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Green travel, Yadea electric car allows you to travel lightly in spring!

Green travel, Yadea electric car allows you to travel lightly in spring!

In spring, spring flowers are brilliant, Vientiane is renewed, and there are many tourists and crowds everywhere. In such a season full of joy, Yadea Electric Vehicle will set off again with full sincerity, striving to be your good helper for traveling. New year, new weather, new design, the Yadea GN Q7 electric car, which appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year, continues to sell well. Yadea GN Q7 adheres to the original design intention of striving for a better travel for users, and meets the needs of users in multiple scenarios and diversification. In the new year, let Yadea electric vehicles accompany you every day full of vitality.

Roaming in the sea of ​​flowers, Yadi is not only a good helper for travel, but also a good companion for film production. Yadea Guanneng Q7, the fairy-like appearance adds luster to the street. Sea foam green collides with navy blue to feel fresh and natural, quiet blue and retro red show French elegance, bright night green inlaid with coconut milk mousse white reveals quietness and coolness… There is always a color matching that complements your beauty. Round head and round brain design, smooth and smooth lines, can be sweet or saucy, cool or cute, Yadi Guanneng Q7 shows the youthful color, and the youthful time is alive.

User and Yadea GN Q7’s high-value photo

Crossing the streets and alleys, Yadea electric car will take you to spend a good time, and escort you to play more freely. Yadea technology has forged a leading position in the country, and every Yadea electric car is a safe and reliable “flower protector”. Relying on 7 intelligent production bases around the world, 6 industry-leading technology research and development centers, and a research and development team of over 1,000 people, Yadea creates a super cost-effective electric vehicle that combines beauty and strength. Yadea GN Q7 is equipped with Yadea’s first TTFAR graphene third-generation Plus battery and a newly upgraded international leading TTFAR motor. With electricity, it saves time, trouble and worry.

Calling friends and friends, Yadea travels green and experiences the fun of trendy people. Picnics, outings, and camping by electric vehicles have gradually become a trend symbol, and many urban white-collar workers and trendy people have also labeled Yadea electric vehicles as a popular label for green travel and a happy way of life. Ride on Yadi Guanneng Q7 electric scooter, bring the little ones at home, embrace the warm spring breeze under the clear sky, have an interesting encounter with interesting people, and organize a holiday green party with like-minded partners!

Best-selling for more than 20 years, Yadea always has users in its heart, and is full of sincerity from sale to after-sales. In the spring of this year, Yadi’s strength favors its fans, and specially launched activities such as Jingdong 9.9 worth 100 yuan; old-for-new, battery-for-purchase; students and teachers buying cars in the school season to enjoy exclusive benefits, etc., bringing multiple surprises to users. In addition, Yadea has a complete after-sales service system, and strives to be the industry service benchmark. The fast road rescue mode of “24-hour door-to-door, 5-minute response, 30-minute arrival, and 15-minute quick repair” refreshes the industry’s service timeliness record; double warranty, outlets Free car wash, various comfortable services are waiting for you to experience. It’s a good time to start, come and buy your favorite car.

It’s spring, and the splendor of spring is undeniable. Take a ride on the Yadea electric car that “lets hundreds of millions of people travel happily”, and go on a spring journey with your friends.

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