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[Good builders benefit from it]Candidates for the “Top 30” public welfare of the head office

[Good builders benefit from it]Candidates for the “Top 30” public welfare of the head office

Wang Qiuying

No matter day or night, he has been enthusiastic about public welfare for fifteen years

have a color

Flying in my heart will never fade

there is a figure

there when needed

she never left a name

but left her behind

Warmed countless people…

Wang Qiuying

Female, 46 years old, a member of the Communist Party of China, with a bachelor’s degree, started working in 1997 and is currently the executive accountant of the Risk Management Department of Hongqiao Sub-branch of Tianjin Branch. After 26 years of work, she has always stuck to her post and completed various tasks with excellence, and dedicated all her spare time to volunteer services.

Up to now, Wang Qiuying has accumulated 1500 hours of voluntary service, and has won numerous awards……

In 2008, participated in the “5.12” Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Fundraising and Relief Work and won the Outstanding Contribution Award

· In 2015, he was awarded the title of Outstanding Volunteer in the Teaching Activities of China Love Public Welfare Tianjin Volunteer Terminus.

·Since 2016, he has won many honorary titles such as the most beautiful family in the country, the most beautiful family in Tianjin, the three-star volunteer of the China Life Care Association, and the four-star volunteer of the Tianjin Work Station of the China Life Care Association.

01/ night dew clothes sprinkled water, bloodshot eyes

In the early summer of 2008, the Wenchuan Earthquake touched the hearts of countless Chinese people. Wang Qiuying, who lives a busy life every day, felt that she should not just stop at paying special party dues and donations, but should take action to help the unfortunate compatriots. She thinks that Wenchuan needs the help of the sons and daughters of the Chinese people. She can not only donate money but also provide human support.

Originally a dedicated Wang Qiuying, after making up her mind, she resolutely took all her annual leave and volunteered at the Tianjin Red Cross Society to participate in voluntary services. The donations were counted on the spot at the charity performance. Every donation site is not only responsible for counting cash, but also calls for everyone to donate together. Her initial aspirations at that time also laid the foundation for more volunteer services later on.

02/ Draw a colorful dream, always follow the volunteers

From 2009 to 2020, Wang Qiuying became active in various public welfare activities. She went to Chongqing to participate in the Life Forum.

She walked into the nursing home to accompany the elderly.

She walks into an autism center and cares about children.

She and her family traveled to thousands of households to raise donations of clothes…

In the past few years, no matter day or night, she has been active in various stages of volunteering and public welfare activities.

It is worth mentioning that in 2015, Wang Qiuying also did a special charity – a family of three went to Gansu to support education. Due to the limited dormitories for faculty and staff at that time, everyone lived in classrooms and even sports equipment rooms with sleeping bags. Compared with Tianjin, living facilities such as kitchens and toilets are quite different. Although the conditions are difficult, the family of three has been determined to help the children before departure, and has already made mental preparations.

On the first day of class after arriving, Wang Qiuying was warmly welcomed by the eager children in the yard. She officially started her life as a volunteer teacher, taking the children to climb mountains, study, and listen to their stories in the mountains. Wang Qiuying used her own way to teach her volunteer thoughts to her children, “After seeing the life of the children in the mountains, he will be more motivated and grateful, and he will help more people in the future. And the children in the mountains I will also go to see the world outside the mountains through my own efforts!”

03/ dense weave"”One Net” to bravely fight against the epidemic

During the epidemic, Wang Qiuying, who could not stay idle, once again disregarded life and death, and took the initiative to contact the community neighborhood committee to sign up for voluntary service, actively contributing personal strength to the anti-epidemic work.

In Hedong Park, Tianjin Zoo, and Ancient Culture Street, she used to wear a mask to maintain the scene.

I have made dumplings for the disabled elderly in nursing homes many times.

Even when there was a shortage of personnel during the epidemic, environmental protection was left behind in Haihe River and streets.

Someone once asked her: “Aren’t you tired of doing this? Are you not afraid of danger?”

Wang Qiuying always responded with a smile:

“I will be tired and worried about danger, but seeing their smiling faces in response, I feel filled with something deep in my heart, which is very satisfying. Over the years, volunteering has long been my passion Get used to it.”

The mountains and seas are splendid, you and I will both go

Treat sincerity with sincerity, embrace warmth with warmth, shine on each other, condense light and gather colors, and they will surely converge into a vast sea of ​​stars. A little charity, a little heart, and a little kindness will blow the warm spring wind, melt the glaciers, and make the blood flow.

Wang Qiuying has always been adhering to the original intention, gathering love with every bit, and creating this road of flowers. With the company of her whole youth, she has devoted herself to volunteer service for fifteen years. She said that in the future, she will continue to drive more young employees and groups to participate in volunteer services. The dedicated dreamers will work together to weave a future that belongs to public welfare undertakings through continuous efforts.

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