Ganbaina: Do you know these misunderstandings about applying face masks?Be careful the skin gets worse

Masks can be said to be indispensable in girls’ daily skin care. Everyone needs to choose according to their skin type and needs, but many fairies will ask why my skin does not improve much after I apply a mask. On the contrary, there are many Small facial problems? It is very likely that you have stepped on the misunderstanding of applying a mask, such as the following misunderstandings:

The more the mask is applied, the better the skin?

Don’t blindly follow the stars and apply facial masks every day. Stars usually wear makeup for a long time. Various lights and whiteboards will eat up makeup. Their makeup is usually several times thicker than our daily, so the skin condition is the same as ours. People are different. Supplementing the skin with nutrients every day cannot be fully absorbed. On the contrary, it may lead to excess nutrition. Over time, pores will be clogged, acne will appear, and even inflammation and allergies will occur in severe cases.

Is the tingling feeling after applying the mask a sign of dehydration?

If the skin is severely dehydrated, it is true that there will be a tingling sensation when applying a high-strength moisturizing mask, but this tingling sensation is very short-lived, and generally does not exceed 3-5 minutes. If the tingling sensation persists, It is very likely that the mask is of poor quality, or the skin is allergic to this mask.

Is all the essence applied on the sheet mask dry?

Generally, the application time of the mask is 15-20 minutes. Some masks indicate the best use time on the packaging paper, and those with instructions can be applied according to the instructions. Some girls feel that the essence on the mask paper is very rich, and it feels like a waste to apply it for only 15 minutes, so they keep applying it until the mask paper dries up, but in fact, this approach is correct. Applying a mask like this for a long time will only make the skin more and more dry. At that time, the bad face may be just a trivial matter.

 Everyone, you must pay attention when choosing a mask, especially those with fragile skin. You can take a look at Ganbaina’s medical sodium hyaluronate repair patch, which is produced by a pharmaceutical company. The production is safe and the ingredients are simple, mainly of different molecular weights. Medical sodium hyaluronate, an ideal natural moisturizing factor, a mask that can be used safely after medical treatment, repairs sensitivity, replenishes water and moisturizes, and restores the skin to be moist and smooth~

For girls who love beauty, applying a mask is a daily necessity. After all, this is a skin care method that can repair our skin condition in a short period of time. Therefore, when choosing a mask, we must pay attention to the quality of the mask~

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