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Give full play to the value of third-party payment!Tonglian Pay helps the scenic spot of “Song Everlasting City” rejuvenate and start

Give full play to the value of third-party payment!Tonglian Pay helps the scenic spot of “Song Everlasting City” rejuvenate and start

Since the beginning of the year, the entire consumer market has been gradually and steadily recovering, and the recovery of tourism is particularly evident. In order to further promote the service upgrade and consumption recovery of Dongping’s “Da Song Everbright City” scenic spot, Shandong Dongping Lake Culture and Tourism Group has successively launched a series of exciting activities for tourists, attracting tourists from the whole province and even the whole country.

After the upgrade of the characteristics of the scenic spot, the “leverage effect” of prying the big with the small has been realized. The skyrocketing traffic not only made Dongping’s “Da Song Everbright City” successfully “out of the circle”, but also ushered in the “fireworks of return” and “the new year of business” for many vendors. However, the surge in consumption has posed higher challenges to the unified cash register, unified management and unified marketing of scenic spots. As a partner in the construction of Dongping Cultural Tourism Smart Scenic Spot, Tonglian Payment Network Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Tonglian Payment) has customized a comprehensive digital solution for the “Song Never Sleeping City”.

Tonglian Pay is a payment-based financial technology service company. Relying on its payment advantages, it provides integrated payment + financial technology solutions covering cash register, marketing and account management for offline merchants in scenic spots and blocks.

1. Digital management: mastering the business as a whole

With the help of advanced technology, Tonglian Pay allows the park management to have a “360-degree perspective”. It can observe the flow and transaction status of the merchants in the park in real time through the digital background, and then analyze the passenger flow and distribution, so as to better grasp the information of the park and improve it. manage.

2. Intelligent marketing: focus on managing business well

More than 100 merchants in the scenic area have access to Tonglian payment cash register products. In addition to basic payment services, these merchants can also issue coupons through different industries to attract tourists to consume across scenes and merchants. “, focus on running a good business. Tourists can also receive coupons through consumption, and spend in different merchants to deduct deductions, so as to obtain more affordable consumption and enjoy a better gaming experience.

3. Customized scenarios: efficiently promote good business

Tonglian Pay provides different merchants with integrated one-code payment platform cards, smart cash registers and other tools according to the business types of merchants settled in the scenic spot. It integrates multiple functions such as ordering, cashier, and account reconciliation, and automatically generates financial statements on a regular basis. In this way, it can not only provide reference for merchants’ business decisions, but also reduce the burden on financial personnel, and greatly improve the internal management efficiency of each merchant.

The continuous return of the vitality of cultural tourism has brought strong confidence to related industries. But at the same time, the cultural tourism industry is also facing a new situation and new requirements for comprehensive quality improvement and upgrading. Only by enriching high-quality products and improving service supply in a wider range, deeper level, and higher level can the industry develop new vitality . In the future, Tonglian Pay’s customized comprehensive payment solution for the cultural and tourism industry will drive the accelerated digital transformation of various formats of cultural and tourism, help them usher in double-effect improvements in service quality and management efficiency, and at the same time bring high-quality services to the general public and tourists. service experience.

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