“Great Night” Ma Kai Prince Xuan Menghan Tianjin Road Show “Happy Check-in”

“Great Night” Ma Kai Prince Xuan Menghan Tianjin Road Show “Happy Check-in”

Three main creators appeared on the road show of Nankai University

Writer and Director Ma Kai

starring Wang Zixuan

College students rated the film highly

The atmosphere is warm

The three main creators took a group photo with all the college students

A few days ago, the thriller-comedy movie “The Great Night”, produced by Yi Xiaoxing and directed by Ma Kai, has started the national “Happy Check-In” campus roadshow. On March 27, director Ma Kai, leading actor Wang Zixuan, and starring Meng Han brought the film to the Tianjin Station of the “Happy Check-in Tour” National Campus Roadshow, “holding together and laughing” with young audiences in the ever-changing plot. The students at the scene responded enthusiastically, and the film received many praises: “I have snatched tickets for a long time, and this trip is worthwhile!”, “The format is very innovative, and it is the first choice for dating”, “It has been a long time since I have seen such a happy movie”, “I really appreciate it. This feeling of solidarity.” Some students who seldom watch horror movies said after watching the movie: “It’s just right! It’s especially suitable for people like me who are not so bold. The plot reversal is very smooth.”

The film premiered in Beijing on March 26, and pre-sales are in full swing. According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, as of 24:00 on March 27, the film has won the pre-sale attendance champion and the pre-sale average attendance champion for four consecutive days on the day of its premiere on March 31. Let’s laugh together!

Surprises don’t stop after the premiere of “Amazing” in Beijing

On March 26, the movie “Amazing Night” held the premiere of “Scream and Laugh” in Beijing. As the only thriller comedy in the schedule, its relaxed and decompressed film style has won the support of many media, fans, and audiences on the scene: “It’s a small, easy film, with endless reversals”, “Continuous burdens, full of sincerity”, “Besides being funny, it’s also a thrilling comedy.” There are surprises and touches, worth watching!” After Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Qingdao, and Zhengzhou, the film continued the “Happy Check-in Tour” national campus roadshow, with screenwriter and director Ma Kai, starring Wang Zixuan, and starring Menghan on March 27. Day brought the film to Tianjin, the sixth stop of the National Campus Roadshow.

After the screening, Wang Zixuan shared the unique feeling of acting in the film: “The script of a comedy is different from the reaction on the scene. The feeling of reading the script is different from hearing the words spoken by the opponent actor at the scene.” During the process of “A Great Night”, many times the actors collided and discussed together, and the creative atmosphere was very harmonious. In this regard, Meng Han, who plays the role of executive producer, also said: “We usually start filming at three or four in the afternoon, and continue to shoot until dawn the next day. Everything is worth it.” Meng Han, who is a talk show actor in her job, also admitted frankly : “During offline performances, hundreds of audience members sit far away from the audience, and they can’t see the details of our expressions, so I will deliberately make the movements larger. But in front of the movie camera, it has to be reversed, and The film is still a thriller comedy, and we must also control the expressions when shooting close-ups.”

The “Great Night” Team is emotionally inspiring, and the partners are full of joy

The film brought together actors from the film and television, talk show, and music industries, and the collision sparks of all comedians won the love of the audience. Whether it’s young idols Fan Chengcheng and Wang Zixuan, comedians Jiang Long, Jiang Yi, Jiang Shimeng, Meng Han, or rock musician Liang Long, in “A Great Night”, audiences who are familiar with them have seen the difference from the past. A different side of the image. In the film, the inspirational stories of the three groups of Teams chasing their dreams for one night also form an intertextuality with the ambitions of the actors outside the film to stick to the road of acting. Some viewers at the scene said: “The emotion of the film really touched me. It’s not that I also have a dream of being a director, and I want to make a good movie with my brothers, but that we have more or less experienced working together with the people around us to make a good film.” Although this matter may not be achieved in the end, but in the process of our concerted efforts to do this matter well, we really experience this feeling of unity and cooperation.”

When talking about the relationship between the film’s story and the screenwriter and director Ma Kai himself, the director said that the inspiration for the film comes from his real life experience of wandering for ten years. There is a line in the film that “good brothers should be together forever” which impressed many viewers. The two good brothers of the director Ma Kai and the actors Yan Chunzhu and Zheng Haiyang who also cameo in the film also came to the road show to share their insights on chasing dreams. Yan Chunzhu, who had a funny scene with Leopard played by Fan Chengcheng in the film, said: “Ma Kai and I have known each other since the beginning of group performances. It is very rare to have been together until now. You will have many friends more or less. You must cherish it, because it is really not easy to be together for so long.” Zheng Haiyang also said frankly: “I have been holding on to my dream for so many years, and I am especially grateful to Director Ma. He has really helped us a lot. He has been inseparable for more than ten years. Abandon the land and help us.” As the only thriller comedy in the schedule, the dream-seeking spirit of the actors and creators in and out of the play also allows the audience to savor the sweetness of the film after a shocking laugh. The movie “Great Night” “Happy Punch” national campus roadshow will also be held in Jinan, Chengdu, Nanjing, Suzhou, Taiyuan and other places to communicate and interact with students and audiences across the country, and have fun with you! The pre-sale of the film is hot, March 31, let’s laugh together!

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