Goddess must have fairy colored contact lenses!Hailien Tang Chao series color contact lenses bring you an excellent and comfortable experience

Although the epidemic has come to an end for the time being, some living habits left to us still cannot be eliminated in the short term. For example, wearing a mask to go out can better protect us from the epidemic virus. But as the weather gets warmer, many people who love beauty will find that they can’t do their best in makeup. Not only will the carefully painted makeup be covered by masks, but they will also accidentally rub off base makeup and lipstick, which makes many people dare not take it at will. Take off the mask. Therefore, many people find a new way to focus their makeup on the eye makeup part that cannot be covered by masks. They can easily go out with a few eyebrow brushes, two strokes of eyeliner, and a pair of beautiful contact lenses. The delicacy of the makeup is not reduced, but compared with the previous full makeup, the time and careful cost are greatly reduced.

Therefore, the color contact lenses market has become hotter in recent years, and the competition between old and new brands has become more intense. And the brands that can win in this situation are naturally the first choice for brands with strong strength, excellent products, and good reputation. Among them, Hailien contact lens is a brand of color contact lenses that has attracted the attention and favor of consumers.

As a large contact lens brand positioned in ever-changing fashion, Hailien has always been very concerned about the needs of consumers, and at the same time actively maintains the concept of advancing with the times, constantly introducing new ones, and attracting attention every time a product is launched. And just last year, Hailien launched the latest Tang Chao series Guofeng color contact lenses. It is said that its design inspiration comes from the Tang Dynasty, which is very prosperous in economy and culture. Through the redesign of colors, it highlights the fashion and trend of oriental colors. beauty of!

At present, Hailien’s Tang Chao series Guofeng color contact lenses are available in different periods such as daily dispensing, monthly dispensing and quarterly dispensing. As the most frequently used daily throw, there are currently 4 colors, namely Yu Nu Black, Wu Mei Brown, Wen Cheng Brown and Waner Gray. Each color corresponds to a strange woman from the Tang Dynasty, either charming or domineering. , or sweetness, or coolness, it can be said that the style is ever-changing and very easy to control.

If you want a charming style, I recommend Yu Nu Hei. Its outer ring is a low-saturation gray-blue with a slight hint of mixed blood. With highlights to brighten, it is easy to grasp the charming and sexy style.The gray-brown two-color smudge of the inner circle not only has a good sense of pupil fusion, but also has layers, which will showMake the eyes more deep and three-dimensional. The highlight of this color is that it has an excellent sense of light, very smart and natural, and it is a fairy color lens that novices can control.

If you want to try Domineering or Yujie style, I recommend Wu Meizong. Thick tan seams reveal domineering at a glance! But what’s even more amazing is the brown inner ring with a little gray tone, especially embellished with gold powder. After wearing it, it brightens the eyes very much, and it is very luxurious! This color is very suitable for some occasions such as business meetings and activities, and it has its own aura! But in fact, the design and color are very comfortable and durable, and can be worn for daily work and school, so you don’t choose anyone.

In addition to the above two designs, the daily throw also includes Waner Gray, which looks like a cool and talented girl, and Wencheng Brown, which looks like a sweet princess.Equally good-looking and comfortable to wear.

It is reported that Hailien Tangchao series of daily disposable color contact lenses are designed with 38% low water content, and will not compete with the eyes for moisture. There is no burden on the first wear, and the eyes will not be dry after wearing for 8 hours, and there is no foreign body sensation. Whether you are a novice or a veteran of color contact lenses, you can easily control them. Therefore, the Tang Chao series, like other color contact series under Hailien, has been very popular since it was launched.

If you also want to change your eye makeup style and enhance the sophistication of your makeup through color contact lenses, you might as well start with the Hai Li En Tang Chao series!

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