Great Wall Life Hu Kun: Continue to create long-term and stable value for customers

Great Wall Life Hu Kun: Continue to create long-term and stable value for customers

From February 25th to 26th, at the 2023 China FOF Opening Conference hosted by the FOF Branch of the China International Science and Technology Promotion Association and undertaken by the FOF Research Center, Hu Kun, general manager of Great Wall Life Asset Management Center, spoke in a roundtable forum.

In this conference, more than 300 representatives from government departments, industry associations, domestic mainstream FOFs, first-class investment institutions, and news media gathered together to offer advice and suggestions for China’s FOF industry. Insurance funds, as long-term funds, will be the most active among financial institution LPs (limited partners) in 2022, ranking first among financial institution contributions.

In the wonderful roundtable forum session, Hu Kun, General Manager of Great Wall Life Insurance Asset Management Center, as an invited guest, conducted a wonderful “insurance capital special session” discussion with a number of industry experts in Beijing.

Combining the capital attributes of life insurance underwriting, Hu Kun introduced the respective characteristics of alternative investments such as fixed income, secondary equity investment, and equity real estate under the current capital market environment, and the role these assets play in the asset allocation of insurance funds; For fund equity investment, Hu Kun summarized the “4S” characteristics of the fund of funds, namely secondary (secondary transaction), spread (decentralization), smooth (smoothness) and sophisticated (complexity).

Hu Kun believes that based on the characteristics that insurance funds pay more attention to risk control and provide customers with long-term protection, insurance companies need to focus on selecting private equity funds in four dimensions: compliance risk control, long-term performance income, industry allocation, and capital allocation, and further detail It is similar to the “hexagonal shape”, which requires careful adjustment of each parameter and thorough research and analysis. In essence, it is still “looking at assets, prices, and teams”, and finally chooses investment after comprehensive consideration of the configuration needs at each point in time. .

In view of the relatively high threshold for insurance fund managers, Hu Kun believes that in combination with the company’s development strategy, equity investment is a necessary investment product for the company’s asset allocation in the future. As an institutional LP, Great Wall Life will continue to pay attention and focus on investment, and continue to contribute Insurance customers create long-term and stable value.

In recent years, Great Wall Life has actively participated in hard technology investment, and has successively invested in private equity funds established by well-known fund managers such as Dachen Caizhi, Qiming Venture Capital, and Guoke Investment, involving double carbon, new energy, semiconductor, The directions supported by many national policies, such as medical health and advanced manufacturing, have practically implemented the policy orientation of insurance funds to support the real economy.

In addition, Great Wall Life actively responded to the direction of policy support, combined with insurance capital private equity fund investment regulatory policies and state-owned assets regulatory requirements, and according to its own strategic development plan, actively researched and judged the capital market and industry status quo, and researched and established a private equity fund investment framework with its own characteristics , consisting of fund manager screening criteria, fund screening criteria, underlying project investment research system, valuation model with Chinese capital market characteristics and other modules, lays a good foundation for the long-term steady appreciation of insurance funds through asset allocation.

In the future, Great Wall Life will continue to adhere to the original aspiration of “Great Wall, more insurance”, closely follow the regulatory policy of “insurance for good, finance for the people”, continue to improve the “product + service + brand” system, and meet the diversified risks of customers Guarantee demand, create a new Great Wall of high-quality development, build a Great Wall of insurance for hundreds of millions of Chinese families, and be the most trustworthy health and wealth management partner for customers!

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