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Good news! Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank won the “Rural Commercial Bank of the Year Award” in the 2023 Oriental Fortune Ranking

Good news! Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank won the “Rural Commercial Bank of the Year Award” in the 2023 Oriental Fortune Ranking

Recently, the “Strong Confidence to Create a New Asset Management Situation – China Asset Management Forum • 2023 Oriental Wealth Summit” hosted by Oriental Wealth Network was held in Kunming. This forum brought together government departments and more than 600 guests from the financial industry to discuss the new missions and opportunities of the asset management industry. At the same time, the “2023 Oriental Wealth Ranking” was grandly unveiled. Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank won the “2023 Rural Commercial Bank Ranking Award” and became one of the 10 rural commercial banks in the country on the list!

The Oriental Wealth Conference is an annual large-scale financial industry event hosted by Oriental Wealth, a well-known domestic financial information portal. It has become an annual event in the financial field to review the development results of the industry. It has received high attention from all walks of life and unanimous praise from industry insiders. The “2023 Rural Commercial Bank Award” is the only rural commercial bank award established in this selection. The acquisition of this honor reflects the market and investors’ recognition of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s financial management business, and further establishes Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s industry reputation.

Since the independent issuance of its first net-worth financial product in 2018, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has been deeply involved in net-worth products for five years. We have accumulated rich experience in sales channel construction and other aspects. Since the implementation of new asset management regulations, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has strictly implemented regulatory requirements, continuously explored new service paths and new business models, and effectively balanced the liquidity, safety and profitability of assets. While adhering to the path of standardized and professional financial management development, we actively practice the people’s nature of finance, focus on the research and development of rural revitalization, inclusiveness, public welfare and other special financial products, focusing on the low risk appetite of rural customers and weak diversified asset allocation capabilities. With other characteristics, we will continue to develop fixed-income investments, issue lower-risk financial products, and provide convenient and compliant financial channels for “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” customers.

In the future, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will continue to adhere to the customer-centered approach, create long-term sustainable value returns for investors with professional financial services, and add vitality to the high-quality development of beautiful Tianjin.

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