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Go to Weishe “Silver Light Project” series of activities to deliver health, happiness and companionship

Go to Weishe “Silver Light Project” series of activities to deliver health, happiness and companionship

On July 21, Quweishe-Yunshui Yoga, located on Racecourse Road, ushered in the old yoga KOL Ms. Dong Lian. Witnessed by many local media, Yunshui Yoga WOMEN’S POWER officially launched the “Silver Light Project” series of activities to care for health.

The “Silver Light Project” was initiated by Connie, the person in charge of Hongdian Global Consulting Co., Ltd., together with Ms. Dong Lian. Ms. Dong Lian demonstrated in person and led friends from all over the world to do yoga happily in the form of a tour. It is hoped that the yoga movement can be promoted to more places, so that more people can pay attention to their own health and have the opportunity to understand the changes and benefits of yoga on the body. This also coincides with the concept of promoting health that Zhang Rui, the principal of Yunshui Yoga, has always insisted on. Zhang Rui said: “When I first saw Miss Donglian in her 70s with such a healthy and light body, I firmly believed that she must have a great love for yoga. This is also the health concept that Yunshui Yoga has always pursued. It is never too late to start at any age. Yunshui Yoga WOMEN’S POWER “Silver Light Project” series activities are just the beginning. I hope to take this opportunity to let everyone see the power of yoga. Everyone should have a host You have the right to be healthy, and now is the best time to start.”

On the day of the event, Ms. Dong Lian and Teacher Connie from Taiwan, China shared with the media the original intention of promoting the “Silver Light Project”, healthy lifestyle, yoga experience, etc., and hoped to provide more opportunities for everyone to care for their physical and mental health through yoga. Ms. Dong Lian said: “I chose to come to Weishe Yunshui Yoga because this activity requires a professional practice environment and experienced yoga teachers to work together and spread it to more people, so as to arouse everyone’s attention to health. The rich experience of Yunshui Yoga in the past 20 years is enough to prove their love for yoga, so we chose to promote this activity.”

In the yoga class of the “Silver Light Project” series of activities on July 22, Ms. Dong Lian taught the whole course and interacted with everyone, guiding and adjusting every movement, which was loved by everyone. On July 23, at the WOMEN’S POWER sharing meeting of Yunshui Yoga, the principals, Ms. Zhang Rui, Ms. Dong Lian and teacher Connie shared with you topics such as women’s growth, women’s health and self-pleasure.

Today, Dong Lian, who is over 70 years old, still sticks to the road of spreading and promoting yoga and letting more people care about health with a sunny mind and a healthy body. As sister Dong Lian said: “Yoga rekindles the infinite light of life, and everyone should live a more positive and shining life together.”

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