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Gaoda sterilized eggs won the iSEE Global Award, demonstrating China’s food innovation strength

Gaoda sterilized eggs won the iSEE Global Award, demonstrating China’s food innovation strength

Recently, the sixth iSEE Global Food Innovation Awards announced the review results of the iSEE Top 100 Innovative Brands list. Guada Sterilized Eggs stood out for its excellent product quality and unique innovative concepts and successfully entered the iSEE Top 100 Innovative Brands list.

Since its inception in 2018, the iSEE Global Awards has been adhering to the goal of “highlighting the spirit of food innovation and making high-quality products more widely known”. Through global standards, third-party professional reviews and non-commercial selection methods, it aims to discover, commend and spread the global An example of “innovation” and “deliciousness” in the range. This year, the entries for the 6th iSEE Global Awards come from many countries and regions around the world, and the competition is extremely fierce.

Against this background, Keda sterilized eggs stand out with their unique innovative concepts and excellent quality. With its profound technological accumulation and strong R&D team, Gaoda Company has always focused on industrial technological innovation during its 42 years of development. As early as 2003, Gaoda took the lead in introducing the country’s first MOBA fully automatic egg production line, and adopted a series of advanced technologies such as ultraviolet sterilization, acoustic wave detection, and light detection to ensure the quality and safety of every egg, setting the quality standard for China’s egg industry. The establishment of the traceability system is the first of its kind.

Food safety is crucial. In 2022, Gaoda carried out digital whole-industry chain innovation and established 12 professional departments and 1,618 security control points internally. Gaoda currently has a top domestic nutrition team and an international professional laboratory team. Through thousands of strict controls on all aspects of the production process and quality control, Gaoda ensures the quality and safety of its products.

In addition to innovation on the management side, Gaoda has also continued to enhance its corporate research and development capabilities. After decades of research and development, Gaoda has successfully established the first domestic enterprise production standard for “sterilized fresh eggs”. This standard adds more bacterial detection items and non-detection requirements based on the national standard. Through patented sterilization technology, Guada effectively reduces the presence of harmful bacteria, ensures the safety of every Guada sterilized egg with standards and expertise, and sets a standard for sterilized eggs for the Chinese people.

Gaoda’s selection into the 6th iSEE Global Award is not only an affirmation of its brand’s innovative capabilities and excellent quality, but also recognition of its innovative spirit. In the future, Gaoda will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, continuously improve product quality and technical level, bring more high-quality products to consumers, and promote the innovative development of the egg industry.

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