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Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch efficiently paid 150,000 yuan in compensation and exempted 57,000 yuan from renewal insurance premiums.

Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch efficiently paid 150,000 yuan in compensation and exempted 57,000 yuan from renewal insurance premiums.

  In November 2020, client Ms. L insured herself “Fude Life and Health Worry-free Major Illness Insurance (Exclusive Edition)” (insured amount of 100,000 yuan) and “Fude Life and Kangyue Life Expenses Compensation Medical Insurance (2019 Edition)” ).

  On March 31, 2023, Ms. L suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage at home. After the hospital’s full rescue, Ms. L fell into a vegetative state.

  existAfter Ms. L became ill and was discharged from the hospital, our staff continued to keep in touch with the client’s family and helped solve the difficulties in her family’s life. After the insured is out of danger and meets the critical illness benefit conditions, our staff will assist the client’s family members to handle claims. Since the insured has no sense of autonomy and cannot apply on his own, the staff proactively helps the customer contact the appraisal agency for appraisal of civil capacity.

  After the appraisal is completed and the information is complete, Fude Life Insurance will review the case as soon as possible and promptly pay critical illness and medical compensation totaling millions150,720.56 yuan, and the premium is exempted from 57,800 yuan.

  In November, Ms. L’s family members personally visited the counter of the Tianjin branch of Fule Life Insurance, expressed their gratitude to the company staff and presented them with banners, fully affirming the high-quality and efficient claims services of Fule Life Insurance. The family members said that our company’s quick claim settlement solved the family’s urgent needs and relieved some of the financial pressure for Ms. L’s follow-up treatment.

  Compensation partner extension:

  To identify a natural person as a person without capacity for civil conduct or a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, the following requirements must be met:

  1.A natural person must be an adult who cannot recognize or cannot completely recognize his own behavior. According to my country’s civil judicial practice, to determine whether a party suffers from mental illness, the people’s court should confirm based on judicial psychiatric evaluation or refer to the hospital’s diagnosis and evaluation. When the conditions for diagnosis and appraisal are not met, the determination can also be made based on the mental state of the party recognized by the public, but this should be limited to the fact that there is no objection from the interested parties.

  2.Applications are required from interested parties or relevant organizations. Stakeholders include close relatives and other interested parties. The close relatives mentioned here mainly refer to the spouse, parents, adult children and other close relatives of the mentally ill.

  Kind tips:

  If unfortunately you are in danger, please call the national customer service hotline of Fude Life Insurance immediately.95535 for claim settlement. After receiving the report, the company will arrange professional service personnel as soon as possible to follow up on your claim services. Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will continue to optimize service quality, bring you a more efficient, convenient and fast service experience, and continue to protect the good life of you and your family.

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