Good news!New China Insurance won two awards in the 2023 “Golden Nobel Prize”

Good news!New China Insurance won two awards in the 2023 “Golden Nobel Prize”

On May 9th, the 7th Financial Brand Influence Conference of “Towards the New Journey of the Times and Revitalize the Brand with New Momentum” sponsored by Bank of China Insurance News was held in Xiamen. The “2023 China Financial Brand Influence Index Report” and 2023 Bank, Insurance, Trust New Media Influence List. With its excellent new media operations, continuously rising brand influence and social responsibility projects, New China Insurance was awarded two items of “Jinnuo · 2023 China Insurance Industry New Media Influence Top 10” and “Jinnuo · China Financial Annual Excellent Social Responsibility Project” jackpot.

  Jinnuo 2023 Top 10 New Media Influence in China’s Insurance Industry

In recent years, New China Insurance has actively built an all-media communication system to spread the positive energy of New China and the good voice of New China, and brand communication has gradually gained popularity. At present, the company’s official self-media matrix has covered WeChat public account, Toutiao account, Baidu Baijia account, Douyin account, video account, Weibo, “Xinhua Customer Service News”, etc., with an annual reading/playing volume of over 10 million. In 2022, “Xinhua Insurance” and “Xinhua Insurance Express” will push a total of about 840 articles, gaining more than 4.8 million views; the official WeChat video account and Douyin account will release about 560 issues, with a total of about 7 million views; A total of 23 issues of Xinhua Customer Service News were printed and published, with a total circulation of over 920,000 copies.

In terms of content construction, the company’s official self-media matrix in 2022, in addition to focusing on learning and implementing the 20th National Congress, serving the national strategy, high-quality development, and the Winter Olympics with Xinhua and other special topics, also carried out joint anti-epidemic, new product launch, and online connection , smart customer service, claim settlement cases, health care collaboration, technological empowerment, awards and honors, activation of kinetic energy, appointments to go to spring together, good news, micro-videos, Xinhua tips and other nearly 30 theme promotions, making full use of the advantageous resources of each platform , Unified planning, multiple releases, to achieve the content integration and complementary advantages of traditional media and new media, while shaping a good corporate image and enhancing brand reputation, it also creates a good public opinion environment for the company’s development.

  Jinnuo China Financial Annual Outstanding Social Responsibility Project

In 2022, relying on the New China Life Insurance Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”), New China Insurance will continue to carry out the “New China Insurance Caring for the National Sanitation Workers Large-scale Public Welfare Action”, and will donate 100,000 yuan per person to the sanitation workers in the cities where they are insured. Amount of personal accident insurance. As of the end of 2022, it has provided personal accident insurance protection to more than 920,000 sanitation workers in 170 cities across the country. As of March 2023, a total of 345 claims for sanitation workers have been settled, and the compensation amount has exceeded 30.89 million yuan, benefiting 345 sanitation workers in 89 cities.

At the same time, the project cooperated with volunteers from all over the world of New China Insurance to carry out more than 1,000 colorful project supporting activities such as environmental sanitation children’s calligraphy and painting competition, symphony orchestra public welfare performance, traffic safety knowledge lectures and training, and sending love and warmth during festivals. Established 432 sanitation workers’ love stations… Year after year, we continue to care for ordinary workers with heart and soul, and contribute Xinhua’s strength to the protection of people’s livelihood.

The 2023 Financial Brand Influence Conference is hosted by the “Bank of China Insurance News”. In order to better demonstrate the development achievements of Chinese financial brands and highlight the people’s character of Chinese financial brands, the conference has been successfully held for seven consecutive sessions. The scope of coverage has expanded from insurance to banking, trust, asset management and other industries. Jinnuo·Financial Brand Influence Conference has become an influential financial brand event in the banking and insurance industries. platform.

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