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Grab one minute and be happy for 60 seconds! The Tianjin Joy City Madness Festival is so great!

Grab one minute and be happy for 60 seconds! The Tianjin Joy City Madness Festival is so great!

Trendy BUY life, look here! From September 16th to 17th, the annual Dayue Grab Festival is coming. Fashion COSMO show, Mr. Zhou’s Internet celebrity landmark, Douyin live broadcast, large-amount group purchases… Tianjin Joy City will use traffic factors and group coupon discounts to carefully plan to provide Tianjin consumers with a new consumption experience.

Welfare broadcast, new gameplay

The autumn tide is surging, and the tide of BUY keeps on coming! This year’s crazy shopping festival has a new gameplay, and National Yuecheng has joined hands with the Douyin platform to add super benefits. Starting from 18:00 on September 14th, large-amount group buying surprises will be launched in the live broadcast room, with all categories open: catering 79 groups for 100, retail 85 groups for 100; digital 4800 groups for 5000, gold and jewelry 9700 groups for 10000. There are also 1 Yuan/9.9 Yuan/19.9 Yuan popular items on sale for a limited time, and you can get 100 Yuan coupons for free! Dyson smokes at will! The online gameplay is endless, and the offline carnival is endless. On the day of the crazy grab festival, the “Dayue Chao Play Card” starts the morning craze. You can get it for free from 10 a.m. on September 16, and draw limited edition AJs, blind boxes, and big-name beauty products.

From now until September 17, Joy City member points can be redeemed for 50 yuan and 100 yuan vouchers every day, and parking coupons can be redeemed for free when spending over 100 yuan. There is no time limit for high-end purchases! BUY as you like!

IP traffic blessing, igniting consumer enthusiasm

In September, Tianjin Joy City joined hands with the top international fashion magazine “COSMO” to launch the “Endless Secret” 2023 Autumn and Winter Fashion Week, recreating a dreamy scene like a tropical rainforest with extraordinary magenta, and creating a passionate artistic energy show. During the crazy shopping festival, many brands such as JNBY, LESS, and Aimer launched their new autumn and winter fashion trends online. The endless secret show is interactive on the big screen. For a limited time, scan the code to buy 100 vouchers for 69 groups. On the brand show day, you can get an instant discount of 200 when you spend over 1,000, and members of Tianjin Joy City can enjoy 3 times the points.

Classmate Zhou returns for a limited time to help the city’s concert economy continue to boost

According to data released by the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism on September 11, during Jay Chou’s concert tour, the number of live audiences reached 185,000, driving comprehensive consumption to exceed 3 billion yuan. With a keen insight into traffic hotspots, as early as a week before the concert on September 2, Tianjin Joy City joined hands with China Mobile Migu to bring a 7.16-meter giant interstellar development·zhou to the outdoor plaza of Tianjin Joy City South Road, #Jay Chou The schedule is here, # Follow Zhou classmate to play in Tianjin, #Look forward to Tianjin e people’s live performance at Jay Chou’s concert, #天津的最碰的精品站是什么意思 More than 20 topics dominated the hot searches in cities across the country, and fans spontaneously organized Zhou classmate The karaoke party and concert tickets are co-produced with Star Development Week, triggering a city-wide check-in frenzy! Tianjin Joy City’s official Xiaohongshu original topic #爱的 basket can’t help JAY received 100,000+ exposures in 7 days.

The heat continues and youth never sleeps! From September 11th to 17th, Classmate Zhou will return to Yuecheng for a limited time. Advertising basketball, Classmate Zhou figures, city-limited T-shirts and other peripherals are on sale to crown youth!

The traffic is superimposed, and the “Dayue Shopping Festival” will once again dominate the city’s top trendy shopping experience! In the future, Tianjin Joy City will continue to pay attention to the consumer needs and consumer experience of the target customer groups, and provide more trendy play spaces for all customer groups.

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