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Full of joy, the 2024 Tianjin Joy City Longqi New Year Goods Festival kicks off!

Full of joy, the 2024 Tianjin Joy City Longqi New Year Goods Festival kicks off!

My heart is full of joy, and the New Year is full of flavor! From January 27th to 28th, Tianjin Joy City Longqi New Year Goods Festival kicked off. With huge discounts on purchases, a new store opening, and a 99-yuan holiday play card, the Chinese New Year is coming, and it’s full of trendy goods! At the end of this year, Tianjin Joy City provides consumers in Tianjin with a one-stop new year’s flavor experience.

【Joyful Departure】New Year, New Things and New Crazes

Buy New Year’s goods, celebrate the new year, and give each year a gift, and you will be happy with your shopping. The New Year’s Goods Festival not only brings consumers a full range of high-quality trendy goods, but also brings new ways to buy with super cost-effectiveness: lucky bags, free play cards, beauty products with 50% off and full discounts, satisfying consumption. The personalized New Year goods needs of the readers.

7 days of fun during the Spring Festival holiday! During this New Year Festival, Tianjin Joy City specially launched a 99 yuan holiday play card, which includes multiple entertainment experience packages such as e-sports battles, ice experiences, live CS, karaoke parties, etc., which not only meets the social needs of consumers, but also The festival adds a strong atmosphere of joy and gathering. During the New Year Festival, Tianjin Joy City specially customized limited-edition lucky bags for the Year of the Dragon, and provided year-round gifts to consumers with full sincerity. In addition, the fast fashion brand URBAN REVIVO concept store has opened in Tianjin Joy City, using diverse styles to write attitude towards life and bring consumers a new trendy shopping experience.



【Food Comes Around】 A table full of delicacies to celebrate the reunion

  The delicious taste of the New Year is here, and the good times are frozen in time. During the Chinese New Year Festival, Tianjin Joy City’s “must eat list” adds another important member.Little Big DongThe first store in Tianjin was unveiled in Tianjin. A “crispy but not greasy” roast duck dominates the roast duck world. The young and fashionable dining environment finds a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, becoming “the most suitable roast duck restaurant for young people”. It is a great place for year-end gatherings and couples. For parties and business entertainment, Xiao Da Dong knows your taste best. A one-stop gathering of new flavors from the north and south, popular food brands such as Subang Yuan, Rouwenwu, Tangshui Sichuan Cuisine, and Tongren Four Seasons Coconut Chicken have launched value-for-money New Year’s set meals to add flavor and color to the New Year’s fortune.

BUTTERFUL&CREAMOROUS, SHAKE SHACK, HEYTEA, and GODIVA have launched new limited-edition co-branded products for the New Year, filling the New Year with happiness and activating unlimited dopamine.

[Blessings in the New Year]Join hands with Guochuang IP to create the beauty of national style

Three thousand bright lanterns reflect the world, and flowers bloom thousands of miles across the city. Tianjin Joy City joins hands with Bilibili to create the leading nationally-created theme exhibition – Tianguan Ci Blessing Animation Three Thousand Lantern Festival Theme Exhibition, with a thousand lanterns lighting up the long night as the background, restoring the classic animation scene, bringing a very oriental charm The atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the Xianle Palace, the Paradise Square, the Spiritual Formation, the painted colors of Danjie, and the painted shapes of thousands of lanterns; the beautiful and new scenery day and night, freeze the image of the ancient Chinese style and the flavor of the new year. In addition, the official pop-up store of Tianguan Ci Blessing Animation “Meeting Shop” will launch limited new products during the Spring Festival. Tian Guan Blessing brings good luck!

May you be blessed year after year. During the New Year period, the theme of traditional Chinese New Year culture is[Lion Waking and New Year Red Maple Prayers][Heavenly Official Blessing Words][Writing Wishes and Praying for Good Luck]Chinese Style COSER Performance,[Welcoming the Love of the God of Wealth]A variety of interactive activities of traditional Chinese culture and tradition, such as “Full City” and “Lantern Festival Parade with Thousands of Lanterns”, highly restore the New Year scenes full of New Year flavor and link the Spring Festival emotions shared by Chinese people.

[Excellent Benefits]Exclusive pet of “Dragon” for everything is prosperous

Tianjin Joy City gives back thanks at the end of the year, and exclusive members can enjoy upgraded and exclusive New Year’s gifts: it collects high-quality brands such as lululemon, CHANEL, and Lancôme to launch coupons for thousands of rebates, and New Year’s exclusive consumption gift packages. In addition, Tianjin Joy City is added for the first time. Qiwei can also receive newbie gifts such as popular milk tea and parking benefits to enjoy a high-quality consumption experience.

Joyful gathering, joyful play, joyful shopping and joyful newness, Tianjin Joy City insists on building an urban trend center with “trendy, exciting, daring and new” as its core, and constantly activates consumers’ interest in it through content empowerment and trendy fun updates. Passion for the exploration of a better life. Carrying good things every year, let’s start a new journey in 2024!

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