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Gathering financial power to create a better life, Jincheng Bank solidly carries out the “Five Entry” centralized propaganda-Times Finance-Northern Network

Gathering financial power to create a better life, Jincheng Bank solidly carries out the “Five Entry” centralized propaganda-Times Finance-Northern Network

Recently, the month-long 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event was fully launched, with the theme of “Gathering Financial Power to Create a Better Life.” September 26 is the “Five Entry” centralized education and publicity day of the 2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month. Jincheng Bank has concentrated on carrying out “entering rural areas, entering communities, entering campuses, entering enterprises, and entering business districts” financial knowledge education activities , comprehensively set off an upsurge in education and publicity on the protection of financial consumer rights, deeply implemented the concepts of finance for the people, finance to benefit the people, and financial convenience services, and fully integrated all types of financial knowledge publicity into the lives of citizens.

Innovative entity interpretation

Anti-fraud mini theater staged in colleges and universities

With lines that are close to life and scenes of humorous and exciting performances, from September 26th to 27th, Jincheng Bank and the Youth League Committee of Tianjin University of Science and Technology moved a sitcom “Returning from the Lost Way” to the campus to prevent illegal financial activities. The play tells the story of the protagonist who was driven by vanity, wanted to buy a new mobile phone, fell into the trap of illegal part-time jobs, and fell into the vortex of “campus loans”, and finally found his way back with the help of teachers and police. After learning a certain amount of financial knowledge, the protagonist also discovered an illegal fund-raising fraud with his keen insight, preventing more people from falling into the illegal fund-raising trap. The plots related to “campus loans” and illegal fund-raising mentioned in the play also caused students to think deeply about preventing illegal financial activities.

“Using innovative physical interpretations to show the conventional methods of fraudsters, so that students know how to deal with potential fraud traps around them, is our original intention of organizing this event.” The relevant person in charge of Jincheng Bank said that this event allowed students to know how to deal with potential fraud traps around them.

Many students consciously become “financial knowledge propagandists”. This “diffusion effect” can subtly integrate financial knowledge into campus life and help improve students’ anti-fraud awareness.

In addition to campus sitcoms, Jincheng Bank also promotes financial knowledge by hanging anti-counterfeit currency, anti-smuggling, and anti-telecom network fraud promotional banners, distributing promotional leaflets, and answering questions on-site. In view of the characteristics of school students, the staff introduced face-to-face to teachers and students the dangers of “campus loans”, illegal fund-raising and other illegal financial activities in plain language, and reminded students of the importance of compliant card use, teaching them How can we protect our personal information, identify telecom fraud “routines”, and avoid being deceived? A creative “Don’t be defrauded newsstand” was set up at the event site to popularize science on how to prevent various illegal financial activities, attracting many students to check in and take photos. It is worth mentioning that the anti-fraud crosstalk work written, directed and performed by the students was also performed at this event. Through the exaggerated and funny form of crosstalk, the importance of compliant card use and protecting personal information was promoted. sex.

Develop “Five Entries”

Sow the seeds of financial security knowledge

In order to expand the coverage of activities, Jincheng Bank continues to make efforts in the “Five Entries”. On the centralized publicity day, Jincheng Bank also sent financial knowledge to the business district to sow the seeds of financial security knowledge. In Jinyuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center, in response to the current frequent occurrence of illegal and illegal financial activities such as “routine loans”, telecommunications and network fraud, and false financial advertising, Jincheng Bank has provided on-site explanations, service desk consultation, and distribution of promotional leaflets. Guide citizens to participate in the experience, allowing them to understand basic financial knowledge such as credit reporting, anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, and opposition to cash rejection in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere. “Anti-counterfeit currency is everyone’s responsibility.” The above-mentioned person in charge said that this month is also the 2023 Anti-Counterfeit Awareness Month. During this event, we also demonstrated the counterfeit currency identification method on-site to remind merchants and friends to pay attention to protecting personal financial information. , Improve risk prevention awareness and capabilities.

Not only that, on the day of centralized education and publicity, in order to enhance the financial risk prevention awareness and financial security awareness of corporate employees, Jincheng Bank also visited a small and micro enterprise in Hongqiao District and placed banners and roll-up banners in prominent locations in the company. We have provided educational materials and distributed anti-fraud snack gift packs to company employees to popularize financial standards, deposit insurance, prevention of illegal financial activities and other related content for them, effectively improving employees’ financial literacy. The event also set up an “anti-fraud classroom” in the company’s large conference room, where employees took to the stage one by one to share their own “anti-fraud” experiences and warn others to stay away from illegal financial activities.

In the future, Jincheng Bank will continue to innovate financial publicity forms, continue to promote the activities of “entering rural areas, entering communities, entering campuses, entering enterprises, and entering business districts” to be more in-depth and practical, fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, and effectively enhance the rights and interests of financial consumers. level of protection, bring financial knowledge to consumers with better services and more pragmatic measures, establish a long-term mechanism for financial knowledge education and publicity, and deliver the positive energy of finance for the people to society.

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