GMV breaks 50 million+ huge amount of local promotion helps Dinosaur Park Group to explode out of the circle on Halloween

GMV breaks 50 million+ huge amount of local promotion helps Dinosaur Park Group to explode out of the circle on Halloween

In the context of the worrying overall performance of the cultural and tourism industry in 2022, Changzhou China Dinosaur Park is backed by the Douyin platform, and in the #带光入局IreneWorld# project (the case is selected from the “Huge Engine Hundred Gold Merchant Selection Award”), With a two-pronged approach of short video + live broadcast, combined with a huge amount of local push “Yunxingtui” three-dimensional integration strategy, the 2022 Halloween marketing breakthrough battle started. According to the data, as of the end of November last year, Dinosaur Park had a GMV of 50 million+ in 2022 and a GTV of 3 million+ after verification, ranking top 1 in Changzhou’s multi-dimensional list for a long time. Today, we will decipher for you the counterattack marketing method of Dinosaur Park Group’s “massive local push”:

  one,The platform empowers products to go out of the circle, igniting the enthusiasm for Halloween consumption in Dinosaur Park

As a comprehensive cultural enterprise engaged in the investment and operation of the cultural tourism industry, Dinosaur Park Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd.’s business covers theme parks, parent-child parks, family entertainment centers, theme hotels, leisure vacations and other urban leisure projects. During the Halloween period, around the content strategy of “giving you a visual feast”, Dinosaur Park focused on creating a series of activities such as “Entering the World of Irene with Makeup”, “D Show”, offline IP+NPC check-in interaction and other park content.

At the same time, merchants use the hot list to create and use hotspots to trigger tail CPS experts to follow; use free activities in the park combined with live short video content to strengthen the packaging effect of travel products, thereby increasing the unit price of products and increasing GMV; The way of online + offline linkage will disturb the hot topic on Douyin, and boost the promotion of a huge number of local products to increase the hot spot of the activity.

Based on the data analysis on the platform side, Dinosaur Park Group formulates differentiated group buying product packages for different customer groups according to product types and consumption habits of target customers. For example, focusing on factors such as consumer groups and group-buying product prices, we have launched two packages, a 99 yuan afternoon ticket for adults and a 9.9 yuan special package for children, to meet the consumption needs of various customer groups. Fantastic pictures and title content, highlighting project features, look and feel, reflecting price discounts and other content make users understand at a glance, making people want to click on it when they see it.

two,“Yunxingtui” three-dimensional integration strategy helps merchants grow GMV against the trend

In this case, a huge number of local pushers with “Yunxing Push”"The three-dimensional integrated product and effect strategy empowers the characteristic Halloween tourism of Dinosaur Park to efficiently and accurately attract passenger flow and accumulate content assets. Through various ways of playing such as short video first, live broadcast of star map selection experts, and self-created content of merchants, online and offline global promotion was carried out. Finally, by the end of November 22, Dinosaur Park Group achieved an overall participation topic vv volume exposure of 1.8 billion+ , Single-node marketing drove the annual GMV to leap to 50 million+ against the trend.

(1) Short video: Cloud Atlas Precipitation + Local Push Empowerment, Refined and Excellent Content Deepens Mental Impact

With the help of a huge amount of local promotion, on the one hand, based on Yuntu’s big data insight capabilities and Yuntu’s asset accumulation, Dinosaur Park quickly finds the focus of target users, guides self-produced and talented people to produce content that users are interested in, and locks in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Focus on laying out content for local people; on the other hand, with the help of star map experts’ selection and connection capabilities, match the project with multi-directional high-quality KOLs such as drama, cultural tourism, parent-child, aerial photography, and strategy. Local promotion of content services + bidding re-investment helps merchants to plant grass with high-quality short video content + high-quality talents, and convert users’ shallow interests into transactions in large quantities.

(2) Live broadcast: you say, I say, everyone says, multi-dimensional caliber continues to strengthen the transformation efficiency

Merchant live broadcast (say by yourself): Organize merchants to broadcast live broadcasts, simulcasting for 72 hours, creating a super long time, allowing users to swipe more frequently;

KOL&KOC live broadcast (other people say): 10 people + kol star map live broadcast task, vertical cultural and tourism industry track, let opinion leaders take the lead in speaking. 100 people + key opinion consumers speak simultaneously, and the whole ecological chain drives everyone to speak;

UGC live broadcast (tourists say): Roll-up banners are laid for offline materials, broadcast in scenic spots, and hand-made figures or tickets for corresponding scenic spots can be received according to the length of live broadcast;

In addition, a huge number of local promotions helped Dinosaur Park to fully tap the offline IP of the scenic spot, NPC carnival and other unique features, to ferment the topic on the Douyin platform, and to boost the popularity of related products, forming a tourist social hotspot during Halloween, providing business Accumulate sufficient drainage + conversion potential energy.

The new gameplay and new strategies delivered by the case of Dinosaur Park Halloween are of great reference value to various regional cultural and tourism businesses. The combination of short video + live broadcast and group buying is becoming a new trend in the marketing and promotion of local businesses. Thanks to the product advantages and strategic support of a huge number of local promotions, Dinosaur Park uses the “Yunxing Push” three-dimensional integrated strategy to aggregate talents, content, platform products and other resources to achieve a breakthrough against the trend at the last big node at the end of the year, and finally Constructing a marketing closed loop that stimulates interest on emerging channels – builds minds – and converts transactions is also the best proof of this new trend.


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