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Fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities and jointly build a harmonious and beautiful society Sunshine Insurance won the “2023 Insurance Industry Excellent Social Responsibility Ark Award”

Fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities and jointly build a harmonious and beautiful society Sunshine Insurance won the “2023 Insurance Industry Excellent Social Responsibility Ark Award”

Recently, the “2023 China Insurance Industry Ark Awards” list was announced. Sunshine Insurance Group Co., Ltd. won the “Ark Award for Outstanding Social Responsibility in the Insurance Industry” for three consecutive years by virtue of its outstanding contributions to shouldering social responsibilities, safeguarding the people’s livelihood, and giving back to the people in the past year.

In order to actively serve the national strategy and fulfill the responsibility of “financial industry serving the real economy”, Sunshine Insurance has given full play to its main insurance business advantages and long-term capital advantages. Last year, it provided financial support for the real economy of more than 350 billion yuan, and provided risk protection of more than 350 trillion yuan. In terms of specific measures, Sunshine supports the construction of a strong manufacturing country, and has provided risk protection for the manufacturing industry totaling more than 58 trillion yuan; assisted small, medium and micro enterprises, and provided risk protection of more than 170 billion yuan for 12,000 small, medium and micro enterprises last year; served agricultural production and ensured food security. Provided risk protection of 13.1 billion yuan for 1.01 million sub-farmer households, and insurance compensation benefited 300,000 disaster-stricken farmers.

In the process of supporting the realization of the national “double carbon” goal, Sunshine Insurance embeds green and low-carbon into its own management and operation philosophy, innovates and develops green insurance products, actively serves the development of green industries, and supports the economic and social transition to green, low-carbon and sustainable. Last year, Sunshine provided nearly 60 trillion yuan of green insurance protection for 16.35 million enterprises and individuals, and provided compensation support of over 4 billion yuan; provided nearly 1.5 billion yuan of environmental pollution risk protection for 1,176 companies, and nearly 3.7 billion yuan of ship oil pollution liability risk protection for 795 ships; underwrote more than 3,300 photovoltaic, hydropower and wind power projects, and provided insurance protection of over 216 billion yuan. On the investment side, as of the end of last year, Sunshine actively deployed and supported investment and asset allocation in important related fields around national strategies such as “green and low-carbon, circular economy, technological innovation, and industrial upgrading”, and the balance of sustainable investment exceeded 40 billion yuan.

Facing the people, Sunshine has always cared about the people’s rigid needs such as health, medical care, and elderly care. Based on its own insurance protection function, it provides high-quality products and services in multiple scenarios such as medical care, health, and elderly care, and establishes multi-level medical security and elderly care services. On the one hand, enrich the supply of health insurance products and form a multi-level security system including critical illness insurance, benefiting the people, poverty prevention insurance, medical supplements for urban employees, and non-responsible accidents for urban and rural residents. On the other hand, strengthen medical and health liability protection, coordinate the development of medical liability insurance, drug and medical device clinical trial liability insurance, life science liability insurance, vaccine insurance and other businesses, and truly help implement the Healthy China strategy.

Sunshine Insurance has always adhered to the original mission of giving back to the society, devoting itself to public welfare undertakings, helping disadvantaged groups, and promoting social justice. Among them, Sunshine continues to carry out the “Village Doctor Program”, which is committed to cultivating and retaining a group of outstanding rural doctors for the vast rural areas, and improving the medical and health service capabilities and medical level in poor areas. By the end of 2022, 68 telemedicine service stations have been established in Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and other provinces, and 16,372 rural doctors have been trained, benefiting nearly 11 million villagers in 10,000 villages. Sunshine also insists on deepening education and public welfare undertakings, launched the “10,000 Poor Students Assistance Program”, made targeted donations to poor students in “three districts and three states”, subsidized more than 30,000 students, and donated a total of more than 35 million yuan; assisted the construction of 71 Sunshine Insurance Bo’ai schools in 24 provinces and regions across the country, benefiting more than 28,000 teachers and students in the school. The assistance to the countryside does not stop there. Sunshine has also explored a high-quality path of “blood-making” assistance, and successfully promoted the revitalization of the countryside. For example, in Longquan Village, Antu County, Jilin Province, Sunshine combined the resource endowment and industrial characteristics of Longquan Village to create a complete industrial chain, with a total investment of 10.18 million yuan. From a collective income of less than 50,000 yuan in 2018, Longquan Village has successfully lifted itself out of poverty, presenting a new look of thriving industries, livable ecology, civilized rural customs, effective governance, and affluent life.

In today’s business environment, the responsibility of enterprises has gone beyond profit goals, and has turned to making positive contributions to society and the environment, making enterprises a builder and citizen that promotes social capital appreciation. Just like the business philosophy of many well-known international companies today, “A company must become a good citizen before it can become a good company.” Sunshine Insurance, as the vanguard of my country’s insurance industry, has also established a similar concept. Today, Sunshine is taking practical actions and deeds to achieve this goal, fulfilling corporate citizenship responsibilities, working together to build a harmonious and beautiful society, and fulfilling the corporate mission of “let people have more sunshine”.

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