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Gather social forces to fight AIDS together

Gather social forces to fight AIDS together

December 1st this year is the 36th “World AIDS Day”. In order to promote the high-quality development of AIDS prevention and treatment work and create a good atmosphere for the broad participation of the whole people in AIDS prevention and treatment work, in accordance with the “Five Steps” on Carrying out Publicity and Education on AIDS Prevention and Treatment by the National AIDS Office “Notice on Expanding Year Activities” requires that we continue to promote AIDS prevention and control publicity and education and “five-in” activities of “entering communities, enterprises, hospitals, campuses, and families” to improve the general public’s awareness of AIDS knowledge. Tianjin Disease Prevention and Control The center, Tianjin Quyi Artists Association, Tianjin STD and AIDS Prevention and Control Association, Tianjin Heping District Nanyingmen Street Science and Technology Association and other units jointly organized the “Gathering Social Forces to Fight AIDS Together” event at the theater on the third floor of the Heping District Cultural Palace Curtain. Leaders of relevant units, as well as famous folk artists such as Tian Lihe, Li Boxiang and Wei Wenliang, well-known online bloggers, community volunteers and resident representatives attended the event.

This year, the theme of my country’s “World AIDS Day” is “Gathering social forces to fight AIDS together”, which aims to emphasize that AIDS is a complex social problem that requires the participation of the whole society, and that all parties in society must be mobilized to unite. We have the same goal and joint efforts to fight AIDS and safeguard the health and life safety of the people. This activity is targeted at community residents, corporate volunteers, residents’ families and other “five-in” targets. Leaders and guests who participated in the event signed the memorial book and wrote messages. The host introduced the leading guests and preached the theme and significance of the event. Relevant leaders and guest representatives made speeches, emphasizing the dangers of AIDS and the importance of national participation in prevention and treatment. Later, young and middle-aged artists in the folk art circle once again promoted it in the form of theatrical performances. Regarding the importance of AIDS prevention, residents and volunteers who participated in the event received AIDS prevention promotional materials.

This event aims to let residents have a deeper understanding that AIDS can be controlled and prevented on a global scale. An important step in preventing AIDS is that everyone must be responsible for their own actions. Through the publicity of AIDS Day, people have more sympathy and understanding for people living with HIV, because their bodies and minds have been tortured by the disease, and some people living with HIV may be passive and innocent.

Everyone expressed their support for the AIDS prevention and control plan, and the whole people took action together to support the work of preventing and treating AIDS.

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