategies.As the first insurance company in the domestic property and casualty insurance industry to clearly propose a sustainable insurance strategic plan and systematically carry out innovative practices, China Pacific Insurance has officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), signed China’s “Belt and Road” Green Investment Principles GIP, and passed the system Through comprehensive design, forward-looking research and innovative practice, a “1+4+2+1” green insurance innovation practice system has been initially formed, actively leading the development of green insurance in the industry.

——Support the real economy

  Upgrade services and promote new industrialization.ChinaCPIC Property & Casualty focuses on key areas such as new materials, new energy, new infrastructure, life and health, and green insurance, and comprehensively supports the development of the real economy with strong insurance guarantees. In the field of integrated circuits, as the main underwriter, it has underwritten many domestic leading chip factory projects; in the field of new energy market, it actively participated in the insurance protection of clean energy markets such as marine risks and onshore wind power, and underwrote China’s first batch of offshore offshore photovoltaic ——Guohua HG14 offshore photovoltaic and CGN Yantai Zhaoyuan offshore photovoltaic projects, the world’s first floating wind, photovoltaic and fishery integration project “Guoneng Sharing”, the largest coastal tidal flat photovoltaic in operation in China – Datang Zhejiang Xiangshan Changtu China’s iconic new energy projects such as the 300MW tidal flat photovoltaic project are helping China’s energy transformation.

  Serve small and micro enterprises and practice inclusive finance.ChinaCPIC Property & Casualty’s precise drip irrigation injects financial vitality into the development of inclusive finance. Focusing on “increase, expansion, quality improvement, and cost reduction”, we continue to increase financial support for small and micro enterprises, and have helped more than 470,000 small and micro enterprises (owners) obtain financing funds of more than 260 billion yuan from banks and other financial institutions. Small and micro enterprises (owners) expand reproduction.

——Promoting social governance

China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance has always adhered to the high-quality development philosophy of “prevention is better than loss”. Through scenario-based demand research, we have innovatively developed products and tools such as “Risk Radar”, “Water Elf”, “Taibao Insurance”, “Campus Insurance”, “Enterprise Physical Examination” and “Taihua Ladder” to help customers enhance their ability and confidence to deal with risks.

——Protect a better life

  Help rural revitalization. China Pacific Insurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company pioneered the “Poverty Prevention Insurance” project in the industry, covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country, a total of 1,175 districts and counties, benefiting more than 100 million people, with a cumulative compensation of more than 2.56 billion yuan, making great contributions to the comprehensive fight against poverty. CPIC contribution. After comprehensively achieving poverty alleviation, we continued rural revitalization and innovatively developed the “Shared Wealth Guarantee” to assist rural revitalization.

  Advocate low-carbon life. In response to the demand for green travel, low-carbon travel and safe travel, China Pacific Insurance Property and Casualty Insurance has innovatively developed green insurance products to encourage urban residents to travel in a lower carbon and safer manner; it has also customized environmental pollution liability insurance for various places, providing more than 12.5 billion yuan Insurance protection makes people’s living environment more beautiful and safer.

China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty will firmly implement the “people-centered” insurance philosophy, continue to play its role as an economic “shock absorber” and social “stabilizer”, and support the country’s high-quality development with high-quality CPIC services.

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