[full of energy]”Lingshu.Human Relationship and Sophistication in “The Master’s Biography”

[full of energy]”Lingshu.Human Relationship and Sophistication in “The Master’s Biography”

The teacher is the first teacher, the one who preaches, teaches, and solves doubts.

Here it refers to the precious heritage passed down orally by the ancestors but not recorded in writing.

The Yellow Emperor asked Qibo if there was any experience of the former master that was not recorded on the tablet slips, but could be used as a guideline for practice. In a big way, it can be used to treat people’s diseases, and in a small way, it can be used to maintain one’s own body. The common people do not suffer from diseases, and they are good friends from top to bottom, benefiting future generations, so that children and grandchildren will not be disturbed by diseases.

Use the “shun” method to get through

Qi Bo said that it can be expressed in one word, that is “shun”, whether governing the people or the body, governing the other or the one, governing the small or the large, governing the country or the family, nothing can be handled well by the “reverse” method. Only the “smooth” method will work. The so-called smoothness means that to cure a disease, one must understand the reverse and smoothness of yin and yang, meridians, qi and blood, and to govern a country, one must understand the will of the people.

Reverse, reversing the reverse. Shun, obedience, obedience, obedience.

Ask about the customs in a country, ask about taboos in a family, and ask about etiquette in court, mainly to see if there are any factors that cause disease in the customs and taboos, and at the same time to see if there are any prescriptions for healing in the customs and taboos.

In the face of miscellaneous syndromes of cold and heat, one is the root cause of the disease is cold or heat? Second, it depends on whether the outside weather is cold or not. Three depends on whether the body is weak or not? If the outside is cold and the inside is deficient, and the cause of the disease is cold, it should be treated with warm heat.

If there is heat in the stomach and cold in the intestines, you will be prone to hunger and distending pain in the lower abdomen. To treat the disease of stomach heat and easy hunger, it is suitable for cold and cool. To treat diseases with cold in the intestines, it is suitable for warming.

Various complex disease treatments and doctor’s orders are often not obeyed by patients. When encountering these unreasonable patients, dissuading them will go against their will, and obeying them will aggravate the condition. What should we do at this time? How to be comfortable?

Generally speaking, the Master’s common sense is to hate death and enjoy life. When you meet someone who is arrogant and domineering and makes trouble for no reason, you should “tell him of his defeat, speak of his kindness, guide him of his convenience, and open him of his suffering.” Which of them are harmful to the body, and which are good for the body? Instruct them what is appropriate to do, and teach them that it will be more painful not to do so, so that even vexatious people will listen to advice.

between the macro and micro worlds

This article also emphasizes the importance of treating diseases according to the time sequence of spring, summer, autumn and winter. When encountering people who do not obey the cold and temperature and take care of their bodies, in terms of food and clothing, teach them that the temperature of the food is moderate, and the temperature of the clothing is moderate.

One of the important contents of observing the human body in Chinese medicine is that the inside can be reflected in the outside, and the outside can reflect the inside. It is so big that there is nothing outside, it is the macroscopic world. It is so small that it has no inside, it is a microcosm. There is consistency and similarity in structure and composition between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

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