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Good news!Ranked among the top 10 insurance brands in China by BrandZ

Good news!Ranked among the top 10 insurance brands in China by BrandZ

Recently, Kantar Group, a well-known consumer insight and strategy consulting organization, and Bank of China Insurance News jointly released the “2023 China Financial Consumer Brand Influence Index Report”, and announced the BrandZ top 10 most influential Chinese insurance brands in 2023 The list provides valuable consumer perspectives for financial institutions. With a high score of 109.6 for brand influence, New China Insurance made it onto the list, continuing to demonstrate its brand strength.

This list fully combines the in-depth insights of the “Bank of China Insurance News” on financial brand building. Kantar uses the factor analysis and regression model of the first-level indicators of “success, fairness, credibility, and responsibility”, combined with consumer ratings, and the system Calculate the brand influence index system of the financial industry comprehensively, and deeply and scientifically restore the financial brand influence in the minds of consumers. The average value of the brand influence index in the insurance industry is 99.5, and New China Insurance’s brand influence is significantly ahead.

In 2022, New China Insurance has been selected into the Fortune Global 500 for two consecutive years, the Forbes Global 500 Listed Companies for nine consecutive years, the top 50 most valuable insurance brands in the world for eight consecutive years, and Fitch for seven consecutive years The insurance company’s financial strength rating (IFS) is “A”, and the brand value continues to be highlighted.

In 2022, New China Insurance will actively respond to multiple challenges and unswervingly promote high-quality development. The overall operating performance will remain stable, with a total premium income of 163.1 billion yuan. The company’s total assets will exceed 1.25 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.3% over the end of the previous year. The net profit of the shareholders of the parent company is 9.8 billion yuan, the solvency is sufficient, and the brand influence is constantly improving.

While adhering to stable operation, New China Insurance actively gives back to the society, serves the national development strategy, fulfills social responsibilities, and serves people’s livelihood security, demonstrating the responsibility of a large state-owned holding listed insurance company to serve the national economy and people’s livelihood.

By the end of 2022, the company’s investment in serving the real economy will exceed 700 billion yuan, and its investment in national key fields such as strategic emerging industries will reach nearly 200 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29%. Actively implement the “Healthy China” strategy. By the end of 2022, policy-based health insurance projects will cover 17.95 million urban and rural residents in 9 provinces across the country, reducing the medical burden of the insured by about 670 million yuan. Participated in more than 30 benefiting people’s insurance projects, covering more than 1.6 million people. Exclusive commercial pension insurance has provided tens of thousands of customers with reliable pension security, and the actual settlement rate is among the best, and it has been selected as a personal pension product. Xinhua Pension Insurance, a holding subsidiary, has won bids for 19 occupational annuity combinations in 16 provinces. The three senior care community product lines of Lexiang, Yixiang, and Zunxiang have been fully implemented, and a full-featured health care service system of “health care comprehensive community + nursing and medical care community + leisure and residence community + health management center” has been initially formed.

In 2023, New China Insurance will grasp the general trend, remain tenacious, make steady progress, and contribute to the economic recovery of the entire society.

Kantar BrandZ is the world’s authoritative brand valuation platform. It conducts quantitative consumer surveys around the world to measure the commercial value of brands. The surveys cover 51 countries and regions around the world. It combines rigorous financial analysis with extensive brand equity research to quantify the contribution of brands to the company’s financial performance, and evaluates more than 19,000 brands.

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