Green development reaches a new level Xiamen China Life Building becomes the first “zero-carbon building” in Xiamen

Green development reaches a new level Xiamen China Life Building becomes the first “zero-carbon building” in Xiamen

Practice the concept of “dual carbon” and unswervingly follow the path of ecological priority and green development. China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) Xiamen Branch had previously received a “carbon neutral” certificate from the Xiamen Carbon and Emissions Trading Center. This means that China Life Insurance Building in Xiamen has become a “zero-carbon building”, which is also the first “zero-carbon building” in Xiamen.

Figure 1: Xiamen China Life Building

Xiamen China Life Tower consists of two 137-meter twin-star office buildings. According to calculations by Xiamen Carbon and Emissions Trading Center, in 2020, the building will emit 9,553 tons of greenhouse gases. The Xiamen branch of China Life Insurance offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the building by implementing procedures such as purchasing carbon dioxide emissions.

It is understood that “zero carbon” does not mean that no carbon dioxide is emitted, and carbon emissions caused by energy consumption can be offset by calculating greenhouse gas emissions, using a large amount of renewable energy, increasing forest carbon sinks, and purchasing emission reductions.

According to industry insiders, through the purchase of carbon sinks, Xiamen China Life Building has achieved “carbon neutrality”. This successful practice will play a good role in energy conservation and emission reduction for office buildings in Xiamen, leading to a green and low-carbon atmosphere.

Figure 2: Xiamen China Life Insurance Building

Enterprises are important players in the practice of green and low-carbon development. In recent years, China Life Insurance Company has adhered to the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, implemented the Party Central Committee’s strategic plan for carbon neutrality, established and improved the green development model, and comprehensively and systematically integrated the concept of green development into the company Through the whole process of operation and management, China Life has built a characteristic green financial system, and strives to become a leader in green finance in the industry and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Incorporating the overall environmental goal of “guaranteeing a healthy and friendly environment and helping to achieve carbon neutrality” into the development concept, China Life Insurance Company actively serves various economic activities with both environmental and social benefits, improves the ESG risk management mechanism, and builds a climate change response System, from the aspects of green sales, green insurance, green investment, green operation, green office and green life, to implement the green development strategy. The company continues to practice the ESG investment philosophy, and explores investment opportunities in areas such as energy conservation and environmental protection, green upgrading of infrastructure, and green services. As of the end of June 2022, the stock of green investment reached 426.6 billion yuan, an increase of 31% over the same period in 2021.

Figure 3: Xiamen China Life Insurance Building

In order to support the development of green industries, China Life Insurance Company has expanded the scope of insurance protection and actively served customers in green industries. The company promotes the development of the green insurance intelligent report system, grasps the operating benefits of green insurance, and helps improve the sustainable operation capability; strengthens the assessment of green insurance, incorporates the green insurance business into the company’s business assessment indicators and group insurance channel function assessment indicators, and actively promotes branch offices Serve green industry customers; increase the expansion of green industry customers, enrich insurance protection responsibilities, provide preferential rates, and provide a package of personal insurance protection programs such as accident, medical, and life insurance for upstream and downstream enterprises in the green industry chain according to customer needs.

Actively responding to the national strategic goal of “carbon neutrality and carbon peaking”, in recent years, China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch has continuously created a new situation in low-carbon development. The company fully promotes digital transformation, builds a comprehensive Internet scene, and uses China Life Hybrid Cloud and China Life Internet of Things technology clusters to promote the company’s cost reduction, efficiency increase, and green and low-carbon operations. The company has applied artificial intelligence technology in multiple links such as product research and development, financial payment, and operational services. All links such as preservation, claims, notification, and payment can be handled online, which can effectively improve operational efficiency and prevent operational risks. In terms of in-depth promotion of green office, China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch advocates the use of energy-saving electrical appliances, increases the coverage of online office, establishes an energy management ledger, actively carries out a series of “double carbon” publicity and popular science, and advocates the establishment of a green lifestyle .

Practicing the concept of green and low-carbon, China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch has made continuous efforts to explore the practical path of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, incorporating carbon peaking and carbon neutrality into the overall development of the enterprise, and unswervingly taking ecological priority , Green and low-carbon high-quality development path. In the future, the company will continue to innovate and develop green supply chain, green finance, and green health technology businesses, implement paperless operations, continue to promote waste classification, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and accelerate the formation of green production and lifestyle, in order to achieve “carbon peak” , carbon neutrality” goal, and help Xiamen’s ecological civilization construction reach a new level.

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