Going deeper and deeper, China Life Insurance Company comprehensively launched the “Five Entry” activities


  Currently, the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign is in full swing. China Life Insurance Company (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) actively responded to the regulatory call and fully participatedand set off an upsurge in financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activities.

During the event, 36 provincial-level companies, more than 300 municipal-level companies, and more than 2,500 counter outlets of China Life Insurance Company united as one and formed a synergy to comprehensively carry out various offline “Five Entry” education and publicity activities and actively practice the ” The work method of “Four Goes to the Grassroots” focuses on education and publicity, and is close to financial consumers. Starting from the daily financial consumption scenarios and high-frequency financial service needs of the broad masses of people, we carry out integrity financial education and publicity through multiple channels and in multiple forms, and jointly create a harmonious and healthy society. Financial consumption environment.

Integrity culture enters the community, serves neighbors and provides warmth

  As one of the 82 special education and publicity teams of China Life Insurance Fujian Branch, the “Finance for the People” team carried out activities to commemorate the Lei Feng Memorial Day in Wanhui International Community. Provide community residents with services such as free clinics, free scissors, free umbrella repair, massage and health care, and intersperse financial knowledge popularization and Q&A to increase the public’s attention to consumer protection education and publicity.

Entering Hongqi Community in Hongqiao District, Tianjin, China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch focused on the “one old and one new” group to educate and promote integrity financial knowledge to the elderly and takeaway riders. Through cases, the activity popularized the importance of rational consumption, rational investment, and rational rights protection, and improved the financial literacy and risk prevention capabilities of the target group.

  Entering Qingdao Zhanshan Community, China Life Insurance Qingdao Branch answered questions to on-site residents around high-frequency financial service scenarios in life, solving the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of the majority of community residents, firmly standing on the people’s position, and interactive Q&A with prizes on financial knowledge. Widely popularize the concept of honest finance among financial consumers and reasonably protect their own rights and interests.

Integrity culture enters the campus, enlightens the mind, nourishes the mind and educates the pillars

China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch carried out activities at Yunnan Technology and Business College to promote financial knowledge to teachers and students at the school through consumer protection knowledge sharing, on-site lectures, distribution of promotional materials, and promotion of “Meet Tuesday” financial and insurance knowledge quizzes. Insurance knowledge and launched an initiative on honesty and trustworthiness. This event attracted more than 2,000 teachers and students to actively participate.

China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch visited Southwest University of Political Science and Law and carried out a variety of interactive activities such as the “anti-fraud trap” fun game, financial knowledge popularization float scratch card, financial science popularization small class, and float photo studio. It attracted many college students to actively participate and guided young people to establish the concept of honest finance.

China Life Insurance Dalian Branch, together with the local China Life Property Insurance Company, China Guangfa Bank, and Dalian Psychological Counselors Association, visited the Autism Rehabilitation Service Center of Chenguang Academy to carry out activities and donated 6 desks and 28 chairs. The staff conducted financial education and publicity on integrity to teachers and volunteers of Chenguang Academy, and popularized knowledge on telecommunications fraud prevention.

The culture of integrity enters the business circle and the awareness of fairness spreads everywhere

  At Nanning Tingzi Wharf,

  China Life Insurance Guangxi BranchThe theme activity of “Jingui Consumer Protection Bank Sings on 3·15” was held. At the opening ceremony, representatives of the financial industry read out the “Letter of Integrity Commitment”; at the scene, financial consumer protection knowledge was popularized in the form of distribution of promotional materials, interactive Q&A with prizes, etc. Guangxi Radio and Television Station broadcast the event live, with more than 500,000 viewers.

Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Insurance Association and the Shenzhen Insurance Consumer Rights Service Center, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch entered the Qianhai HOP business district to carry out educational and publicity activities. Mini-games and promotional color pages were set up on the booth to provide citizens with honest financial knowledge and fraud prevention case explanations, attracting enthusiastic participation from the general public.

At the “New Era of Women’s Contributions, Ludao Financial Warming People” themed event held at Xiamen Wuyi Square, China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch set up a publicity booth to provide services to benefit the people. From honest financial education and publicity, financial services, maternal and child care, anti-fraud publicity, civilized advocacy, etc., we will implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to “do practical things for the people” with practical actions.

Integrity culture promotes harmonious development and mutual prosperity of enterprises


  Under the guidance of the Henan Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, China Life Insurance Henan Branch teamed up with nine financial institutions in Henan to visit the Henan factory of Baixiang Food to carry out activities.A special education booth was set up on site, and financial knowledge was taught to the majority of corporate employees present in an entertaining and educational way with shooting games and other games, reaching out to consumers beyond

  1,000 people.

Going deep into the Jianye construction site, China Life Insurance Shanghai Branch not only popularized insurance knowledge to construction workers, but also used cases to explain and prevent fraud methods that have been updated in recent years to help new citizens improve their risk prevention capabilities.

China Life Insurance Guizhou Branch visited Qianling Female Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. to carry out educational and publicity activities. They gave in-depth explanations on the diversified resolution mechanism of financial disputes and informed the female workers present how to protect their legitimate rights and interests and the legitimate channels and methods to resolve consumer disputes, so as to effectively Improved the financial knowledge level of the audience.

The introduction of integrity culture into rural areas creates a new scene of revitalization

China Life Insurance Shanxi Branch carried out an education and publicity activity with the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and interests and prevent risks” in Yungu Tucun. The eight basic rights of consumers were popularized on site by distributing promotional brochures and answering questions. and other knowledge to enhance villagers’ understanding of financial knowledge and consumer rights protection.

  China Life Insurance Heilongjiang Branch carried out education and publicity activities in the Daur ethnic area of ​​Meris. Staff members dressed in traditional Daur ethnic costumes went along the streets to promote financial integrity knowledge to ethnic minority groups, expose consumer fraud, and improve consumers’ legal rights protection. ability and the operator’s sense of honesty and trustworthiness.

China Life Insurance Inner Mongolia Branch carried out financial integrity education activities in Yihe Huduge Gacha, Bayanhot Town, Alxa Left Banner. Distribute promotional materials on financial fraud prevention and rational investment to the elderly and ethnic minority residents to answer financial questions and help the general public understand how to use financial tools to support agricultural production and development.


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