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Furnishings Committee: Casarte leads the trend of high-end residences with original flat-layouts

Furnishings Committee: Casarte leads the trend of high-end residences with original flat-layouts

What will be the direction of high-end residential aesthetics in the next year? You may be able to find the answer by visiting a global exhibition at the forefront of the industry.

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) kicked off, and the release of the Casarte Zhijing package and the launch of the Casarte x Boloni strategic cooperation were simultaneously launched. Zhang Huanrong, executive secretary-general of the Furnishing Art Professional Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association (referred to as the “Furnishing Committee”), shared the theme at the scene, expressing support for the strategic cooperation between Casarte and Bologni, and at the same time expressing his support for the high-end residential trend led by Casarte’s original flat inlays. Recognized from a professional perspective.

(Zhang Huanrong, executive secretary-general of the Display Art Professional Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association)

  Expert endorsement!Casarte’s world premiere full-space integration solution

“With the changes of the times, the relationship between art and life has become closer and closer, and people’s life consumption needs have experienced a profound transformation from functional subjects to artistic subjects.” Zhang Huanrong said at the scene. For high-end users, their requirements for home space are no longer limited to just necessary functions such as “the kitchen is just for cooking” and “the bedroom is just for sleeping”. Instead, they are looking for a matching life aesthetics based on their own aesthetics and through inner spiritual resonance.

When looking at high-end home design from the perspective of product and space construction, it is necessary to consider not only the comfort from the perspective of the occupants, but also the sense of visual art. This cannot be achieved by matching one or two exquisite home products, but requires more A holistic and integrated home furnishing scene. Today, Casarte released the new Zhijing series, allowing users to see almost perfect home aesthetic design works.

At the scene, Casarte brought the world’s first full-space integration solution, including 16 categories, 18 original embeddings, and 26 original wisdoms, integrated into 5 major scene spaces. As Zhang Huanrong said in her speech: “With the grand release of the Casarte Zhijing suite, we have seen technological progress, industrial technology progress, and the ability of high-end brands to win the global market. We have also seen a new highland in spatial aesthetics.”

  Design leads! 18 original items integrated into the Zhijing package

Prior to this, the F+ refrigerator in the Casarte Zhijing series has won the world’s top design gold award and the first major appliance iF design gold award in the Chinese home appliance industry. It is precisely because of its absolute leadership in the field of original flat-mounted installations in the industry that the Casarte Zhijing suite creates a complete set of art scenes that are more integrated into the home, from refrigerators, kitchen appliances, washing machines, water heaters to TVs and central air conditioners, with 18 original items Flat embedded technology presents an integrated and integrated artistic enjoyment.

At this AWE, Casarte teamed up with Bologni Ecological Strategic Cooperation to launch the Zhijing Suite and Bologni Cabinets to present users with a perfect home. Among them, the Casa Dizhijing F+ refrigerator relies on original flat-embedded technology, allowing the refrigerator and cabinets to be flush with each other and integrated with the entire kitchen and living space. The waistline of the refrigerator is connected with the cabinet countertop, and the skirting line of the refrigerator is connected with the skirting line of the cabinet, allowing high-end users to truly experience the symbiosis between the kitchen and the refrigerator.

The entire set of kitchen appliances can also be fully embedded in the cabinet. The front of the hood is fully hidden and the bottom is flush; the gas stove is ultra-thin and flat-embedded at 40mm; the steam oven and the industry’s first drawer-type dishwasher are also fully embedded; the garbage disposal is small The body design can be installed in a position the size of a piece of A4 paper; the water purifier is also fully integrated, saving more space in the kitchen.

In addition, the Casarte TV is ultra-thin and flat at 39.9cm, making it more integrated with the background wall; the central air conditioner uses an ultra-thin body to release more home space, and the integrated air outlet panel creates a more beautiful visual effect; the gas water heater The ultimate volume pipeline can be completely hidden, and the electric water heater is provided with an ultra-thin thickness of 320mm to create an integrated bathroom space; the washing machine is perfectly embedded in the cabinet with a minimalist right-angled line and an ultra-thin body of 600mm, bringing the ultimate experience of perfectly integrating home decoration style.

The development of high-end home furnishings has evolved from competition between product hardware to an overall scene experience. Casarte is the first to break through in the field of original flat-embedded technology, achieving a complete set of embedded effects in high-end home scenes, further integrating home functions and aesthetics, and creating an orderly and integrated aesthetic space with a new home aesthetic concept, further promoting The continuous upgrading of users’ high-end life.


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