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Golden Street on Heping Road in Tianjin is crowded with people again, and the “Century-year-old business heritage site” is revitalized

Golden Street on Heping Road in Tianjin is crowded with people again, and the “Century-year-old business heritage site” is revitalized

As the business district with the longest history in Tianjin, Heping Road will continue to bring changes to the city in 2023. Based on the urban commercial development strategy of “building Tianjin into an international consumption center city”, Golden Street will be built into a landmark business district with international influence. Citizens who visit Golden Street recently can clearly feel the new changes in the century-old business district, and this street also welcomes massive crowds during many holidays.

Since the May 1st holiday, we have responded to the government’s call to purchase a number of shopping centers. Among them, Tianjin Henglong Plaza has built a city landmark – “101 Romantic Hands-in-hand Wall”, and launched a series of themed activities in the summer “Creative Art Rebirth”, including IP exhibition, Elements such as music performance, pet socialization, and art exhibition help to create the check-in attribute of Golden Street.



Entering the summer vacation, Golden Street on Heping Road has also opened the “New Restaurant Hurricane” mode, with hot restaurants, traditional cuisines, boutique snacks, Internet celebrity milk tea, etc. Among them, Tianjin Henglong Plaza has successively stationed in many restaurants, and new tastes inspire more summer new ” Bureau”.

  Renewing the food map, the century-old Golden Street enhances the freshness of the brand

As an important part of new consumption, new scenes, and new formats, the “first store economy” is still a new highlight in the consumer market, reflecting the fashion and commercial vitality of a city. At the same time, “brand matrix upgrade” has become an effective means for shopping centers to continuously stimulate commercial vitality. In 2023, the catering part will be the focus of annual upgrades, and Tianjin Henglong Plaza will carry out iterative upgrades of multiple stores. Four popular brands appeared together: Ruanjuan-Chuanyu Maodu, as the first store in Tianjin and the king of queues, it is also the gospel of the stars who have no spicy food, making people return to the Sichuan-Chongqing area with Bashu flavor in a second; Chuanma No. 2 , is also the first store in Tianjin, breaking the conventional imagination, bringing a new hot pot experience of sharing spicy and spicy; Mu Xin water ice boiled sheep, a very popular specialty food, the brand inherits a century-old culture, a generation of Tianjiao fights on the food battlefield, exclusive customization The cloisonne shabu-shabu is beautiful and delicious, enough to make diners want before eating; Mo yoghurt, a popular brand on the Internet in 2023, and the signature “Avocado Yoghurt Shake” popular with consumers have brought a new wave of drinks.



At the same time, Huanxin’s treasure food and tea drinks: Qixinke, Alanjia, Chahualong, Jinjiaoer, Chuanheshun, etc. have greatly optimized the brand structure in the shopping mall, increased the consumption choices of customers, and business operators also Serve customers of all ages with different tastes, realizing the “two-way travel” of business and traffic.


On weekends, the shopping mall has not yet reached the peak dining time, and many consumers are already queuing. The reporter randomly interviewed a consumer who was queuing, “I have always liked Tianjin Henglong Plaza because the environment is very comfortable, and I usually come here on weekends. Now there are more and more catering brands, and there are new options for meeting friends.”



It is understood that Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza will have more Internet celebrities and trendy brands opening soon, deepening the attributes of trendy brand gathering places and providing more fashionable and trendy experiences for young customers. Pure K, which is about to open, is popular all over Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is called “the gourmet restaurant delayed by KTV”. At the same time, the popular Internet celebrity brand PullTab pull ring coffee, Du Xiaoyue, which has been refurbished and opened, and M Stand specialty coffee will also be unveiled soon. In addition to newly opened brands, some popular restaurants have also enriched their menus and improved their service quality. For example, PizzaBianca opened a terrace dining area in summer, where you can enjoy the delicious food under the sunset and enjoy the scenery of Golden Street at the same time, giving you a new experience.



The food map of Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza has already established its own strong catering cooperation matrix, and through the combination of characteristic catering brands, it has created a world of food and sex in commercial space. The categories also range from dinner to fast food to self-service, to hot pot barbecue, dim sum and tea drinks.


  Continue to deepen the aesthetics of life and deeply link the spiritual needs of consumers

With the love of life and art, it has become the life background of the new generation of consumers. Recently, Plaza 66 in Tianjin and Universal Pictures jointly launched the theme activity of “Creative Art Rebirth”, cooperated in-depth with the most trendy global designer gallery under Universal, and linked a group of domestic independent artist teams across borders. The images “Felix the Cat”, “Back to the Future” and “Where’s Wally” are re-created, injected with trendy activities and artistic imagination, and opened with the concept of “Creative Art Rebirth”: Midsummer Concert, Pet Concert, NetEase Tianjin , Ink and Wash Oriental Art Exhibition, artist meeting and a series of high-quality popular activities.





The Golden Street commercial district continues to be updated under the goal of “international consumption center city”. As the concentration of commercial landmarks in Tianjin, major shopping centers will also focus on creating more diversified and high-quality trendy activities in 2023, and continue to inject new vitality into the century-old business district in the center of the city.

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