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Gathering financial power to create a better life, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out the “Five Entry” centralized education and publicity day activities – Times Finance – Northern Net

Gathering financial power to create a better life, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out the “Five Entry” centralized education and publicity day activities – Times Finance – Northern Net

September 26 is the “Five Entry” centralized education and publicity day of the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”. Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively responded to the regulatory call. Under the guidance of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, focusing on the theme of “Gathering Financial Power to Create a Better Life”, it focused on spreading positive energy in finance, raising awareness of financial security, and establishing value investment concepts. In terms of carrying out the construction of a culture of integrity and doing practical things for the people, we organized the entire bank to carry out extensive financial education promotions in rural areas, communities, campuses, enterprises and business districts. Through activities that are “down to earth and connect with the people”, Let the popularization of financial knowledge reach the hearts of the people.

  Entering rural areas and delivering warm service

  In order to continue to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of rural consumers and deepen the effect of popularizing financial knowledge,Wuqing Central BranchTaking the “Farmers’ Harvest Festival” event as an opportunity, we carried out financial knowledge promotion activities. During the period, the staff distributed promotional leaflets to the performers and audiences of the art performance, and explained the integrity construction, safe use of cards, prevention of illegal fund-raising, etc., which brought us closer to the people. The distance between them creates a strong missionary atmosphere;Jizhou Central BranchInterpret financial knowledge to villagers at Xiacang Market, and set up interactive question-and-answer games on site to remind consumers to protect personal financial information and stay away from virtual currency trading and speculation activities, thereby enhancing local villagers’ sense of access to financial services amid laughter and laughter;Baodi Central Sub-branch, Ninghe Central Sub-branchWe went to the market to promote consumer protection knowledge, and advocated on-site residents to develop good financial consumption habits and healthy and civilized online behavior habits, not to spread financial rumors, to rationally safeguard their own rights and interests through formal channels and in accordance with the law, and to be wary of the trap of illegal “agency rights protection” , strengthen the awareness of risk responsibility and the spirit of good faith and contract, and contribute to creating a good online atmosphere of trustworthiness, mutual trust, and common practice.

  Enter the community and enhance people’s sense of gain

  In order to spread financial knowledge and improve the service experience of community residents,Dongli Center BranchWe jointly carried out the “Beautiful Golden Autumn, Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion” financial knowledge publicity and education activities with local sub-districts and communities, and combined with the national special campaign to crack down on pension fraud, through the form of “case-based insurance”, “point-to-point” reminded the majority of elderly customers to be wary of illegal fund-raising risks in the elderly care field. . The event site is set up with a financial education area, a retro items check-in area, a snack and food area, a nostalgic game area, etc., to further enhance the participation of community residents through entertaining and educational methods;Xiqing Center BranchBased on the characteristics of local residents, we go to surrounding communities and listen to the voices and demands of new citizen groups in the community, focusing on popularizing personal information protection, consumer rights protection procedures, etc., and providing financial risk warnings, advocating rational consumption, and value investment concepts, so that new people can Citizen groups have more, more direct, and more tangible senses of gain, happiness, and security.

  Go to campus and protect financial security

  In order to protect the financial security of the campus and build a strong financial defense for the healthy growth of students,Head Office Sales DepartmentWe went to Tianjin No. 1 Middle School to carry out financial knowledge on campus activities, combined with real campus telecom network fraud cases, and reminded teachers and students in the school to prevent criminals from sneaking into class groups to carry out fraud activities by using cases as dangers, and called on everyone not to rent or lend own identity documents and bank cards, protect the security of personal information, improve the ability to identify and prevent illegal financial activities, keep your own money bags, stay away from illegal financial activities, and provide financial consumer rights protection to all students Knowledge “gift package”;Jinghai Center BranchVisited the No. 8 Primary School in Jinghai District, Tianjin, and taught the students about anti-counterfeiting knowledge, preventing game recharge scams, and striving to become little financial planners through a unique and entertaining teaching method. The students present actively participated and responded enthusiastically. , the school leaders also fully affirmed this event.

 Enter enterprises and spread the policies that benefit enterprises

  In order to actively fulfill social responsibilities and give full play to the role of financial relief,Head Office Sales DepartmentLaunched a joint financial knowledge promotion activity with a Tianjin science and technology development company to widely publicize and interpret the financial policies introduced by the regulators in recent years to benefit the people, reduce fees and profits, financial relief and other financial consumer rights protection knowledge, and based on the on-site participating companies The characteristics of employees remind everyone to choose appropriate products based on their own actual conditions and establish the concepts of value investment, rational investment, and long-term investment;Wuqing Central BranchWent to a local dental hospital to carry out the education activity of “Heart-warming services are delivered to the doorstep and financial knowledge is introduced into people’s hearts”. Through interesting financial knowledge questions and answers, case presentations, policy interpretations, etc., the current financial support for the real economy was explained, and financial support was further used to assist enterprises, Credit support, insurance protection and other functions.

 Enter the business district and spread the positive energy of finance

  In order to expand the popularity of financial knowledge and boost consumer confidence,Jinnan Central BranchActively participate in the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” Tianjin Heping Road Commercial Center centralized education and publicity activity organized by the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, through “reducing fees and sharing profits, you and I will work together” and “anti-telecom fraud” “Allegro program uses humorous language to popularize financial policies and knowledge on preventing and identifying telecom fraud to the masses;Binhai Branch, Beichen Central BranchGo to surrounding markets, supermarkets, bazaars, and lifestyle plazas to carry out publicity and education face-to-face to merchants and shopping people in the business district, distribute promotional leaflets, and risk warning manuals to inform you to read the contract carefully, understand your rights and obligations, and be cautious when purchasing financial products. For important links such as contract signing and risk assessment, we will explain financial scams such as counterfeiting financial institutions, fake online investment platforms, bank card theft, etc., and remind the general public to improve their awareness and ability to prevent fraud.

In the next step, the bank will take this financial consumer rights protection education and publicity month as an opportunity to further establish the concept of finance for the people, finance to benefit the people, and finance convenience, actively carry out financial knowledge popularization activities, and strive to provide financial consumers with more Safe and temperature-friendly financial services.

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