Green computer superimposed second-hand transactions around: circular economy quickly enters daily life

Green computer superimposed second-hand transactions around: circular economy quickly enters daily life

Recently, low-carbon life has become popular, and the concept of green consumption has gradually penetrated into people’s daily life. Many home appliance and mobile phone manufacturers are also pursuing “greening” in their operations. For example, Intel and its partners launched green commercial computers, and OPPO released the “OPPO Low-Carbon Development White Paper”.

From the perspective of an enterprise, participating in carbon reduction and environmental protection is “following the trend”, and it is also a manifestation of the courage to assume social responsibility. From the perspective of consumers, purchasing environmentally friendly products can indeed achieve the purpose of green consumption.

In addition to buying environmentally friendly new products, consumers can also reduce emissions by trading second-hand items with significant results. For example, according to data released by Zhuanzhuan Group, in 2022, 668,000 tons of carbon emissions will be reduced through the circulation of idle items. Item trading is also becoming a green action that everyone can participate in.

  Green commodities + second-hand transactions, environmental protection methods are becoming more and more diversified

Today, the concept of green environmental protection is not only deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also in people’s daily life.

Recently, Intel announced that it will work with industry partners to launch a green commercial computer——Desktop Acer? Future Veriton G, and carry out new practices of green and low-carbon concepts in the PC field. This product implements the design concept of “small but economical, simple and excellent”. While having high productivity, it also achieves carbon reduction, and the recovery rate is as high as 90%.

Not only products such as computers, but also many commonly used mobile phone 3C products and related companies have also started green upgrades early. For example, the vice president of Midea Group put forward “suggestions on upgrading the energy-saving and carbon-reducing evaluation system of household air conditioners”.

In the field of mobile phones, OPPO also introduced the company’s low-carbon development achievements and long-term carbon reduction strategies in its latest white paper, and promised to continue to focus on low-carbon production, low-carbon products, low-carbon investment, intelligent carbon reduction, and participation in the formulation of The low-carbon standard will focus on five aspects.

In addition to the increase of new environmentally-friendly products, in daily life, for consumers who are keen on “green” and also value rational consumption and cost-effectiveness, there is another more cost-effective and convenient environmentally-friendly lifestyle, that is, trading second-hand goods.

The “2021 China Idle Second-Hand Trading Carbon Emission Reduction Report” once pointed out that each transaction of an idle mobile phone can achieve at least about 25 kilograms of carbon emission reduction; the carbon emission reduction realized by the transaction of household appliances and other 3C idle items is to be higher.

The carbon reduction effect achieved through second-hand trading is also not to be underestimated.

According to the 2022 carbon performance released by Zhuanzhuan Group, a leading domestic circular economy enterprise, last year, the Zhuanzhuan platform joined hands with users to reduce carbon emissions by 668,000 tons and reduce energy consumption by 936.8GWh by promoting the circulation of idle goods. More than 3.486 million second-hand books.

If it is converted into a more direct figure, the carbon emission reduction of 668,000 tons is equivalent to the carbon emission of traditional fuel vehicles driving 90,000 times around the earth’s equator or 3.7 billion kilometers, and the energy of 936.8GWh is enough for 80,000 Chinese households. One year, as for 3.486 million second-hand books, it is equivalent to protecting 30,000 forest trees.

  Buy with confidence and sell with peace of mind, let the spring breeze of green consumption blow into thousands of households

From the above data, it can be seen that the green effect used in second-hand transactions is not inferior to that of environmentally friendly new products, and the potential of the domestic market is huge. In order to allow consumers to trade second-hand items with confidence, related companies have also made a lot of efforts.

Zhuanzhuan Group, as mentioned above, has been focusing on the cause of circular economy for many years, and is committed to allowing consumers to trade second-hand with confidence.

On the one hand, Zhuanzhuan Group uses innovative digital technology to build a standardized and intelligent quality inspection system to ensure the quality of second-hand goods from the source, reduce the information gap between buyers and sellers, and reduce the cost of trust. On the other hand, through full-process services, consumers’ rights and interests are protected from pre-sales to after-sales, making second-hand transactions worry-free.

At the same time, Zhuanzhuan Group has also continued to deploy multi-category businesses in depth and improve service handling capabilities, consolidate the foundation of trust, and provide more than 30 categories of transactions including second-hand mobile phones, books, 3C digital, clothing, shoes and hats, furniture and home appliances. Fully meet the diversified second-hand trading needs of consumers.

In addition, Zhuanzhuan Group continues to feed back the industry and promote standardization. For example, Zhuanzhuan participated in the drafting of the “Project-Based Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Assessment Technical Specification for Second-Hand Trading Platform” group standard, so that second-hand platform carbon reduction assessment can be achieved with “standards” to follow. According to statistics, in 2022 alone, Zhuanzhuan Group presided over and participated in the formulation of 13 various standards, including 2 industry standards, 1 local standard, and 10 group standards.

Green and low-carbon has become the general trend, consumers will have more ways to participate in environmental protection, and the second-hand transaction is naturally green, and it is also an environmentally friendly lifestyle that everyone can participate in. As a representative of the circular economy platform, Zhuanzhuan Group Efforts are making this spring breeze of green consumption quickly enter thousands of households.


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