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Fude Life Insurance’s nine major VIP service projects have been significantly upgraded to further increase the “value” of customer experience

Fude Life Insurance’s nine major VIP service projects have been significantly upgraded to further increase the “value” of customer experience

  existIn the “Global Insurance Brand Conference and ‘Yanshu Award’ Annual Selection” event, Fude Life Insurance won the “Excellent Health Management Service Award in the Insurance Industry” for its full-process, all-round, and multi-scenario health value-added service system.

  As people’s lifestyles and consumption concepts continue to upgrade, insurance is no longer just a simple risk management tool, but a partner closely integrated with health. Consumers have also put forward higher requirements for insurance services. They have shifted from being purely product demand-oriented in the past to professional, customized, and comprehensive service experiences. How to improve insurance consumers’ sense of gain and happiness is an important proposition for the insurance industry. In addition to continuously improving their skills in product innovation and digital technology, insurance companies are also improving their brand competitiveness in terms of thoughtful, thoughtful, and high-quality value-added services.

  Services rooted in customer needs Care for the entire health journey

  In 2016, with the issuance of the “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline, health was elevated to a national strategic level. In the same year, Fude Life Insurance launched full-process, all-round, and multi-scenario health value-added services to create one-stop health management services for customers, helping customers pay attention to their own health status, prevent major and minor diseases, and solve problems for customers when seeking medical treatment.

  Fude Life Insurance always puts customer needs first and focuses on“Insurance + Service” adheres to “technology empowerment, service empowerment” and provides customers with “health information, health lectures, health assessments, exclusive physical examinations, and online consultation” around the three stages of “before diagnosis, during diagnosis, and after diagnosis”. Full-process services such as consultation, telephone doctor, green pass for medical treatment, health care, overseas medical treatment, and post-medical follow-up.

  In the “pre-diagnosis” stage, customers can learn about health knowledge, choose assessment questionnaires and different physical examination packages to evaluate their physical condition, or choose to consult a doctor online to consult with the doctor one-on-one about diseases and health issues; in the “during-diagnosis” stage, customers can Arrange outpatient appointments and coordinate inpatient surgeries, and send dedicated personnel to the hospital to provide care services and escort clients throughout the entire treatment process; in the “post-diagnosis” stage, we develop a follow-up plan for follow-up visits based on client needs, and arrange for dedicated personnel to go to clients’ homes to provide daily care, health promotion and other rehabilitation services. , to help customers with their recovery and prognosis.

  VIP services are renewed and upgraded to protect a better life

  While constantly improving its own service processes, Fude Life Insurance takes advantage of its top cooperation resources and continuously accumulates high-quality and rich cooperation resources to provide customers with full-process, all-round, and all-field exclusive insurance services..

  Recently, Fude Life InsuranceThe VIP service system has been renewed and upgraded again, closely following the core needs of high-end customers, and reconstructing “exclusive physical examinations”, “birthday benefits”, “travel benefits”, “global drug search”, “health care”, “discharge transportation arrangements”, “policy envelopes” and “legal Nine services including “Advisor” and “Education Elite” provide customers with more warm insurance services.

  For a long time, health prevention, medical medication, rehabilitation care, etc. have been major pain points in public health management. Fude Life Insurance is customer-centric and integrates high-quality service resources to provideVIP customers are provided with full-process services such as exclusive physical examinations, global drug search, health care, and discharge transportation arrangements. It integrates comprehensive health management with physical examinations, medical treatment, care, rehabilitation, and basic medical care to make customers’ healthy lives more secure. .

  Specifically, after the refresh and upgradeIn the “full-process” health management service, Fude Life Insurance selects the resources of high-end hospitals and physical examination centers at home and abroad to customize exclusive physical examination plans for VIP customers to help customers better understand their own health status and prevent potential diseases. If a customer unfortunately suffers from a disease, we can integrate domestic and foreign specialty drug resources to help customers solve the problem of finding medicine. During treatment and recovery, professional health care services can help customers reduce their care burden and improve recovery efficiency. When returning home from the hospital, we can also thoughtfully arrange discharge transportation for customers, truly allowing customers to feel the attentive service that saves worry and time.

  at the same time,Fude Life Insurance focuses on high-net-worth individuals and provides a series of exclusive services to highlight the dignity and honor of its customers.For example, private birthday gifts can add a sense of ritual to customers’ lives; in terms of travel services, airport and high-speed rail VIP lounges are arranged to provideVIP customers are provided with exclusive resting space; in terms of details, VIP policy envelopes are customized to give the policy a new look, highlighting a sense of exclusivity.

  “Fuxiang+” new value-added service platform allows customer experience to increase “value”

  Policy underwriting is only the beginning of service, and also carries responsibility, trust, and warmth.While focusing on health value-added services, Fude Life Insurance Tianjin BranchThe “Fuxiang+” project was launched in 2022, aiming to effectively integrate the company’s resources and connect with the market, accurately position the four fields of health, senior care, business, and life, and collaborate with local resources to build a new platform for high-end value-added services for customers, in line with the strategy Partners work together to promote customer service upgrades. Up to now, Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of local high-quality service resource providers, dedicated to providing professional and high-quality services to every customer, and becoming a good helper for customers in work and life.

  Fude Life Insurance Tianjin BranchThe launch of the “Fuxiang+” project will realize the complementary advantages of services in various fields, bring more “one-stop” distinguished services to Tianjin customers, and meet the growing diversified needs of customers.

  Good service in Fude.We will continue to deepen our health services, explore the combination of health and wellness, broaden the breadth of services, optimize service processes, and achieve all-round and multi-system customer companionship to bring real value to customers.A service experience that is “touchable and easy to use”.

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