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“Golden Dragon Yingfu New Year’s Gold” is launched with great affection. Bohai Bank will accompany you to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with love-Times Finance-Northern Network

“Golden Dragon Yingfu New Year’s Gold” is launched with great affection. Bohai Bank will accompany you to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with love-Times Finance-Northern Network

Where the fireworks are in the world, the flavor of the new year is getting stronger. The New Year is approaching. In this festival that combines rich meanings such as reunion, blessing, hope, and growth, New Year’s money has become an indispensable auspicious symbol in folk culture for thousands of years, and it is also a bond of emotional transmission between family members, relatives and friends.

Produced by Beijing Forbidden City Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. and sold on behalf of Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”), the “Golden Dragon Yingfu New Year’s Gold” is launched with great affection, inheriting the essence of New Year’s Eve culture and performing Chinese “style” blessings. Let love accompany you forever and warm you year after year. Customers can learn product details through Bohai Bank’s mobile banking, go to any Bohai Bank branch or call the customer service hotline 95541.

Chenlong welcomes the spring and conveys deep blessings

The dragon, in the imprint of the Chinese people for thousands of years, rises from the sea, swims in the sky, protects the land of Kyushu, and brings rain and dew that moisturize all things to the world. The design of the “Golden Dragon Yingfu New Year Gold” launched this time fully integrates the national spirit represented by the “dragon” culture, and has both “collection value” and “aesthetic value”.

Since Zhang Zhidong, a famous official in the late Qing Dynasty, first cast his own silver coin “Long Yang” and adopted the dragon pattern, the dragon pattern has become the main auspicious decoration on Chinese gold and silver coins. The “Golden Dragon Welcomes Good Luck New Year’s Gold” is based on “Long Yang”, with the “Golden Dragon Spitting Pearls” pattern on the front, which is derived from the “Bright Yellow Satin Embroidered Colorful Clouds and Yellow Dragon Clasp Dragon Robe” collected by the Palace Museum, which symbolizes the good fortune of the dragon. It protects luck and good luck; the “smooth sailing” pattern on the back is interpreted as a dragon flag sailing ship with full sails, wishing you a smooth journey in life. It is cast with 999‰ gold material and adopts ultra-thin three-dimensional die-casting process to make the pattern lifelike and enhance the cultural connotation and unique commemorative significance of the lucky money.

The design of the packaging box also hides ingenuity – the front of the lining page is derived from the cultural relic “Fu Gui Sui Dynasty Scroll” collected by the Palace Museum, which shows the scene of the New Year entertainment of ancient palace children; the back of the lining page is from the Palace Museum. The Tibetan cultural relic “Huang Qingtian Stone Seal with the Characters of Hundred Blessings” means that the New Year will be filled with perfect blessings and full blessings.

The “Golden Dragon Welcomes Good Fortune” set also comes with a cute dragon figure and an embroidered lucky bag. The overall image of the figure is that of a baby dragon sending blessings for good luck. It is decorated with auspicious elements such as quails and wheat ears, which means peace and prosperity throughout the years. There is a seal at the bottom to help children remember every lucky moment. The lucky bag is filled with love every stitch, and uses modern technology to present the exquisite effect of a traditional embroidered purse. You can put the lucky money into the lucky bag and place it under the pillow on New Year’s Eve to restore the traditional “New Year’s Eve” ritual feeling.

Only when traditional culture is constantly interpreted and expressed can it radiate endless vitality. “Golden Dragon Lucky Money” cleverly combines modern craftsmanship with traditional aesthetic taste. While inheriting the essence of New Year’s culture, it also allows the blessings carried by the New Year’s Money to be conveyed. Back to basics. At the same time, with the trend of “financial and business” education becoming more and more important, gold New Year’s money is used as a financial education enlightenment to guide children to understand money and manage wealth, and it also has the dual meanings of commemoration and financial management.

It is understood that if you purchase on February 8, 2024, you can enjoy a 10% discount. With dragon coins, we welcome the Dragon Spring. Bohai Bank joins hands with the “Golden Dragon Yingfu New Year Gold” to celebrate the new year, conveying delicate and long-lasting blessings and deep friendship, and wishing millions of families happiness, joy and health!

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