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[full of energy]spirit pivot.days

[full of energy]spirit pivot.days

God, of course. Years, life span also. Those who are born in heaven are also the years of talent. Those who are gifted years have a natural lifespan.

Life is a process, and this process will change in stages in “10-year-old units”, starting from the first 10-year-old and ending at the tenth 10-year-old.

get angry

Human life is based on the blood of the mother and guarded by the essence of the father. If one loses the spirit, one will die, but if one gains the spirit, one will live.

When the blood and qi have been harmonized, the nourishing qi and the defending qi are running smoothly, and the five internal organs can be formed.

Why do people live longer? First, the five viscera are firm and the blood vessels are harmonious; second, the muscles are sharpened and the skin is dense;

People with half a hundred years of age will decline because the internal organs are not strong; the blood vessels are thin and there is little blood; the veins are not smooth; the breathing is short and fast.

People will have a big change every 10 years old until they are 100 years old.

The first one is 10 years old, the five internal organs are fully developed, the blood energy has been circulated, and the anger is low, so he likes to move around.

The second one is 10 years old. When a person reaches 20 years old, his blood energy begins to become stronger and his muscles begin to develop, so he likes to walk quickly.

The third one is 10 years old. By the age of 30, the five internal organs have been developed and strong, the muscles are strong, and the blood vessels are full of prosperity, so they like to walk steadily and walk leisurely.

The fourth 10 years old, 40 years old is the turning point in life, the transformation from the peak to the downhill starts here. The viscera, six fu organs and twelve meridians are all well developed to the point of decline, the interstitial muscles begin to loosen, the facial features begin to decline, the hair on the temples begins to grey, the essence is calm and full and no longer develops, and the energy begins to decline, so I like to sit quietly.

The fifth is 10 years old. At 50 years old, the liver qi begins to decline, the liver lobes begin to weaken, the bile also begins to decrease, the liver opens to the eyes, and the eyes become dim.

The sixth is 10 years old. At the age of 60, the heart energy begins to weaken. The heart energy is insufficient, and often suffers from sadness and sadness. The flow of energy and blood is not smooth, and the body is lazy and weak.

The seventh is 10 years old, when a person reaches 70 years old, the most obvious change is in the skin, the skin is determined by the temper, the temper is weakened, and the skin is withered.

The eighth age is 10 years old, when a person reaches 80 years old, the most obvious change is in language, and language is determined by lung qi. The lung qi is weak, the soul is scattered and does not hide, so often speech errors occur.

The ninth is 10 years old, and when a person reaches 90 years old, all internal organs are empty. The kidney qi is scorched and exhausted, and the meridian qi and blood of the liver, heart, spleen, lung and four viscera are also empty and insufficient.

The tenth is ten years old, when a person reaches a hundred years old, all the five internal organs are exhausted, the air is gone, and only the body remains empty.

Can surpass a hundred years

Such changes are just general rules. With Taoism, people can live beyond a hundred years old.

“It is because lust cannot tire the eyes, lust cannot confuse the mind, the wise, the virtuous, and the unworthy are not afraid of things, so they are in line with the Tao. Therefore, those who can live through a hundred years without losing their actions will not endanger their virtue at all. .”

Written by Dr. Chen Guoqiang, a registered member of the Malaysian Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Medical Federation)

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