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Gather forces for good to create a better life. Taikang Life comprehensively launched the “Financial Consumer Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

Gather forces for good to create a better life. Taikang Life comprehensively launched the “Financial Consumer Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

A few days ago, Taikang Life actively responded to the call of the national regulatory authorities and launched a “five entry” (entering rural areas, entering communities, entering campuses, entering enterprises, and entering business districts) education and publicity activities.

Adhering to the political and people-oriented nature is the original intention and mission of financial work. Under the guidance of national regulatory authorities, the protection of consumer rights in the insurance industry is steadily moving towards a new stage. In the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”, Taikang Life will implement the country’s essential requirements for financial work as its top priority, actively participate in consumer rights protection publicity and education, take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, and carry out rich and colorful financial activities. Knowledge popularization activities demonstrate the new responsibility and new atmosphere of protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers.

Chen Dongsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group, launched a call to all Taikang people to “gather forces for good, build an honest Taikang, and create a better life together.” As the person in charge of this event, President Cheng Kangping put forward clear requirements: “Institutions at all levels must improve their ideological understanding, improve their political positions, strengthen their political responsibilities, base themselves on the overall situation, and attach great importance to it.” A total of 36 branches across the country acted in a unified manner and adapted measures to local conditions. Focusing on the key groups of “one old, one young and one new”, we launch diversified activities to understand the needs of the people, solve their problems, and help them improve their financial literacy. At the same time, each branch office takes advantage of regional synergy and deeply integrates with the company’s characteristic server resources.

  “Going into the countryside”: knowledge reaches village households and care reaches individuals

On September 26, Taikang Life Insurance Tibet Branch launched the “Going to Rural Areas” activity

Located on the south bank of the Lhasa River, across the river from the Potala Palace, Cijuelin Village, with a history of more than 1,300 years, was once very remote. In the past ten years of development, as the favorable policies of the party and the country have continued to deepen, the face of Tibetan society has changed with each passing day. Cijuolin Village has also seized the good opportunity for development, and people’s lives have begun to flourish. While realizing “rich pockets”, how to help villagers keep their “money bags” has become a top priority. In order to make the knowledge transfer more in line with the needs of the local people, so that they can see, touch, understand and learn, Taikang Life Insurance Tibet Branch organized a missionary team with rich grassroots work experience and familiarity with Tibetan and Chinese bilingualism , carry out door-to-door publicity to ensure knowledge reaches every home.

Taikang Life has fully carried out its “entering rural areas” activities around “one high, two complete”: “one high” refers to attaching great importance to it, taking the lead in party building, and combining it with theme education activities; “two complete” refers to the participation of all internal and external staff , comprehensive coverage of internal and external publicity channels. Through institutional outlets across the country, the “Financial Consumer Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity has also been brought to more villages. Huimin Village, Xiaheshou Village, Beizhen Hutun Village in Liaoning, Aohuanjie Village in Chengnan Town, Wenling, Zhejiang, Pingqiao Town in Xinyang, Henan, Nanzhangqiao Village in Hebei, and Tanli Village in Shexian County, Handan City… This financial knowledge In its activities in rural areas, Taikang Life covers a total of 137 villages across the country and has distributed more than 20,000 brochures of various types, covering more than 30,000 villagers. It has delivered more financial and consumer protection knowledge and practical discounts to rural areas, injecting into rural revitalization. energy.

“Into the community”: “neighbor” distance protects residents’ better life

This is the fifth time this year that Aunt Wang, a resident of Binhai Community in Futian District, Shenzhen, has participated in an anti-fraud publicity activity organized by Taikang Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch. In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the staff also provided everyone with glass night light making tools to make the transfer of knowledge not boring. “Everyone is having a lot of fun together. It’s very happy.” Aunt Wang said with a smile.

In Pingling Community, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, the branch organized a Mid-Autumn Festival lantern riddle guessing activity and invited pharmaceutical companies to measure blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. for residents free of charge; Taikang Life Insurance Qinghai Branch collaborated with Xinhua Street Yumin Community and the Song and Dance Troupe of the University for the Elderly. There are not only interesting questions and answers and knowledge popularization, but also programs, mooncake tasting and other activities.

Taikang Life fully carries out its “community outreach” activities around “One Constant, One Practical”: “One Constant” refers to normalizing financial consumer protection publicity and education activities and implementing them to carry out targeted publicity to cooperative communities every month; One Practical : To do practical things for the people, focusing on key and difficult issues, such as misleading sales, claims disputes, service dissatisfaction and other issues that consumers have strong reactions to, strengthening source governance and continuously optimizing service processes.

On September 26, Taikang Life Insurance Tianjin Branch entered Nanheng Street Community

Also striving to normalize “entering the community” are branches in Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin and other places. While carrying out knowledge popularization on finance and commercial insurance, they also invited Taikang Baibo Dental Hospital and Jianbaotong to cooperate. The hospital provides health examinations and nursing knowledge explanation services to the elderly in the community, which further enhances the residents’ sense of gain and satisfaction. More than 150,000 residents have enthusiastically participated in Taikang Life’s 343 “into the community” promotional positions.

“Going to campus”: Financial education, lighting up the future

“Teacher, what is the current status of the implementation of the ‘combined medical and nursing’ elderly care model you mentioned earlier?” “Teacher, is Taikang still recruiting people? Our majors are quite relevant.” These voices came from the Labor and Security Major of Gansu University of Political Science and Law. s student. Seeing the lively scene of enthusiastic speeches in the audience, the human resources staff of Taikang Life Insurance Gansu Branch, as a lecturer, were equally excited.

In faraway Xinjiang, branch employees came to the Central Primary School in Nurbag Township, Shaya County, and distributed financial brochures and reading materials to students, explaining common sense about safe consumption, risks in life, etc., and also donated 70 sets of Xinhua dictionaries. , more than 100 stationery sets.

Taikang Life Insurance Tianjin Branch visited Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Technology and Business University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Xiamen University, Sun Yat-sen College Affiliated to Dalian Medical University, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics… With over 50,000 students in 188 schools in over 20 provinces, Taikang Life leverages campus recruitment and charity donations to fully carry out “entering campus” activities, adhering to the goal of “educating a child, driving a family, and radiating the economy and society” to promote financial knowledge to young people and their families, enhance the anti-fraud awareness of student groups, and establish healthy consumption Views and financial management views.

“Enter the enterprise”: go deep into the enterprise and escort the strivers

Since 2022, with the release of the “Notice on Strengthening Financial Services for New Citizens”, the “new citizens”, a group of 300 million people, have become the focus of the industry. As a new force in urban construction, their needs have never been forgotten.

“Can that insurance be bought for the elderly and children?” “A colleague bought an insurance before, but there was no compensation for an accident on the road. What happened?” At a certain SF outlet in Jiangsu, a staff member of Taikang Life Jiangsu Branch Answering questions from SF Express staff one-on-one.

Taikang Life Insurance Tianjin Branch went to the construction site to carry out promotional activities for the “new citizens” group

Taikang Life focuses on the “new citizens” group and fully carries out the “entering the enterprise” activities, covering a total of more than 123 enterprises and radiating more than 20,000 corporate employees. Through the participation of all internal and external staff, it achieves the goal of “entering the enterprise” and “new enterprises”. “Citizen groups” communicate face to face to understand their real demands. This will not only help corporate employees strengthen risk protection, but also help boost corporate confidence, thereby implementing the country’s decision-making and deployment on restoring and expanding consumption, and effectively playing the role of insurance as a “shock absorber” for the economy and a “stabilizer” for society.

“Entering the business district”: Covering the business district and building a strong safety wall

“I work nearby and came over when I saw the excitement. I answered a few questions correctly and got a prize.” “I came down for lunch and took some brochures back.” Participants actively expressed their enthusiasm for the event. Of course.

Taikang Life Guizhou Branch teamed up with nine insurance companies from the same industry and entered the square in front of Hall B of CC PARK shopping mall to jointly launch an “entering the business district” consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign. The Qionghai Central Branch of Hainan Branch used the elevator entrance of the square as the “only way” for everyone to distribute promotional leaflets and conduct prize-winning quizzes.

Taikang Life has fully carried out its “entering the business district” activities around “two new and two combinations”: new forms and new content, combined with Taikang Super Sports activities, combined with Taikang’s physical services, and organized various consumer protection publicity activities A total of 300,000 people have been covered, and more than 100,000 copies of promotional materials have been distributed.

In order to improve citizens’ ability to prevent, identify and resist fraud, Taikang Life Insurance branches in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Ningbo, Yunnan and other branches invited consumers to watch the recently released anti-fraud movie “All or Nothing”, and issued warning cards before entering the venue. Illegal fund-raising and prevention of telecommunications network fraud brochure. More branches use the dense flow of people in nearby bustling areas such as branch workplaces, HWP workplaces, health and wealth centers, Taikang Baibo Dental Hospital and other nearby bustling areas to promote, and widely enhance the public’s understanding of the company by creating special areas, distributing promotional leaflets, and public presentations. Awareness of financial consumer rights.

Taikang Life has always regarded consumer protection as the core work of the company. From now on, the company will continue to deepen and implement the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, drive more people in society to understand financial and insurance knowledge, boost the consumption confidence of the majority of financial consumers, and work together Taikang customers and Taikang partners build honest Taikang and create a better life together.

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