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Gathering financial forces to create a better life, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch launched the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event – Times Finance – Northern Net

Gathering financial forces to create a better life, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch launched the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event – Times Finance – Northern Net

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch conscientiously implemented the relevant work requirements of the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”. During the publicity activities from September to October, it actively arranged arrangements and carried out the activities in an orderly manner around the theme of “entering rural areas, entering communities, and entering into rural areas.” Campus, enter the enterprise, enter the business district” a series of unique and creative missionary activities.

1. Go into the countryside and focus on farmers

Jizhou Branch of Industrial Bank launched a consumer protection promotion campaign in Xiacang Town with the theme of “Don’t listen, believe or transfer money if you are tempted by high interest rates”. During the event, Industrial Bank staff fully revealed the main fraud methods and main characteristics of illegal fund-raising to the villagers in a variety of ways, including distributing brochures, hanging slogans, face-to-face explanations, and on-site knowledge interactions, and improved the villagers’ awareness of fraud prevention. and ability. The event attracted many villagers to take the initiative to watch and consult, and provided detailed answers to the “hot” and “difficult” issues encountered in daily life.

2. Go into the community and focus on the elderly

  Chengxiang Sub-branch carried out an event with the theme of “Promoting Financial Services to Protect Consumer Rights” in the Gulou West Street Community Garden.Financial consumer rights protection education and publicity into community activities,The staff went deep into the community and brought vivid and practical publicity on the protection of financial consumer rights to residents and friends in the community. Including how to identify and prevent telecommunications fraud, financial risks of illegal fund-raising, etc., as well as practical common sense on how to handle banking business through formal channels. At the same time, in view of the endless financial fraud methods that have emerged in recent years, through case analysis, the harm of fraud and prevention techniques are revealed to residents. The atmosphere at the event was warm and attracted many residents to participate.

3. Go into schools and focus on young people

  The Consumer Protection Office of Tianjin Branch visited Wanquan Road No. 2 Primary School and went into the classroom to popularize finance to primary school students.Basic knowledge of consumer rightsexplaining the origin of currency, how to identify counterfeit currency,Bank card usage safety and other aspectsFinancial knowledge, the children participated seriously and actively interacted at the event, and the unique classroom knowledge won unanimous praise from teachers and students.

   Four,Enter the enterprise and focus on new citizens

  Admiralty Sub-branch enters the agency business,by With the theme of “Spreading positive financial energy and building a strong safety wall”,Explain to employees of agency companies how to strictly prevent illegal fund-raising and protect the safety of funds, measures to prevent telecommunications and network fraud risks, financial knowledge for new citizens, beware of high-interest temptations to illegally raise funds, prevent the leakage of personal and family information, and strive for financial stability and progress, etc. The activities have strengthened corporate employees’ ability to identify telecom network fraud risks, established a rational outlook on consumption, enhanced their own anti-fraud awareness, and helped corporate employees prevent various financial fraud traps.

5. Enter the business district and focus on retail merchants

  Jinnan Branch is known as “Beware of illegal fund-raising to avoid property losses” as the themeEnter Jinfulin Wholesale Cold Storage,In view of the current frequent illegal financial activities such as “routine loans” and false financial advertisements, bank employees use promotional leaflets and case knowledge to explain to merchants the traps and response methods of various financial risks one by one with pictures and texts. At the same time, they also demonstrated to merchants how to identify counterfeit currency, as well as how to prevent fraud and anti-counterfeiting techniques.

  Gather financial power to create a better life. In the future, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will continue to fulfill its mission of “financing for the people”.Expand the scope and radius of financial knowledge publicity in more diversified forms,Be a firm defender of the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers,Contribute to the creation of a healthy and harmonious financial environment.

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