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Gathering financial power to create a better life? Tianjin Bank organized the “9.26” financial knowledge “Five Entry” activities

Gathering financial power to create a better life? Tianjin Bank organized the “9.26” financial knowledge “Five Entry” activities

In order to solidly promote the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity and ensure that the “Five Entry” publicity work achieves effective results, with the guidance and help of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and other regulatory authorities, the Bank of Tianjin on September 26 Japan will take the lead in hosting the 2023 “Entering the Business District” publicity and education campaign for the protection of financial consumer rights. It will work closely with a number of financial institutions and strive to innovate publicity forms to deliver financial knowledge to campuses, enterprises, business districts, communities, and villages.

Actively respond and actively participate in centralized education and publicity activities

Tianjin Bank actively participated in the September 26 “Five Entry” centralized education and publicity day held in Jinjie, Heping District. Through careful planning and orderly deployment of manpower and material resources, it effectively ensured the orderly conduct of publicity work. The host of this event was an employee of Tianjin Bank. During the event, the audience raised their hands and actively participated in the interaction, and the atmosphere was lively and warm. At the same time, Tianjin Bank’s financial consumer rights protection education and publicity volunteers distributed hundreds of promotional materials to the public and carefully explained financial knowledge, benefiting nearly a hundred people.

Brilliant and brilliant, perfectly interpreting the theme of centralized education and publicity

In this “entering the business district” publicity and education campaign, Bank of Tianjin, as the leading unit, joined forces with Bank of Communications, Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China CITIC Bank, Zheshang Bank, Langfang Bank, Weihai Bank, Qilu Bank, Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance, China Continent Eleven financial institutions including Property & Casualty Insurance and Heng’an Standard Life held a special event in the business district for the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event at Marco Polo Plaza, a famous 4A-level scenic spot in Tianjin.

At the event site, participating financial institutions actively popularized various financial knowledge to consumers by setting up promotional booths and distributing promotional leaflets. In order to better convey the theme of the event, some financial institutions gave full play to their strengths and arranged lively theatrical performances such as financial knowledge allegro, Chinese classical tricks, consumer protection theme recitations, etc., allowing the audience to experience the local artistic characteristics of Tianjin while subtly influencing the middle school Come to financial literacy. Games such as “Tian Xing Chao Play Consumer Protection House” and “9-Second Memory Challenge” on financial knowledge were set up in the event, and the 2023 financial consumer rights protection centralized education slogan was used as the pot cover and memory challenge card, making the majority of consumers happy. At the same time, they deeply memorized consumer protection knowledge, fully stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers to participate, and pushed the activity to a climax.

The whole bank collaborates to achieve comprehensive improvement of financial services

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this event, on September 26, 13 institutions of Tianjin Bank, including foreign branches, acted together to actively practice the people-centered development concept and coordinate publicity efforts to visit campuses, enterprises, and businesses. circle, community, and village to truly realize the “five entries.”

  In recent years, Bank of Tianjin has continuously optimized financial services, always adhered to its original mission of providing finance for the people, and strived to be a bank close to the majority of financial consumers. On the one hand, we strive to build the “Golden Autumn Harbor” service brand for the elderly. Through continuous upgrading of software and hardware service resources, we will effectively enhance the ability of our business outlets to provide financial services for the elderly and continuously optimize the service experience for elderly customers. On the other hand, the “Police Silver Station” and “New Citizen Harbor” were successfully established to provide comprehensive service capabilities to various groups of society such as police officers, courier boys, and online ride-hailing drivers.At the same time, while maximizing the comfortable and convenient service effectiveness of business outlets, we also distributed promotional materials and played educational videos toBusiness outlets have been built into “frontiers” for financial knowledge education.

  In the next step, Tianjin Bank will better respond to the demand for comprehensive and high-quality service content, focus on optimizing online and offline publicity channels, and strive to provide better quality services to the whole society.Financial Services.

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